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compliant; complicate; complicated; complicates; complicating; complications; complices; complicity; complied; complies
  1. Swelling and inflammation of the parotid gland also occur from injury; and as a complication of other diseases, as scarlet fever, typhoid fever, etc.

  2. The most common complication occurs in males past puberty, when, during recovery or a week or ten days later, one or both testicles become painful and swollen, and this continues for as long a time as the original mumps.

  3. This complication may be prevented to a considerable extent by spraying the nose and throat frequently and by the patient's use of a nightcap with earlaps, if the room is not sufficiently warm.

  4. In determining rates of stamping, a serious complication is introduced by the use of machines (both hand and power) at many offices for stamping certain classes of packets.

  5. A complication is thus introduced in the preparation of the short letters for delivery.

  6. His one consolation was removed, and in its place was a complication which seemed past straightening out.

  7. Until that complication is relieved there is no hope.

  8. Is there some complication of which I know not?

  9. It is stimulus, worry, ambition, the tension and complication of wanting results for self, that kill.

  10. Thus, we have the second grade of structural complication in living creatures--namely, the aggregation of cells into a loosely joined mass.

  11. Living creatures which consist of a single cell may present, nevertheless, a considerable complication of structure.

  12. The next grade of structural complication in living creatures is produced by the lowly plants, such as Protococcus, which multiply by spontaneous self-division or fission.

  13. One of the best examples of this secondary grade of complication is presented by the spherically aggregated cells of Volvox.

  14. Some of them cohere by imperfect division in the second grade of structural complication just described; they may form longitudinal series of cells, or they may be arranged round a common centre.

  15. From the law that every active force produces more than one change, it is an inevitable corollary that through all time there has been an ever-growing complication of things.

  16. Beyond this complication of governmental structure, many societies do not progress; but in some, a further development takes place.

  17. All which instances imply that each advance in embryonic complication results from the action of incident forces upon the complication previously existing.

  18. A further complication of the analogy is at hand.

  19. He would have given anything, it seemed to him, to have the complication ended--to have Carrie acquiesce to an arrangement which would dispose of Drouet effectually and forever.

  20. She scarcely gave a thought to the complication which would trouble her when he was gone.

  21. Here was a moral complication of which he could not possibly get the ends.

  22. In many versions there is further complication with king and queen and the lover.

  23. A further complication in the case of the alveolar glands may occur in the form of still smaller saccular diverticuli growing out from the main sacculi (fig.

  24. Yes; and so, with all this complication on his hands, the professor is hunting for a new assistant.

  25. She was just making up her mind to break away at any cost, when a new complication arose in the person of the baby.

  26. It is likely to present itself as a most formidable complication at any stage of the disease.

  27. The more complicated forms of artificial somnambulism result from the complication and exaggeration of the results of this inordinate sensitiveness through the agency of artificial sleep.

  28. She was face to face with a complication so extraordinary.

  29. But her each glance at her sister also suggested complication upon complication.

  30. That would be a complication with a vengeance, and he determined quietly to do everything in his power to prevent it.

  31. The next stage of complication is that found in Botryllus (Krohn, Nos.

  32. This alternation appears to have originated from a complication of the process of reproduction by budding, which is so common in this group.

  33. This cabinet, created by a compromise, and not viewed with any great enthusiasm by the nation, was destined to chance upon the gravest foreign complication that England had known for forty years.

  34. But in 1170 a new complication brought about a change in affairs.

  35. According to the extent of complication in the plot, novels may be grouped into two classes,--the discursive and the compacted.

  36. The only difference is that in that city they are more easily taken in, on account of the complication of the currency, this complication being another instance of Bavarian error.

  37. The solicitous warning of one passing inwards and the complication occasioned by his ill-chosen words.

  38. Quite lacking in measured periods, it aims, by an extreme rapidity of thrust and an insincerity of sequence, to entangle the one who is assailed in a complication of arising doubts and emotions.

  39. Where a heavy, rigid and sharp nail enters the foot, in such manner that fracture of the third phalanx (os pedis) occurs, this complication makes for a protraction of the condition.

  40. Fracture of the tibial tarsal bone (astragalus) is to be observed as a complication in luxations of the tarsal joint and, according to Cadiot, the other tarsal bones may likewise suffer fracture in luxations of the hock.

  41. Fibrosity of tarsus as a complication in chronic thoroughpin.

  42. In females where the body of the ischium is fractured, lacerations of the vagina may be present, and this constitutes a serious complication which usually terminates fatally.

  43. The early drawings with the telescope failed to convey an adequate conception either of its sublimity or of its complication of structure.

  44. Yet another source of complication exists in the movement of our own star, the sun.

  45. In the mean time the shifting of the spectral lines indicated a complication of rapid motions in several directions simultaneously.

  46. He could not but remember how much this morning had changed his fate, and into what a complication of perplexity it was likely to plunge him.

  47. He would not for worlds have quitted his place by her side; yet he almost longed for solitude, that he might decipher and examine at leisure the complication of emotions which now agitated his bosom.

  48. A fresh light seemed thrown on Richard's difficulty; she could understand the complication now.

  49. In what a strange complication she was involved!

  50. My father is sometimes a little vague in his manner of treating things; he is more scholarly than practical, and I own I dreaded complication and disappointment.

  51. Nay, dearest, there is nothing sad in my story; there are only wheels within wheels, a complication heightening the interest of the plot.

  52. As has been stated, the novel is a broader canvas, without a single emphasis if the writer wills, and here, within the limits of naturalness, complication of plot is thoroughly desirable.

  53. The story of complication of incident, of mere structural ingenuity of plot, is superficially interesting, but it lacks the deeper appeal of the story which develops its people adequately.

  54. But complication is not a sine qua non, and should not be so regarded.

  55. Complication of incident, indeed, in the story which is fundamentally of character or atmosphere, may prove a positive handicap, adding to the difficulties of execution and spoiling the unity of effect, if the fiction is a short story.

  56. It will be perceived also that the element of complication is not essential to a plot, as Poe has pointed out.

  57. The element of mere complication is not essential to a plot, not being essential to a dramatic problem.

  58. The first necessity is that a story interest, and to meet it the writer must devise some complication of persons, motives, and events, and usually that will involve some diversity of setting, or change of place.

  59. A single story may involve great diversity and complication of elements.

  60. The most common example is the composition portraying character without any plot or complication of incident, which is not a character story, but a character sketch.

  61. There are three fundamental types of story, it is true, in that a story may emphasize any one of its elements of character, of complication of incident, or of atmosphere.

  62. Dramatic situation" is perhaps a better term than "plot," for it has none of the associations of complication that cling to the latter.

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