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Example sentences for "harvesting"

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  1. You see, the youngsters who are left to reap the crops have broken the only machine in the community, and we can't go on harvesting until it is repaired or replaced.

  2. However, as we ran along the splendid roads between the great fertile plains, I observed that the harvesting was being done chiefly by women, and that the roads themselves were empty of any vehicle.

  3. There is also a wonderful apple-harvesting scene, where real apples are used in the foreground, and in the background men on ladders are gathering the apples from the trees.

  4. The “Earth” picture shows in a harvesting scene all the things which the earth has given to us.

  5. She is there also towards noon, when the harvesting is in full swing and there are many Bees going in and out.

  6. This is known as the "hogging down" method of harvesting corn.

  7. First planted for an immediate cash income, flax has proved an ideal secondary crop because it extends the seeding and harvesting periods, and since 1900 it has been an established part of the cropping system of the North Central States.

  8. Peace has come in the island; and the harvesting of the sugar-cane crop, the great crop of the island, is about to proceed.

  9. We are helping our hop growers by importing varieties that ripen earlier and later than the kinds they have been raising, thereby lengthening the harvesting season.

  10. This is especially noticeable at the crop-harvesting and crop-moving period.

  11. Particular attention has been given to assisting men past middle life and in providing field labor for harvesting agricultural crops.

  12. CVI illustrates a similar treatment of an opening in a detached house of Nutria, whose occupants had returned to the home pueblo of Zuñi at the close of the harvesting season.

  13. It is now occupied solely as a farming pueblo during the planting and harvesting season.

  14. The practice of fastening up the doors during the harvesting season prevails at the present time among the Zuñi, but the result is attained without great difficulty by means of rude cross bars, now that they have framed wooden doors.

  15. During the summer after I confessed the Saviour, quite a number of hands were harvesting at my father-in-law's.

  16. In the summer of 1855, while harvesting for her uncle, I first met at the dinner-table Miss Jennie Maddox, the lady whom I afterwards married.

  17. I have never seen the harvesting done on fresh plants.

  18. To begin by getting all the huts built is a sensible precaution: the mother will not have to turn aside from the delicate task of harvesting and egg-laying in order to perform rough navvy's work.

  19. When this small repair is made, the harvesting begins.

  20. When the victualling is finished, when the Halicti no longer sally forth on harvesting intent nor return all befloured with their spoils, the old Bee is still at her post, vigilant as ever.

  21. They are not harvesting now: they are refreshing themselves, holding high holiday, teasing one another.

  22. I return when the harvesting is in full swing, between eight o'clock and twelve.

  23. These are the average amount of rent and the average price paid for the full work of cultivating, and harvesting one dessiatine, and carrying the crops to the barn: Rent rubles 14.

  24. The result was a dispute over the harvesting of salt hay.

  25. Picture: Harvesting wheat in the Basque Province of Guipúzcoa] To see the Basques at their finest you must watch them in the fields, where the women work side by side with the men, and appear to have equal strength with them.

  26. In harvesting the heads, pull up by the roots.

  27. After harvesting 300 bushels of potatoes to the acre use a heavy coat of well rotted manure without weed seed, plowed under late in fall.

  28. You should not begin harvesting too early, for immature fruit, poorly colored, brings a lower price, and you do not want to be so late that the fruit mellows up or drops from the trees before it is gathered or is caught by a freeze.

  29. Mr. Goudy: What is your method of harvesting your beans?

  30. Next in line came the harvesting of the crop.

  31. But when we raise crops, whether on high-priced land or on low-priced land, we must raise good crops, or the expense of cultivating and harvesting them will eat up all the profits.

  32. More than a month is saved for maturing and harvesting winter and early spring crops, or in fitting the fields for rice, by this planting in nursery beds.

  33. The Australian harvesting system is the cheapest in the world, and is peculiar to the country.

  34. To sink surface stones so that they will not interfere with harvesting the crop.

  35. This is a fact to bear in mind in connection with the harvesting of hay or other fodder crops.

  36. They frequently become choked or stopped by trash and soil, and are in the way of cultivation and harvesting operations.

  37. Meanwhile, the cotters who are cultivating the soil will probably go on harvesting half the crop of the outlying fields for the rest of time.

  38. But the worst time is really the autumn, when the tourists are all rushing to get home again, and it's quite impossible to do the harvesting undisturbed.

  39. But I greeted them humbly and took my man out of the harvesting work to help them.

  40. These people also worked in the harvesting of grain.

  41. Wives were very active in the harvesting and did casual labor of washing, weeding, and stone-picking.

  42. Then he thrust it into his pocket, and went on with his harvesting when he had thanked the man.

  43. He rose and walked away gloomily; but the children of Israel rushed, like a flock of birds, at the labor of the Egyptian, who high above their heads was singing unmindful of his bones and of this, that he was harvesting not for his own use.

  44. On the highest points of land people had finished harvesting the peculiar cotton of the country, and for the second time had cut clover and begun to gather in olives and tamarinds.

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