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Example sentences for "blames"

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blameable; blamed; blameless; blamelessly; blamelessness; blamest; blameth; blameworthy; blaming; blanched
  1. He who blames the supreme certainty of mathematics feeds on confusion and will never be able to silence the contradictions or sophistical sciences which lead to an everlasting clamour.

  2. He who blames painting blames nature, because the works of the painter represent the works of nature, and for this reason he who blames in this fashion lacks feeling.

  3. He blames them for their want of ensemble, and for the precipitate attack which Victor advised at Talavera.

  4. On the same day he blames Junot, then commander of Parma, for too great lenience to some rebels near that city.

  5. The heron blames the water because he cannot swim.

  6. In fact, before an old maid blames herself for her isolation she blames others, and there is but one step between reproach and the desire for revenge.

  7. Out of his own department he praises and blames at random, and is far less to be trusted than the mere connoisseur, who produces nothing, and whose business is only to judge and enjoy.

  8. Heere abiure The taints, and blames I laide vpon my selfe, For strangers to my Nature.

  9. In the same way he blames the door he walks into in the dark.

  10. A man always blames the woman who fools him.

  11. Every one blames some one else in this part of the world.

  12. The German mind has not grasped the fact that no intelligent European blames Germany exclusively.

  13. A Serbian spark at Sarajevo fired the arsenal of European militarism, and a common ungenerous thought sometimes blames the spark instead of blaming the recklessness of those who allowed Europe to be enkindled.

  14. For all that has happened, he blames himself more than he blames any one else; and with a mildness and candour which make us at once admire and love him, he adverts to the causes of his own disappointment.

  15. Now comes the part of his history for which he, with reason, blames himself.

  16. He doubts, he blames the Phæacians wrongfully, in his distrust of them he counts over his treasures.

  17. Perhaps he thought he acted generously in not shifting the responsibility to the King, but Clarendon blames his reticence.

  18. Clarendon blames him severely for leaving York, but Clarendon was no soldier, and he did not understand that the attempt to hold the city, with no hope of relief, would have been sheer madness.

  19. In that poem Catullus blames Varus for leading him on and then leaving him in the lurch.

  20. Tacitus blames those who despair of their own times.

  21. FN#58] The King, after the fashion of Eastern despots, never blames his own culpable folly and hastiness: this was decreed to him and to his victim by Destiny.

  22. He says that the poet 'blames those who go to London and sing for souls, yet he confesses that he does the same.

  23. But the scenes of 1793 had transformed the Corsican youth into a dry-eyed opportunist who rejects the Girondins as he would have thrown aside a defective tool: nay, he blames them as "guilty of the greatest of crimes.

  24. She blames Aurelian, but I am persuaded, she blames with no less severity herself.

  25. Marmaduke Burton blames me too, and threatens never to come again.

  26. Guicciardini, admitting in other passages the Legate's bad faith and his antipathy to Francesco Maria, blames his deficiency of courage or judgment in the Bologna affair, and lashes the aggravated vices of his character.

  27. He blames Christ for not hoisting the flag of a revolt.

  28. Selfishness blames love for the profusion and prodigality, which to it seem folly and waste.

  29. As to the mouths of the Rhone, Polybius asserts that there are but two, and blames Timæus[1361] for saying five.

  30. At the close of the book Eratosthenes blames the system of those who would divide all mankind into Greeks and Barbarians, and likewise those who recommended Alexander to treat the Greeks as friends, but the Barbarians as enemies.

  31. Zoïlus the rhetorician, in his Eulogium of the people of Tenedos, says that the river Alpheus flows from Tenedos: yet this is the man who blames Homer for fabulous writing.

  32. He blames still more emphatically theft and piracy, which he regards also as various modes of hunting.

  33. He blames other modes--such as fishing and bird-snaring (especially by night).

  34. Sokrates did not introduce new names and persons of Gods, but he preached new views about their characters and agency, and (what probably would cause the greatest offence) he emphatically blames the received views.

  35. Aristotle blames this guarantee as insufficient: he feels so strongly the necessity of limiting procreation, that he is not satisfied unless a proper limit be imposed by positive law.

  36. Aristotle has not fully considered all that Plato says, when he blames him for inconsistency in proposing to keep properties equal, without taking pains to impose and maintain a constant limit on offspring in families.

  37. Now Plato, in the passage just cited from the Republic, blames this contagious spirit of cross-examination on the part of young men, as a vice which proved the mischief of dialectic debate addressed to them at that age.

  38. And nothing else to be expected, I am told, though there's nobody blames you, sir.

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