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Example sentences for "deriding"

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deres; deri; deride; derided; derides; derision; derisive; derisively; derisory; deriue
  1. The imposture of Constantine bore a bitter fruit; the sacred wood which had filled the world with its miracles was detected to be a helpless counterfeit, borne off in triumph by deriding blasphemers.

  2. Ben Jonson, Chapman, and Marston try to make capital out of these expressions, by deriding and denouncing them to the crowd, in order to defame Shakspere.

  3. It is certain that, whilst openly deriding Christianity, and denying the existence of God, he could take the Sacrament, from a lighter motive than a desire to husband his pocket-money.

  4. He spoke these last words with a touch of irony, as if deriding the intrigues of his father and his uncle Antoine.

  5. She said this with such refined irony that her husband did not detect that she was deriding him.

  6. Where the unbelieving Lucian brightly banters, they taunt and asperse, in the temper of barbarians deriding the Gods of the enemy.

  7. He was a blasphemer in the strict and really bad sense of a man deriding a Deity in whom he did not profess to disbelieve; he wrote and privately printed indecent verse for the indecency's sake.

  8. But suppose," I continued, "it were so here, and we imprisoned you for deriding our opinions as you imprison us for deriding yours.

  9. He was like a sparrow deriding the sportsmen, and answered each discharge by a verse.

  10. His "Ulysses deriding Polyphemus," in the National Gallery of British Art, is a splendid example of his use of this principle.

  11. It is clear, therefore, that the heedlessness of the old world was very great, inasmuch as in the one hundred and twenty years of grace it obstinately persisted in its lusts, even deriding its pontiff Noah, the teacher of righteousness.

  12. The actor retaliated by deriding the scholar's poverty and ridiculing the lawyer's use of bad Latin.

  13. Everyone present was greatly pleased and deriding the Jew said: 'He who laid traps for others, is caught himself.

  14. Euphemia, in a voice of surprised delight, while springing up to take the paper out of the deriding reader's hand when he finished.

  15. You may as well tell me," replied Miss Dundas, with a deriding curl of her lip, "that she is the Empress of Russia.

  16. The soldiers, likewise, made use of deriding language.

  17. The Cross was prepared in a very peculiar manner, either with the object of deriding the royalty of Jesus, or from what men might term chance.

  18. She broke into a laugh--one of her low, short, deriding laughs.

  19. I warned you then, but you laughed me to scorn--" "And now you are deriding me.

  20. Mrs. Carey looked up at Geoffrey with a mocking smile, as if deriding his embarrassment.

  21. He continued for hours fixing the arrows in different parts of his body, mimicking and deriding his cries.

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