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Example sentences for "cratered"

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crassest; crassly; crate; crated; crater; crateriform; craters; crates; crather; crathur
  1. Of these Astroni offers a fine example of a large-cratered cinder cone (105).

  2. Our barrage swept on to the enemy's lines, flung up the earth, crashed among the trees, and tore all this belt of land to chaos, where already it was deeply cratered by the earlier bombardment.

  3. A little farther down the road we passed a signboard on the edge of a cratered field.

  4. In something like a panic they fell back, abandoning the cratered ground in which their dead lay.

  5. The French captain turned away and I could see that he pitied those comrades of his as we went over cratered earth to the village of Neuville St.-Vaast.

  6. A troop or two made their way over the cratered ground and skirted Delville Wood; the Dragoon Guards charged a machine-gun in a cornfield, and killed the gunners.

  7. For a moment the latest dream eluded him and then the sense of airless cold, a bleak, cratered landscape, stark stars staring in a lunar night swept coldly across his mind.

  8. He must go back, must bear the consciousness that was Martin Black back from this airless, cratered sphere!

  9. That surface was cratered and jagged, exactly like that of the half always facing Clamer.

  10. To stop our advance all roads in Bohain had been cratered at their exits from the village, and delay-action mines on the railways were constantly going up.

  11. Brancucourt Farm, in a main road which had been cratered just outside the farm.

  12. Up to the Belgian frontier roads had been cratered and bridges blown down, and these caused defiles and impeded the march.

  13. They were too taken up with their own part, were too engrossed in picking a way over the broken shell-cratered ground, past the still khaki forms that lay dotted and sprawled the whole way across.

  14. It was hard, too, to keep straight on, because the whole surface was pitted and cratered with holes that ran from anything the size of a foot-bath to a chasm big enough to swallow a fair-sized house.

  15. The ground where the lieutenant had fallen, the ground for many acres round him, was a half-liquefied mass of mud churned up into lumps and hummocks pitted and cratered with shell-holes intersected with rivulets and pools of water.

  16. Such landscape belonged to the days; real business, when one's orbit was confined to a few hundred yards of cratered surface, claimed the nights.

  17. I refer only to night movement, for by day there were always distant objects to steer by, and the foreground, seemingly a cratered wilderness of mud, to the trained eye wore a multitude of significant objects.

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