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Example sentences for "blanched"

Lexicographically close words:
blames; blamest; blameth; blameworthy; blaming; blanches; blanching; blanchisseuse; blancmange; blancos
  1. In the dim light his hair made a silvery halo above his blanched features, and it occurred to Blackburn that he had never seen him look quite so distinguished and detached from his age.

  2. Take blanched Almandes grynde hem and temper hem up with gode broth take Oynouns a grete quantite parboyle hem and frye hem and do ├żerto.

  3. Almonds blanched and drawn thickish with good broth or water, No.

  4. For a moment the two girls stood quite still, looking each at the blanched face of the other, then they followed, slowly, the premonition of tragedy mounting in their hearts.

  5. To Joy it was clear that Dick Bracknell was almost insanely jealous, and her face blanched as the possibilities of the situation flashed themselves upon her.

  6. So they stood: he flushed, smiling, happy; she shaken by a tempest of rage that blanched her to a livid pallor and set all the glittering rings of hair quivering, as if innumerable golden serpents coiled and uncoiled around her trembling form.

  7. Recovering himself, however, although his usually hearty, jovial face was blanched white, he prepared to speak.

  8. A nameless terror blanched his cheek, a dim vision of the truth flashed across him.

  9. In a few seconds she stretched herself out stiff, and turned up her eyes, while her cheeks, at once blanched and livid, assumed the aspect of death.

  10. Edgar sprang to his unbidden guest, blanched with astonishment and rage.

  11. His sword was in its scabbard at his side; the blanched bones of his right hand still held the remains of one of the canvas money-bags.

  12. He did not observe Colin's blanched face and wild, staring eyes.

  13. Those words were Bobbie's last earthly appeal to her, and Jinnie's face blanched in recollection.

  14. His rapidly swelling face was blanched with rage.

  15. Her face blanched to the lips, her hands trembled and for a moment my words held her dumb.

  16. I glanced at my love and saw that her face was blanched to the lips.

  17. My eyes wandered from the face of the trembling woman before me to the blanched countenance of my love.

  18. Quickly I went into the hall, and there found her with blanched face and in a state of great agitation.

  19. The flats were cut out of prepared flattened plates composed of silver and blanched copper.

  20. Castings, as the word implies, were coins made of blanched copper, cast in moulds of the proper die; they were then silvered and treated like the rest.

  21. Then shall the nature which had lain blanched and broken rise in its full stature and native hues in the sunshine.

  22. Science has at length sifted the turbid light of her lenses, and blanched their delusive rainbows.

  23. Lord Maxwell turned quickly and was all sharp attention, the keen commanding eyes under their fine brows absorbing, as it were, expression and life from the rest of the blanched and wrinkled face.

  24. Mrs. Boyce's blanched lip had all its natural irony as she thought it over.

  25. Her old woman's eyes, so clear and vivid under the blanched brow, searched Marcella's face for sympathy.

  26. The sight of her delicate blanched face had in some respects a more and more poignant power with him as the years went on.

  27. As he sat down again by her, she saw that a decisive moment had come, and blanched almost to the colour of her dress.

  28. Silently he sat there--his arms folded across his chest, with cheeks blanched and eyes staring straight forward toward the witness-stand.

  29. Breathless they stopped to listen--the two girls clinging to each other with blanched faces and staring eyes.

  30. The faces of the multitude were blanched with fear, and wet with tears; they were the prey of hypocrites, kings and priests.

  31. The worn out arguments fail to convince, and denunciations that once blanched the faces of a race, excite in us only derision and disgust.

  32. I have already referred to the danger with which the alliance between Henry the Third and the League menaced us, an alliance whereof the news, it was said, had blanched the King of Navarre's moustache in a single night.

  33. When I returned I found that the two men were waiting for me in the garden, while the ladies had risen from the table and were standing near it with blanched faces.

  34. Ellen Jorth's face blanched and her eyes darkened and dilated with exceeding amaze and flashing thought to become fixed with horror.

  35. Overcome by the tremendous violence and spirit of the rustler, Ellen sank to her knees, with blanched face and dilating eyes, trying with folded arms and trembling hand to hide her nudity.

  36. With a blanched and rigid countenance he put all the things back in the box, shut it, and restored it to its place.

  37. While the April country slipped past him--like some blanched face to which life and color are returning--Ashe divided his time between an idle skimming of the Saturday papers and a no less idle dreaming of Kitty Bristol.

  38. Andy desperately threw over the tiller, and with fear-blanched face he looked to where his brother pointed.

  39. Frank, as with blanched face he looked up from where he was kneeling over the silent form of the lad he had rescued from the sea and the gale.

  40. With a blanched cheek, he broke the seal; but the contents were a reprieve.

  41. At that name, the conscious blood rushed into the before-blanched cheek of Louis, and his heart beat with an alarm to which he could assign no cause.

  42. Petra's blanched face drooped low, over a book she had snatched up from the table; and Anita's hands were clasped in a silent prayer to the Holy Virgin.

  43. When we reached the house, the butler stepped forward, his ruddy face blanched and his voice shaking.

  44. I raised myself a little in the bed and gazed at her, with blanched cheeks and fascinated eyes.

  45. But if he wished to escape my scrutiny he was a little too late, for I had already noticed his blanched face and trembling hands.

  46. His ruddy face was blanched and drawn, as though with pain; and there was a terrible light in his eyes.

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    Other words:
    aghast; ashen; astounded; awestruck; blanched; bleached; colorless; cowed; doughy; drained; eroded; faded; frozen; horrified; intimidated; lightened; livid; lurid; pale; pallid; paralyzed; petrified; stunned; stupefied; terrified; undone; unmanned; unnerved; unstrung; wan; waxen