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  1. The longest cleft between any two digits is rather less than half as long as the hand.

  2. The chief modification of the pes is a general narrowing brought about by the tendency of the digits to be crowded together, one on top of the other, rather than spread in a horizontal plane.

  3. They started by taking the second fifty digits and interlacing them back into the first fifty.

  4. Then they switched the algorithm and interlaced the third fifty digits ahead, into the fourth fifty, but backwards.

  5. Vance noticed that two digits of the little finger on his left hand were missing, along with another digit on his ring finger.

  6. That the nails of their digits would acquire much length and a hooked shape, by the continued efforts of the animal to retain its hold; "3.

  7. That their digits never having been trained to make special movements, would lose all mobility among themselves, would become united, and would only preserve the power of bending or of straightening out all together; "4.

  8. The bird which necessity drives to the water to find there prey fitted for its sustenance, opens the digits of its feet when it wishes to strike the water and propel itself along its surface.

  9. The skin which unites these digits at their base, by these acts of spreading apart being unceasingly repeated contracts the habit of extending; so that after a while the broad membranes which connect the digits of ducks, geese, etc.

  10. There are always five well-developed digits on each limb.

  11. In the hind-limb the two marginal digits (first and fifth) are stouter and generally larger than the others.

  12. It ran close to the edge of the steep hillside,--so close that there were times when every one of our forty digits curled up like a bird's claw.

  13. In this case all the digits are absent except the fifth.

  14. This is frequently associated with syndactylism or the fusion of the remaining digits into one or two groups.

  15. Tips of digits lacking transverse groove; digits unexpanded; medium-sized to large frogs (37 to 94 mm.

  16. Hands and feet The tips of the digits are laterally expanded in most Eleutherodactylus, Syrrhophus, and Tomodactylus.

  17. Terminal, transverse groove across tip of digits, especially outer two fingers, digits expanded or not; small frogs (18 to 40 mm.

  18. Taylor differ from all other Eleutherodactylus (and Syrrhophus and Tomodactylus) in the nature of the tips of the digits (external and skeletal).

  19. The digits of Hylactophryne are like those of Eupsophus.

  20. From the foregoing explanations, there appears to be no lexic relationship between the Serian and the Yuman digits denoting “two”.

  21. They are seen in certain frogs which frequent trees, and are limited to membranes which extend between the diverging digits of the hand and foot, forming webs as fully developed as in the foot of a swimming bird.

  22. And some Dinosaurs also have the hand with three digits terminating in claws, which are quite comparable to the clawed digits of Pterodactyles.

  23. In the Pterodactyles from the Solenhofen Slate there is a progressive number of phalanges in the three small digits of the hand, which were applied to the ground.

  24. The four digits are never elongated; the bones of the fore limb are neither longer nor larger than those of the hind limb, and the foot terminates in five little claws as in other four-footed animals.

  25. Three small digits of the hand are developed from the three small metacarpal bones, and terminate in large claws.

  26. The three slender intervening digits extend forward between them, as though they were applied to the ground for walking.

  27. The slender toes of many birds, and even the two toes of the ostrich, may be thought to give less adequate support for those animals than the metatarsals and digits of Pterodactyles.

  28. They have five distinct and complete digits on each foot, and no one of these digits is very much larger than the rest.

  29. Hipparion, the smaller digits are situated farther back, and are of smaller proportional size, than in the Protohippus.

  30. These small digits are so disposed that they could have had but very little functional importance, and they must have been rather of the nature of the dew-claws, such as are to be found in many ruminant animals.

  31. Ven walked forward and ran her primary digits over the female's legs.

  32. A further reduction of the number of the digits takes place in the long-nosed jumping-shrews of the genus Rhynchocyon, which are larger animals with a much longer snout, only four toes to each foot, and a dental formula of i.

  33. But this is merely supposed to shew the increasing deflexion of the chain, as the digits increase: for the fact can hardly ever occur.

  34. He may group the digits into two-place or three-place numbers, and notice the characteristics of these.

  35. Prepare several columns of one-place numbers, ten digits in a column.

  36. For first, Not only the number of 7 and 9 from considerations abstruse, have been extolled by most, but all or most of the other digits have been as mystically applauded.

  37. What is flesh and bone upon them, has kept quite close to the body, and that only which is designed for splitting into digits projects, constituting tegumental digits with cartilages--fins.

  38. The teeth are digits of the cephalic limbs, or being devoid of any fleshy layer, claws.

  39. The teeth are in these animals more like digits than in Fishes.

  40. These palpi or feelers are, from being organs of ingestion, both male penes as well as digits or tongues, as in the Polyps.

  41. A gripe with such digits is in itself the infliction of a wound.

  42. But with many digits also that hand is nobler, in which the digits are dissimilar.

  43. In the situation of the sensitive papillæ, the origin of the digits from respiratory organs admits of being still recognized.

  44. Numerous stamina may render a corolla higher, but not on that account the whole plant; many digits may make a hand nobler, but not on that account, the animal.

  45. The toes are simply destined for motion, and to be used as scrapers, and the digits have become the supports of feathers.

  46. The scales, which invest the toes and digits are called claws, and finally become nails.

  47. As the fundamental number of the branchiæ is five, so also must the limbs represent five ribs; they split into five digits or fingers.

  48. The nails are demi-claws, and therefore leave the points of the digits free.

  49. Both in mammals and birds the digits are indicated before they are freed from lateral tissue connections.

  50. I have found the narrow web only between digits III and IV.

  51. He also calls attention to the fact that in the human hand "there is a considerable preponderance of cases of union between the digits III and IV;" while in the foot the united digits "are nearly always II and III.

  52. Thus in Hippidium, an American genus closely allied to Equus, it is at least doubtful whether the digits did not terminate in claws.

  53. Now, if the pressure of the balls of the digits be in the least relaxed, the stalk of the rod will naturally fall.

  54. If the order of the digits expressing a number be changed, and this number be subtracted from the former, the remainder will be 9 or a multiple of 9, and, being a multiple, the sum of its digits will be 9.

  55. Now, the remarkable fact in connection with these dates is, that the sum of the digits composing them, added to the dates, gives the date of the fall of the successor.

  56. The digits have been checked by them but they welcome others to check them as well.

  57. Please send any questions or correspondence concerning these digits to: Robert Nemiroff or Jerry Bonnell Code 668.

  58. The diameter of the sun or moon's disk is conceived to be divided into twelve equal parts, called digits; and according to the number of those parts or digits which are obscured, so many digits are said to be eclipsed.

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