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  1. A few astronomers think that they are, as is popularly supposed, the craters of extinct volcanoes.

  2. Between the springs all along the border of the lake were small craters from which issued hot steam or vapor, besides which there were many cold craters.

  3. It is undoubtedly true that many of the objects we see are of recent formation, and that many of the extinguished craters recently ceased their condition of activity.

  4. In the valley before us were a thousand hot springs of various sizes and character, and five hundred craters jetting forth vapor.

  5. On an incrusted hill opposite our camp are four craters from three to five feet in diameter, sending forth steam jets and water to the height of four or five feet.

  6. The magical illumination produced by the sun's rays shining through one of these craters into the cavern produced a splendid effect.

  7. The parts of the cavern beneath the open craters were still covered with a considerable quantity of snow, by which our progress was rendered very dangerous.

  8. As the British tanks advanced across the open ground, smashing down barbed-wire entanglement and crawling in and out of shell craters as though they did not exist, defenders sprang to their positions.

  9. He assumes command of the symposium; takes the ordering of the servants out of Prodicus's hands, and orders the wine to be mixed in the craters with proper dilution.

  10. By the time the craters are one third emptied the general conversation is beginning to be broken up.

  11. I had been prepared by descriptions for a huge chasm-like crater or craters like those on Theon Ochéma, Camerones Peak.

  12. My lack of strength did not allow me to inspect the volcanic craters said to exist in these strips, or to visit any of the 'devil-houses.

  13. B] See Lyell on Craters of Denudation, Quart.

  14. Points of eruption, with craters and scoriae.

  15. The most striking peculiarity of a great many of the craters above described, is the absence of any signs of alteration or torrefaction in their walls, when these are composed of regular strata of ancient sandstone and shale.

  16. There are about fourteen distinct cones with craters in this part of Spain, besides several points whence lavas may have issued; all of them arranged along a narrow line running north and south, as will be seen in the map.

  17. As we proceed, however, to the opposite side of the lake, and afterwards visit the craters c and d (fig.

  18. A kind of tuff or mud poured out by lake craters during eruptions; common in the Eifel, in Germany.

  19. In a word, they are vents by which all the products which issue in a state of sublimation from the craters of active volcanos, obtain a passage from the interior of the earth to the surface.

  20. Sidenote: The craters in the volcanic Holy Island one of the Lipari group.

  21. Of the three craters one has partly fallen in, the other two remain perfect.

  22. The other two craters are of the same shape, but their eruptions are less violent.

  23. There are evidences of volcanoes all over the archipelago, and some mountains contain small craters and cones not yet extinct.

  24. The entire archipelago is of volcanic origin, but there are no active craters to be found at the present time, except two, on the island of Hawaii.

  25. The largest volume of lava which has issued at one outflow within historic times is the stream which came from the craters of Laki at Skapta.

  26. The perfection of the small cone craters below Castle Rock seem to support the theory we have come to, that there have been volcanic disturbances since the recession of the greater ice sheet.

  27. We reached the top and plodded on past the craters as nearly as possible as on the outward route.

  28. The natives said that these shocks were sometimes followed by outbursts of gases, smoke, steam from one or other of the craters in the north.

  29. They could only make out dimly the forms of the highest mountains because of the dry-season haze, but they seemed like the craters of volcanoes.

  30. For this purpose the large and small craters of presumably extinct volcanoes were ready to hand; as though Nature had anticipated their wants.

  31. That curious cloud that seems to be rising high in the air, rising and falling, as though one of the craters were showing signs of activity?

  32. Far away to the north-west was the chain of the Lipari Islands, blue pyramids with spectacular columns of yellow-purple smoke issuing from their craters against the approaching sunset.

  33. They noted her valleys, her craters which seemed bottomless, and saw that even as they watched, valleys and craters became sharper of outline, proving that they were approaching the Moon at a tremendous speed.

  34. The craters are man-made, not volcanic, as some scientists believe, and are shaped to converge the rays of the sun, as our roof is created for the same purpose.

  35. The moon now seemed very close and its craters and so-called seas were as plainly visible as in a four-inch telescope on earth.

  36. For if I am not mistaken, those Aircars are being mustered on the rims of those craters to await orders, not to resist our attack, but to launch their own attack before we are ready!

  37. Over an area as long as from Charing Cross to Hampstead Heath, and as wide as from the Bank to the Marble Arch, the earth is pitted with the craters caused by bursting shells, as is pitted the face of a man who has had the small-pox.

