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Example sentences for "bleached"

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  1. Its specific gravity is greater, insomuch that it sinks in water, whereas bees' wax floats upon it; and it is not so easily bleached to form white wax.

  2. The dark colored kinds are frequently bleached with chloride of lime.

  3. Sprucewood is the best raw material and yields a strong, fairly long fiber, capable of being bleached to a good white color.

  4. It is expensive to reduce to a clean, bleached pulp on account of its knots, and the large quantities of silicious matter it contains.

  5. The bleached blondes are difficult to handle.

  6. That which is cultivated is well bleached and very tender.

  7. Cut the bleached leaves of Chicory in pieces for serving, arrange in nests on serving dish, and arrange other ingredients in separate mounds in the nests.

  8. Arrange the green leaves first, then the bleached leaves until a nest has been formed; fill the centers with the hearts of celery cut in one-half inch pieces.

  9. There lay, bleached to the whiteness of the surrounding snow, a piece of canvas, with the name of the Terror, marked upon it with indestructible charcoal.

  10. Day after day it rose higher and higher, and while the pallid faces of the voyagers, bleached during that long night, darkened by its beams, the vast masses of ice began to yield to its fervid influences.

  11. Keppel with passionate intensity, his small bleached eye glued to a crack.

  12. He looked at her keen, questioning, and she bleached to the lips.

  13. And just after the warm spring showers these earthwalks always held tiny mud-puddles where the rain-bleached worms congregated until the robins came that way.

  14. The floor of this space was of gravel, bleached by rain and a southern sun to snowy whiteness.

  15. She wore a bathing dress that was slightly small for her, made combination-fashion, of twill whose pristine scarlet had long since been bleached by sea salt to a faint shell-pink.

  16. She bumped into them coming down in the elevator, and this one was a prize--stage makeup, bleached hair, the works.

  17. I looked up to notice that the faces of all the technicians around the room now matched their bleached lab coats.

  18. From where she sat she saw the trail wandering across the bleached grass in the direction of Hamblin, and the granite wall of the Mountain falling away to infinite distances.

  19. As the road mounted the country grew bleaker, and they drove across fields of faded mountain grass bleached by long months beneath the snow.

  20. The little old house--its wooden walls sun-bleached to a ghostly gray--stood in an orchard above the road.

  21. They are in great demand for confectionery, and are really better for such purposes than the larger and fancy bleached walnuts imported under the somewhat general name of Grenobles, or French walnuts.

  22. About the walls of this mortuary chamber myriads of bleached human bones of beings who died centuries ago are fantastically arranged.

  23. Articles of all kinds can be bleached by simply placing them in a weak solution of the peroxide, leaving them there for a short time, then taking out and exposing to the air for some time.

  24. This cannot be achieved by simply dyeing it, the goods must be stripped or bleached before dyeing.

  25. Goods properly bleached will stand exposure to air for some considerable time, but those imperfectly bleached exhibit a tendency to regain their yellow colour on exposure to air.

  26. If yarn is being bleached the hanks are hung on wooden rods or poles in (p.

  27. The sun was ruddy-brown in his face, and by it his sandy hair was bleached on the ends to peroxide blond.

  28. The tan had bleached out of Daylight's skin since the time he came to live under city roofs, so that the flush of blood showed readily as it crept up his neck past the collar and overspread his face.

  29. Five months from now those little dimpled feet, now so bleached and tender, will look like a mudturtle's back and the superior and leading toe will have a bandage around it, tied with a piece of thread.

  30. Cronin's head, but it was demonstrated by the experts that hairs placed on soap or other alkaline substances became bleached in a manner similar to the color of the single strand.

  31. Beggs, a deathly pallor on his face, and his blue eyes glaring as though protruding from the bleached bones of a skeleton, headed the line.

  32. Sometimes the upper part of the skull is scraped, bleached and fastened entire to the shield with brass screws or bolts.

  33. I have seen a mounted mink placed in direct sunshine, bleached to a drab and the yellow feathers on a 'flicker faded almost white.

  34. We saw this forenoon what, at a distance, looked like a bleached log with a branch still left on it.

  35. Emett told how he had found fourteen piles of bleached bones and dried hair in the thickets of less than a mile of the hollow on which we were encamped.

  36. The washes and stream-beds were bleached and dry; the brush was sear and yellow and dust laden; the mescal stalks seemed withered by hot blasts.

  37. Nielsen, kicking around in the sand, unearthed a skull, bleached and yellow, yet evidently not so very old.

  38. I remembered from the former year a huge dead pine that had towered bleached and white at the edge of the glade.

  39. It had been an unusually dry summer and fall--a fact that presaged poor luck for our hunting--and the washes and stream-beds were bleached white.

  40. She loosed his arm and seemed to recede from him without movement; the plasters round her head showed ghastly white, and he saw all the wrinkles round her drooped lips and the bleached ugliness of her bare throat.

  41. When o'er the Bar of Micklegate They changed each ghastly head, Set Lancaster upon the spikes Where York had bleached and bled.

  42. She stood back under the sun-bleached solid wall, like a stone rolled down and stayed in a crevice.

  43. It is as if the god Pan really had his home among these sun-bleached stones and tough, sun-dark trees.

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