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Example sentences for "craftsmanship"

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  1. Mr. Seymour's verse is full of a haunting, fugitive sense of beauty, and owes allegiance to a school of lyric craftsmanship which is rapidly falling out of date.

  2. One and all, these stories have the fascination of strange spiritual adventure, and the persuasiveness of her exposition conceals inimitably the closely woven craftsmanship of her work.

  3. A craftsmanship so fine and vigorous is seldom related with such artistic humility.

  4. The progress of craftsmanship has been steady, especially at the Gobelins in France.

  5. If old English furniture is worth the preservation for the benefit of students of craftsmanship or as a relic of bygone customs, there is undoubted room for due consideration of the best means of exhibiting it.

  6. It is the fashion in some quarters to admire as the perfection of craftsmanship an exact and hard square edge to the boards of a book.

  7. But this is not surprising when we consider the excellent craftsmanship of such men as G.

  8. Not only is great skill required in order to shape the tender porcelain clay on the wheel but the very essence of the porcelain is its lightness, to produce which by craftsmanship a long and arduous course of training must be endured.

  9. It will take time for an appreciation of craftsmanship to influence the land but this consummation will most assuredly come.

  10. If his stories, as stories, are not of enthralling interest or of very artfully constructed plots, their craftsmanship in this respect leaves very little to complain of.

  11. Intellectually she had no genius; but she had a good deal of the versatile talent and craftsmanship for which the literary conditions of this century have produced unusual stimulus and a fair reward.

  12. From the tender explicit craftsmanship of the wonderful Saskia to the golden mist enveloping the figure of Nicholas Bruyningh, is a long step, but not longer than many a painter has taken in his progress from youth to maturity.

  13. If young Germany were content to follow in Truebner's footsteps we should soon have a revival of the ancient craftsmanship and conscience that animated Holbein and Duerer.

  14. After a while in his father's shop, he found mere craftsmanship irksome, and he begged to be allowed to enter a studio.

  15. This craftsmanship of a fine order was as near to art as a man could get with any certainty of making his living.

  16. It seems probable that he was the head of a workshop, and the craftsmanship of the cuts bearing his signature is very unequal.

  17. With the Mainz Breidenbach we feel that we have passed away from the naive craftsmanship of the earliest illustrated books into a region of conscious art.

  18. Naturally craftsmanship was not extinguished by the arrival of a single artist.

  19. To obtain a merit badge for Craftsmanship a scout must 1.

  20. Through this, the sense of craftsmanship and the interest in production can be re-created and the proper establishment of conditions of labor and its participation in a more skilled administration can be worked out.

  21. Not only must solution of those things be found out but, if we are to secure increased production and increased standard of living, we must reawaken interest in creation, in craftsmanship and contribution of his intelligence to management.

  22. The ruin of independent craftsmanship by capitalist competition, no less painful for being soft-pedalled, deserves by rights a chapter to itself.

  23. French smiths were spurred in emulation to produce keys of exquisite craftsmanship and design.

  24. How excellent a standard of craftsmanship was maintained by the Venetian school is well exemplified by 1673, a portrait by an unknown artist.

  25. Chased in very fine gold, the buckle is considered by experts in the goldsmithing and silversmithing fields to be one of the outstanding pieces of American craftsmanship of its kind.

  26. It is a safe assertion to make that a full suit of plate armour at its finest period--the fifteenth century--is the most perfect work of craftsmanship that exists.

  27. This assertion is not made without fully considering the real value of such work, which must fulfil all those essentials without which no true work of craftsmanship can have any merit.

  28. This points to a certain decadence in the craftsmanship of the armourer of the period, though the excuse might be offered for him that the suit was intended only for use on horseback.

  29. In the best examples these combs are forged with the skull out of one piece of metal, a tour de force in craftsmanship that could hardly be surpassed.

  30. And yet it would be inaccurate to think of furniture as an impersonal, machine-made product; craftsmanship is still basically important in furniture making, and will remain so always.

  31. It stands as a monument to a great scientific craftsmanship now almost extinct.

  32. It demanded craftsmanship of the highest character to create these masterpieces of horology, and the art has been continued in a separate stream to that of clockmaking up to the present day.

  33. The craftsmanship period is valued in retrospect for its educative influence.

  34. As machine production superseded craftsmanship the basis of fixing the price of an article shifted from values fixed by the standards of workers to standards of machines, Professor Veblen says to standards of salesmen.

  35. The craftsmanship period deserves rank, but the high rank which is given it is due in part to its historical relation to the factory era which followed and crushed it.

  36. While the craftsmanship period strengthened personal claims on workmanship and interest in it, mechanical power and division of labor have impersonated industry.

  37. It may be a part which will lead away from some of the destructive influences which developed in the era of craftsmanship and which dominate the present.

  38. It is usual in economic considerations to credit the period of craftsmanship as a time in the evolution of wealth production that was rich in creative effort and opportunity for the individual worker.

  39. While craftsmanship represented expansive development in workmanship, it is not generally recognized that the Guild organization of the crafts developed modern business enterprise.

  40. The standards which are set by the scientific management schemes of efficiency are not, to be sure, the qualitative standards of craftsmanship but they are qualitative as well as quantitative standards of machine work.

  41. In weariness we are urged to retrace our steps and go back to craftsmanship and the Guilds.

  42. The story, especially in its completion with the "Iseult of Brittany" part and the death of Tristram, gives scope for every possible faculty and craftsmanship of the most analytic as of the most picturesque novelist of modern times.

  43. For craftsmanship is the necessary presupposition of all art, which can no longer suffer any one to be called a master who has not learnt his business.

  44. In passing through Milton's hands all has been transformed into a new birth by the consummate craftsmanship of a supreme artist.

  45. In the third place, we would have this series put artistic craftsmanship before people as furnishing reasonable occupations for those who would gain a livelihood.

  46. The seed of craftsmanship I have tried to describe in this book.

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