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Example sentences for "crafty"

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craftiness; crafts; craftsman; craftsmanship; craftsmen; crag; cragged; craggie; craggy; crags
  1. The centurion Julius, having in charge the prisoners on board including Paul, examines Shimei, accused of his crime by the sentinel whom the crafty Hebrew had sought to bribe.

  2. Filled with such thought, the tireless crafty Jew, Colluding with the sentry at the gate, There sat him down the sentry's watch to share; Paul should by no such stratagem avoid The vengeance that next morrow waited him.

  3. It looks indeed like death," the crafty Jew Responded; "yea, it looks like death indeed.

  4. The crafty sorcerer buys his way with the necessary promises.

  5. Before the Holy Land was reached the wise and crafty Philip Augustus and the fiery Richard had quarrelled.

  6. And we can also imagine that a crafty sovereign saw in this an opportunity to serve his own ends.

  7. This man's powerful and crafty intelligence saw in an alliance with the common people a means of absorbing to himself supreme power.

  8. Many a time in the past he had outmaneuvered men as crafty as his present adversary.

  9. And so their diabolically crafty minds had conceived the idea of letting Helen Hardwick's agonized cries pierce his armor of pride and obduracy, thus accomplishing what could never have been accomplished by other means.

  10. The Duke is a crafty rascal, just as clever as he's vindictive.

  11. He drew Bayard's automatic, which he had taken from Ann, and looked it over in crafty anticipation.

  12. There False Falsehood, and I, Crafty Wit Got the purse: lo!

  13. Where Shrewd Wit is gone astray; Some crafty touch is in his way-- I hear him!

  14. In the present conjuncture a crafty woman would have bristled with all the arts of self-defense, but stayed at home and kept close to Zoe.

  15. A herd of deer well yarded, under the leadership of an old and crafty buck, will come safe and sleek through the fiercest wilderness winter.

  16. By the time the eagle had come to this frame of mind, the old Indian was ready for the next move in his crafty game.

  17. He was crafty with all the cunning of the woods, was this old trapper, and he knew that a wise and experienced bird like the king of Sugar Loaf was not to be snared by any ordinary methods.

  18. He followed her advice, and one fine morning the crafty maid came into my chamber laughing, and told me that the lace-seller was in the next room.

  19. The crafty Madame Riviere incited Bomback to risk twenty-five roubles at quinze; he lost and paid pleasantly, and only got a kiss for his money.

  20. As crafty as I was simple, the woman answered that to be sure he had not dared to come again, fearing that I had found out his disguise.

  21. The man's face wore a sudden crafty look of incomprehension.

  22. Selim was a crafty rogue as his conversation with the officer at the Visegrader Gate had shown, and one of Zubeydeh's breed needed watching.

  23. Admiral Chichagof was an excellent type of the crafty courtier.

  24. They were generally conceived by low and crafty adventurers, adopted by the minister, carried through parliament by bribery and corruption, flourished their day; and ended in ruin and disgrace.

  25. The weak, the ignorant, the uninformed, the necessitous, are the sufferers; the crafty and the opulent are the gainers.

  26. But St. Nicholas was too clear-sighted to be caught by the wiles of the crafty Greek.

  27. Photius read what he called the letters of the pope, but which were really documents mutilated and interpolated by his crafty hand.

  28. That cannot be, if the proverb hold; for 'A crafty knave needs no broker.

  29. But a man may not eat even in the midst of plenty, because he has departed from nature, and lives by crafty and twisted thought.

  30. After a time he was nearly worn out with cold and weariness, but he dared not sit down anywhere; the darkness was so intense that it frightened him, and the overwhelming, crafty silence frightened him also.

  31. One of two things hath the son of crafty Saturn given thee: he has granted that thou shouldst be honoured by the sceptre above all; but valour hath he not given thee, which is the greatest strength.

  32. But him sternly regarding, crafty Ulysses answered thus: "Son of Atreus, what a word has escaped the barrier of thy teeth!

  33. Thus she spoke, but Jove perceived not her crafty design, but he swore the mighty oath, and afterwards was much befooled.

  34. These crafty savages would fain reduce all these regions to subjection, and draw from thence an exhaustless supply of furs to be bartered for English goods with the traders of Albany.

  35. Truly, the device of those crafty and subtle enemies was a devilish one.

  36. This little girl, naturally truthful and honest, had, through the influence of this blighting vice, been made crafty and deceptive.

  37. A Storm What man is so clever, so crafty of mind, As to say for a truth who sends me a-traveling?

  38. And often in games One is crafty and cunning.

  39. With protecting boards Then a crafty one covered me, enclosed me with hide, Made me gorgeous with gold.

  40. But no sooner did he feel himself at liberty, thanks to his crafty device, than Morok flung himself furiously upon Gabriel.

  41. The good little father, his socius, did not take his eye off Rodin, and his look had a strange and crafty expression.

  42. How often was he not so reduced as to have nothing left but his sword and his crafty brain?

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "crafty" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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