  38. The trenches disappeared, and in place of them yawned huge craters and mounds of piled earth.

  39. Areas of shell-craters lay on either side of the tumbled walls and dugout entrances were nearly all closed.

  40. Down the bare slope with its dead grass blotched by craters the eye travels and then up another slope to a crest which you see as a cumulus of shell-tossed earth under an occasional shell-burst.

  41. Down hill beside the Bapaume Road swept the right and center, with shell-craters still thick but growing fewer as the wave came out into open fields in face of the ruins of the sugar factory, with the tank Crème de Menthe ready to do her part.

  42. The time was winter, when chill water filled the shell-craters and the soil oozed out of sandbags and the mist was a cold, wet poultice.

  43. Out in No Man's Land the wounded hugged their shell-craters until the fire slackened or night fell, when they crawled back.

  44. The small number of shell-craters attested that no such artillery curtains of fire had been concentrated here as from Thiepval to Gommecourt.

  45. No weary legs hamper him; he does not have to crawl over the dead or hide in shell-craters or stand up to his knees in mire.

  46. The latter exist in large numbers, and some portions of the Moon's surface appear honeycombed with them, the smaller craters resting on the sides of larger ones and occupying the bottoms of the more extensive areas.

  47. Mountain rings, ring plains, and crater plains resemble those already described, but are on a smaller scale; the floors of the larger ones are frequently occupied by craters and craterlets.

  48. Theophilus is the deepest of the visible craters on the Moon.

  49. Sections of it were blown to shapeless ruins, and pits and mounds of earth and the deep shell-craters gaped in it and to either side for all its length.

  50. In the attack which began on the 26th we drove through the barbed wire entanglements and the sea of shell craters across No Man's Land, mastering the first-line defenses.

  51. Great craters were made around the other, interfering with its use, and toward the end of the period it was only occasionally that the remaining gun was fired, and no great damage resulted.

  52. Not only were churches, public buildings, and private houses throughout almost the whole district turned into ruins, but the very ground itself was plowed up into craters and shell holes, and the trees smashed into mere splinters.

  53. Into these lines of craters the attacking infantry threw itself in wave after wave as it rushed toward the enemy trenches.

  54. In the midst of the maze of trenches and shell craters and under cross-fire from machine guns the other elements fought desperately against odds.

  55. It was observed that, these craters made excellent cover and when linked by vigorous use of the intrenching tools carried by every soldier, they made a fair substitute for the trenches.

  56. This shows squads of machine gunners operating from shell-craters in support of the infantry on the plateau above the ridge.

  57. Mädler, in the first half of the nineteenth century, represented the two craters as exactly alike in all respects.

  58. There are a few small craters on the floor of the Mare Crisium, the largest bearing the name of Picard, and its borders are rugged with mountains.

  59. It is encircled with broken walls, craters and bright points, and altogether presents a very splendid appearance about the eleventh day of the moon's age.

  60. A curious arrangement, and one without exception on the lunar disc, is presented on the interior surface of these amphitheatres, being notably downward from the exterior plane, a contrary form to that which terrestrial craters present.

  61. They are not fortifications certainly, anymore than they are beds of dried-up rivers, for water so light on the surface of the moon could not have dug such ditches, and there furrows often cross craters at a great elevation.

  62. They could have seen the gaping craters and the capricious furrows that cut up the immense plains.

  63. Barbicane likewise remarked the wide craters with no interior cones, which are of a bluish colour, analogous to that of fresh-polished sheets of steel.

  64. Some of the large craters are coloured in the same way.

  65. They are certainly posterior to the formation of the craters and amphitheatres, for several have crossed them, and broken their circular ramparts.

  66. Measuring the ancient craters formed by the first eruptions of Vesuvius and Etna, they are found to be scarcely 6,000 metres wide.

  67. This method also allows the calculating of the depth of craters and cavities on the moon.

  68. When all the rest of the survivors had been successfully shifted to new ground, far off to the right, the terrible gun continued for another hour to blow craters up and down the deserted lines.

  69. A few springs are found, but they are far apart, and some of the volcanic craters hold lakelets.

  70. Many other caves opening into the canyon and craters of this plateau were utilized in like manner as homes for tribal people, and in one cave far to the south a fine collection of several hundred pieces of pottery has been made.

  71. The study of the extinct volcano of Rocca Monfina,[34] in the Campania, illustrated the theory of craters de soulevement, and enriched it with facts of the highest importance.

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