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Example sentences for "crags"

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  1. So much was their color the same as the rocks around, that you might almost fancy you saw through them, and that they were but the shadows from some other objects, cast upon the broken crags as they passed.

  2. Otaitsa made no reply, but hastened forward to a spot where some abrupt but not very elevated crags rose up out of the midst of the wood.

  3. It was no better than the spume of sea-mists held between invisible crags of blackness, of mute eternity.

  4. The sounds of the sea on the crags seemed not the distant notes of opening war, but the soft prelude to long, breathless peace.

  5. In sheltered nooks under the beetling crags of the shore the water lies a sheet of dense lapis-lazuli blue such as one sees in pictures but seldom in nature.

  6. Toward the east the Tenajo Canon opened, revealing through its vista of granite crags the highest peak of "Clouds' Rest," crowned with eternal snows.

  7. Count of the empire, heir to crags and caves, And brother to the eagle and the fox!

  8. Here rise some jagged crags marking out the place as a natural fortress.

  9. It stands at the apex of the triangle; on one side is the castle court, but to right and left the crags at its base are falling precipitously away to the Rapide and the Claire.

  10. To climb high trees or crags and steal the young hawk out of the nest is itself no trifling undertaking.

  11. Kossovo Plain is a high plateau, forty miles long and ten wide; from its rolling fields the forbidding crags of Montenegro and Albania are plainly visible, black in summer and white with snow in winter.

  12. The weary bullocks were turned loose from the gun carriages they hauled, for there could be no taking them along up among the crags of the mountain country.

  13. He was dreaming of the inspiration of foreign lands,--of castled crags and historic landscapes.

  14. Away across the water the crags and domes were lit with a ruddy glare, and the firmament above was a reflected hell!

  15. While smoking the pipe of peace after breakfast we watched the sentinel peaks put on the glory of the sun, and followed the conquering light as it swept down among the shadows, and set the captive crags and forests free.

  16. They scaled the crags of the mountain steep When the noontide sun was high; And they forded the flood of the canyon deep, When the sun lay low in the sky.

  17. There are crags to climb in the mountains fast, There are gorges, and canyons deep, And the blinding snow, and the wintry blast Must over the landscape sweep.

  18. Moorlands he saw By cornfields vanquished; marked the all-beauteous siege Of pasture yearly threatening loftier crags Loud with the bleat of lambs.

  19. My people too shall wake: They shall have icy crags for myrtle banks, Sharp rocks for couches.

  20. At daybreak we were on an open green plain at the foot of the beautiful Chumie Mountain, whose grey timber-sprinkled crags and extensive forests excited the most lively expressions of admiration, as the rising sun beamed out upon them.

  21. There were about forty Kaffirs urging the cattle up the mountain side, and we could distinguish the forms of others covering their ascent, and crowning the crags on the summit.

  22. The rebels had decamped, and were probably looking down on us from the mountain crags above.

  23. What thunders shook these silent crags of yore!

  24. The plaudits which welcomed the first railway train that sped beneath the Alps, echoing amid their crags and gorges, struck with death the old phantasms which had so long held sway in the imagination of the Southern peasantry.

  25. Wouldst thou that I work A charm over this waste and savage wood, This Babylon of crags and aged trees, Filling its coverts with a horror Thrilling and strange?

  26. On either side rose bare crags topped with grass, and above all, the snowy summits of the mountains.

  27. On the storm-washed crags of granite, behind fields of ice and drifts of snow which the French cavalry could not traverse, they sought to intrench themselves against their tireless pursuer.

  28. Many of the soldiers threw away their arms, and escaped over the crags of the mountains; thousands were taken prisoners; multitudes were left dead upon the ice, and half-buried in the drifts of snow.

  29. In the depths where he stood, all was shadow; but the crags above were basking in the sunshine, and the savage old pines, jewelled with rain drops, seemed stretching their shaggy arms to welcome the kindly radiance.

  30. He drifted silently through the dim reflections of the crags and trees, with his intent eyes fixed upon the low cliff which he was approaching.

  31. There were ruined castles on the overhanging cliffs and crags all the way; these were said to have their legends, like those on the Rhine, and what was better still, they had never been in print.

  32. We took our way carefully and cautiously across the great Glacier des Bossons, over yawning and terrific crevices and among imposing crags and buttresses of ice which were fringed with icicles of gigantic proportions.

  33. Eventually, he hid himself away, on the heights of Mount Pilatus, and dwelt alone among the clouds and crags for years; but rest and peace were still denied him, so he finally put an end to his misery by drowning himself.

  34. The cloven valleys of the lower world swam in a tinted mist which veiled the ruggedness of their crags and ribs and ragged forests, and turned all the forbidding region into a soft and rich and sensuous paradise.

  35. Fresh paths and spoor showed that hundreds of rebels must be living here, and at last I jumped with joy when I spotted one thin streak of smoke after another rising among the crags on the eastern side of the valley.

  36. Then, clambering down among the rocks, we crossed the Tuli River and commenced the ascent of the towering crags in which the enemy were located.

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