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imprimeurs; imprimis; imprint; imprinted; imprinting; imprison; imprisoned; imprisoning; imprisonment; imprisonments
  1. It is transcribed from a black-letter copy in the third volume of the Roxburgh collection, apparently one of the imprints of Peter Brooksby, which would make the composition at least as old as the close of the fifteenth century.

  2. There is also a copy preserved in the Bagford Collection, which is one of the imprints of W.

  3. Tayoga saw that the imprints of the moccasins were growing firmer and clearer, and he knew that Tandakora and his men were but a short distance ahead.

  4. Because the imprints of their knees were sunk deep in the earth, showing that they drank long and with eagerness.

  5. He pointed to numerous imprints by the bank of a clear brook, and rangers and Mohawks, imitating the example of those whom they pursued, drank thirstily.

  6. The Indian imprints were made seven or eight hours ago, those of the white man but an hour or so since.

  7. You will behold the larger imprints that turn out just here, and they face St. Luc, who stood by the bush.

  8. See, how the distance between the imprints lengthens!

  9. No reasonable doubt now exists that the imprints in question have been produced by the tracks of bipeds impressed on the stone when in a soft state.

  10. The imprints soon diverged up a muddy lane on the right, and our sportsmen now got into a road so deep and bottomless as to put the idea of stones quite out of the question.

  11. It is generally considered to be not only the peculiar property of the Elzevirs, but that books possessing it without having one or other of the real or assumed imprints of this celebrated family of printers are impudent frauds.

  12. Here he saw in this last ground no indication of his comrade's trail; nothing was to be seen save the imprints of the horses' hoofs.

  13. As soon as this element attains the grandiose and announces itself to us as the work of nature (for otherwise it is only despicable), it then aids the soul to represent to itself the ideal, and imprints upon it a noble development.

  14. At a point about half way between the trail and the camp among the rocks, the Wolf thought his hands touched some imprints in the earth which showed that the three had turned to the right and gone deeper into the woods.

  15. The signs on the ground puzzled him for a time, but there was the carcass of the animal, and by and by he found the imprints of the small moccasins, which told him that the young Shawanoe had rejoined the others at this point.

  16. Doggedly determined to find his chum at all costs, Bob pressed on, seldom taking his eyes from the ground, where the imprints showed how heavy hoofs had thrashed the trail.

  17. Here the tracks were less easy to follow, for a steady breeze was blowing, and the imprints of the hoofs were covered almost as quickly as they were made.

  18. The Professor continued: "You notice close beside the two imprints an oval, rather deep hole in the rock, precisely like that a boy often makes by whirling on one heel in the sand.

  19. For my own part, after careful examination, I accept our professor's theory, that the imprints are those of human feet.

  20. It remained now only to take the imprints of his finger-tips, a method not long before introduced in that State.

  21. Very excellent imprints of this kind have been left by burglars on candles they have used.

  22. Such imprints have been preserved in early Mexican picture writings.

  23. But, in comparing two official imprints of the ten fingers properly and clearly impressed, there should be no difficulty, the points of comparison being overwhelming.

  24. Poe, in his famous mystery of evil deeds done by a gigantic ape, had been acquainted with finger-print methods, he might have pictured the police as still more mystified by the imprints of seemingly human hands.

  25. I am surprised to find how very little attention has yet been given to finger imprints on early pottery.

  26. Deeper and deeper went the imprints of milder weather upon the high-piled serrations of white, at last to cease.

  27. Gray locks glistened in her thick, dark hair, like the imprints of heavy blows.

  28. All able men have some of God's indelible imprints of greatness.

  29. Coming to a little footpath where the thin snow showed the imprints of many feet, he turned off and walked a short distance to the shore of the lake, on which lay a stout boat.

  30. But when the highway was reached, where it seemed that the boy with the lantern could find nothing to guide him to any conclusions, Dick continued his search, seeming to pick out the trail amid the many imprints there.

  31. Somehow Aaron began to believe Dick was reading those imprints and footmarks like the printed words of a book.

  32. The earliest translation was made by Bon André de Citri et de la Guette, and appeared with two different imprints in Paris in 1691 in quarto (Carter-Brown, vol.

  33. Historia de México with the Steelsio and Bellero imprints, and copies of the Historia general with the imprints of Bellero and Martin Nucio.

  34. Fac-simile of a cut made to do duty in various Antwerp imprints on Peru of the latter half of the sixteenth century.

  35. Also upon both of his patent leather shoes were a number of deep imprints shaped like ovals cut off square at one end.

  36. I knew from the imprints of trampling French heels on his feet and the marks of countless jabs in the face from umbrellas and parasols carried by women in the shopping district that he had been in conflict with the amazonian troops.

  37. These imprints are the trail marks left by this Great Council of Chiefs—the last Great Indian Council that will ever be held on American soil.

  38. Finally, there is among these imprints a copy of the 80-page Ordinances.

  39. It is a four-page leaflet, one of 73 rare American imprints that the printing historian Douglas C.

  40. The Library holds the other two Dresden imprints in duplicate.

  41. Despite the absence of a bibliography or trustworthy history of early Alaskan printing, it seems safe to say that the earliest imprints were the orders issued by the Military District of Alaska beginning with General Orders No.

  42. In view of the uncertain assignment of these two imprints to New York, the Library's earliest imprints naming New York as the place of publication should also be mentioned.

  43. Anty immediately stood upon her hind legs and held out a hoof that had made such distracting imprints for the scouts early in the summer.

  44. Fortunately, rain had fallen two days before and the ground was not too hard; in consequence of this the heavy animal's hoofs left deep imprints upon it.

  45. Stas wanted to ascertain whether traces of Smain's camp or imprints of hoofs could not be found on this track; and with pleasure he became convinced that nothing resembling them could be seen.

  46. For perhaps a full minute he examined the imprints of the dogs' feet and the smooth path made by the sledge.

  47. You told us that you followed the sledge tracks, and that after a time the party had been met by others on snow-shoes, and that among the imprints in the snow was one that made you think of Minnetaki.

  48. Before him were the clearly defined imprints of a wolf's feet.

  49. Here are the imprints of his knees, showing that he refreshed himself with water after his hurried flight.

  50. Here are deep imprints made by his descending weight, and now he becomes less careful.

  51. The imprints of both knees and toes were plain.

  52. As he had predicted, the imprints led directly to the river, and there ended their pursuit also.

  53. The ground on the other side of the brook is soft and we shall be able to find his imprints there, even if it were pitch dark.

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