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  1. Ethnic violence, government malfeasance, and endemic crime have undermined stability and civil society.

  2. When it is completed, it will allow of direct passage from regions where yellow fever is endemic and this will greatly increase the possibility of its introduction into these places where it is now unknown.

  3. To compass their overthrow, Mennas at an endemic Synod at Constantinople in A.

  4. Nestorius took his part against people and monks, sentenced the monks who had insulted him personally to endure corporal punishment, and at an endemic Synod in A.

  5. Endemic famine and endemic plague, with British India’s universal bondage to the village usurer, are facts no official statistics of prosperity can explain away.

  6. Finally, one species, Larus thayeri, is endemic at the central Canadian Arctic, extending westward into the area here considered.

  7. As to the uniqueness, there has been almost no mention of the endemic species at the conference.

  8. Most important of all, we need to locate and survey the endemic species with some precision.

  9. A number of species are endemic to the area and hence of special interest.

  10. There is a special need to study the ecology of endemic species because their conservation is of special importance.

  11. Seventeen species are circumpolar in distribution; 17 are endemic to Beringia, and 8 have origins in the North Pacific.

  12. The emperor goose (Philacte canagica) is a Beringean endemic and lives in a very restricted area of both sides of this sea; its status (endangered?

  13. However, commerce with women is not without its dangers; whether it be endemic or a result of dirty habits, one has often good reason to repent the favours one has obtained.

  14. I concealed my rage, and sat down on a bed, which I left after three hours, as I found myself covered with the disgusting vermin which seem endemic in Spain.

  15. They often act in this manner, both with endemic and exotic species, in many parts of Europe, in the United States, and in the Himalaya; and therefore probably in all parts of the world.

  16. The number of endemic genera now known is 148.

  17. On the lagoons and lower reaches of the rivers the Viha (Typhonodorum lindleyanum), an arum endemic to Madagascar, grows in great profusion to a height of 12 or 13 ft.

  18. Forty-one species of ferns grow in Madeira, three of which are endemic species and six others belong to the peculiar flora of the North Atlantic islands.

  19. John Hunter has described an endemic disease among the Africans in Jamaica, in which they devoured dirt.

  20. There are certain circumstances that distinguish cretins from idiots; and their infirmities appear to depend upon endemic or local causes, regarding which much diversity of opinion has prevailed both amongst medical men and travellers.

  21. This affection is common and endemic in Poland; hence the term Polonica that has been given to it.

  22. This endemic malady is supposed to arise from the use of snow-water, or of water impregnated with calcareous earth.

  23. From various observations it has been concluded that the plague is both an endemic and contagious disease in Lower Egypt, but simply contagious in Upper Egypt, Syria, the other Turkish provinces, and Europe.

  24. As to the permanence of the diseases it is well known that like all other epidemic or endemic diseases, the plague may also be subject to atmospheric influence and be arrested in its progress without human aid.

  25. It is granted that the disease may be produced and variously modified by many causes besides contagion, and more especially by epidemic and endemic influences.

  26. Yet during this period the disease was endemic in the hospital, and might have gone on to rival the horrors of the pestilence of the Maternite, had not the poison been destroyed by a thorough purification.

  27. A feebly endemic Catholicism and a complete exemption from tithes were all that remained of the Cistercian occupation.

  28. This general fact may be best observed in cases where an exotic species proves itself better fitted to inhabit a new country than is some endemic species which it exterminates.

  29. A frightful endemic demoralization betrays itself in the frequency with which the haggard features and drooping shoulders of the opium-drunkards are met with in the streets.

  30. They are suffering from the endemic disease of their planet, prolonged and inveterate gaping or yawning, which has ended in dislocation of the lower jaw.

  31. Several species are known only from the Cordillera Volcanica and adjacent highlands, and three species are endemic to the Sierra de Coalcoman.

  32. The endemic productions of New Zealand, for instance, are perfect, one compared with another; but they are now rapidly yielding before the advancing legions of plants and animals introduced from Europe.

  33. On this view of migration, with subsequent modification, we see why oceanic islands are inhabited by only few species, but of these, why many are peculiar or endemic forms.

  34. Almost all oceanic islands, even the most isolated and smallest, are inhabited by land-shells, generally by endemic species, but sometimes by species found elsewhere striking instances of which have been given by Dr.

  35. Although in oceanic islands the species are few in number, the proportion of endemic kinds (i.

  36. Many analogous facts could be given: indeed it is an almost universal rule that the endemic productions of islands are related to those of the nearest continent, or of the nearest large island.

  37. Hooker has recently shown that in the southeast corner of Australia, where, apparently, there are many invaders from different quarters of the globe, the endemic Australian species have been greatly reduced in number.

  38. They clearly cannot be explained on the doctrine of transmutation: yet they are no exceptions to the ordinary rule,--occupying an analogous position to the members of every other endemic group.

  39. Porto Santo, for instance, is a very small island (not more than seven miles in length), yet the number of endemic species which it includes is so perfectly astounding that it may be appropriately termed a generic area of radiation.

  40. We must not however omit to notice, that some few of these endemic Helices appear to have been gifted (as we should a priori anticipate) with more rapid capabilities for diffusion than the rest.

  41. The former of these is rendered evident from the vast number of endemic species which are at present contained, not merely in the two groups combined, but in the several islands of which each of them is composed.

  42. Yellow fever (which first appeared in Cuba in 1647) was long the only epidemic disease, Havana being an endemic focus.

  43. Most notable of all, yellow fever was eradicated where it had been endemic for centuries.

  44. The fact of several endemic plants becoming contabescent in our gardens seems, at first sight, equally incompatible with this view; but Kölreuter believes that this is the result of their transplantation.

  45. Some of these endemic and naturalised plants are probably rendered sterile from excessive multiplication by buds, and their consequent incapacity to produce and nourish seed.

  46. Endemic fevers raged there; and Banks, Solander, and Cook, as well as the greater part of the crew, fell ill.

  47. The sole drawback, and it was a serious one to crews after so long a voyage, was the unhealthiness of the locality, where endemic fevers abound.

  48. No endemic mammals of the Chihuahuan Province are known in Tamaulipas.

  49. The only mammal endemic to the Potosian Province in Tamaulipas is Cryptotis pergracilis pueblensis.

  50. Madeira and the Canaries were islands in the Upper Miocene ocean, and may therefore well have peculiar endemic types of very old date, and destroyed elsewhere.

  51. Of course, the endemic species must be chiefly considered, as they have had time to be modified by the conditions.

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