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  1. When villages did not so club together, each village or farm may have procured its own representative of the corn-spirit by dooming to death either a passing stranger or the harvester who cut, bound, or threshed the last sheaf.

  2. In the neighbourhood of Braunsberg (East Prussia) at binding the oats every harvester makes haste "lest the Corn-goat push him.

  3. M215) Thus the person who was killed on the harvest-field as the representative of the corn-spirit may have been either a passing stranger or the harvester who was last at reaping, binding, or threshing.

  4. M105 Identification of the harvester with the corn-spirit.

  5. When a harvester grows weary at his work, it is said, "He has the fatigue of the Horse.

  6. Plainly, what was needed now was to teach a Marsh Harvester to tie knots.

  7. No European country, apparently, has been able to master the complexities and multifarious details which abound in a successful harvester business.

  8. In its most highly developed form, the combined harvester and thresher, it has become so gigantic a machine that thirty-two horses are required to haul it.

  9. His geneology in the harvester industry shows that he had become an active partner of E.

  10. Deering was the first highly skilled business man to enter the harvester trade.

  11. In 1902 the efficiency of the larger American plants was greatly increased by the organization of the International Harvester Company, which has its headquarters in Chicago.

  12. Royal Harvester works where Mr. Matson had been employed.

  13. Joe's father was an inventor of farming machinery and other apparatus, and had been employed by the Royal Harvester Works of Riverside, which was located on the Appleby River, in one of our New England States.

  14. I believe that these observations on the presence of the harvester ant in Arkansas are unique; at least I have been unable to find any data corroborative of this fact.

  15. Thus the person who was killed on the harvest-field as the representative of the corn-spirit may have been either a passing stranger or the harvester who was last at reaping, binding, or threshing.

  16. If for any reason plowing cannot be done early it is often advantageous to follow the harvester with a disk and to plow later when convenient.

  17. In fact, Campbell advocates that the harvester be followed immediately by the disk, later to be followed by the plow The essential thing is to keep the topsoil open and receptive to a rain.

  18. For grain, the harvester is used almost exclusively in the districts where the header cannot be used, but wherever conditions permit, the header is and should be used.

  19. In such places the combined harvester and thresher is used.

  20. Of recent years the combined harvester and thresher has come into general use.

  21. As "manual delivery reapers" thousands of such machines are made in America and sent to Europe, where the self-binding harvester has not yet won its way.

  22. The Grain Harvester is in course of preparation, and will soon be offered for sale.

  23. Wagener's Clover and Timothy Seed Harvester has been in successful operation two seasons, and has received the premium at the World's Fair and at the Fair of the American Institute, and various other testimonials of superior value.

  24. If so, will the Harvester point out the one?

  25. I wish to ask the editor of the Harvester if human sects are essential to the visible organization of Christ?

  26. Is it consistent to say, "We don't want an ism gospel," and yet adhere to and stuff the Harvester full of the gospel of Wesleyan Methodist ism?

  27. The Harvester adds, "Then let us hail every sign of real unity as from the Lord, and, as holiness laborers, not be afraid when the temporary shafting of denominationalism begins to give way.

  28. Again, if the formation of sects gives the church of Christ a visible organization, will the Harvester please point out the time, in the history of the church, when that important event occurred?

  29. We presume that the Harvester does not admit that this corrupt hierarchy is the church of Christ.

  30. These little rascals will persist in stealing the fallen cones, despite glaring eyes, irate looks, and deadly threats from the angry harvester above.

  31. One day I watched a single harvester who was busily, happily working.

  32. A harvester comes back from the fields, the feather-brushes of her legs powdered with pollen.

  33. The harvester enters a cell backwards; she first brushes herself and drops her load of pollen; then, turning round, she empties the honey in her crop upon the floury mass.

  34. Quick profits in the shape of watered stock had nothing to do with the formation of the International Harvester Company.

  35. It was McCormick's conviction, almost religious in its fervor, that the harvester business of the world belonged to him.

  36. When McCormick exhibited his harvester at the London Exposition of 1851, the London Times ridiculed it as "a cross between an Astley chariot, a wheel barrow, and a flying machine.

  37. The harvester would rush on all kinds of fields, flat and hilly, dry and wet, and would cut all kinds of crops, and even stubble.

  38. The International Harvester Company has its salesmen in more than fifty countries, and has established large American factories in many nations of Europe.

  39. Whatever one may think of the motives which caused so many combinations in the early years of the twentieth century, there is no question that irresistible economic forces compelled these great harvester companies to get together.

  40. Almost the first person who greeted the astonished Dane, German, or Swede was an agent of the harvester company, offering to let him have one of these strange machines on these terms.

  41. The greatest service of the harvester has been that it has freed the world--unless it is a world distracted by disintegrating war--from a constant anxiety concerning its food supply.

  42. Had these four men been brought face to face, the Harvester Company would probably never have been formed.

  43. The two hundred companies that were making mowers and reapers, seventy-five of them located in New York State, had formed no mental picture of the future International Harvester Company.

  44. The popularization of so ungainly and expensive a contrivance as the harvester proved a slow and difficult task.

  45. The International Harvester Company has built a worldwide organization.

  46. International Business and Finance The steel, smelting, oil, sugar, tobacco, and harvester interests are confined to relatively narrow lines.

  47. Before its advent six or seven men followed every harvester to tie its shocks of grain.

  48. I noticed in the International Harvester Works that warnings and regulations for the guidance of the employés were printed in seven languages.

  49. On a still greater scale were the works of the International Harvester Company, another branch of a famous American firm.

  50. To-day McCormick’s International Harvester Company is the greatest agricultural machinery industry in the world.

  51. But however busy the harvester may be, he is not slow to descry the pilferers below, and instantly leaves his work to drive them away.

  52. The Douglas squirrel is the happy harvester of most of the Sequoia cones.

  53. International Harvester Company for the picture on page 199.

  54. That day a slight change was made, and the harvester became good-natured and obedient.

  55. Also, a fifth harvester company, in Milwaukee, was bought from Stephen Bull for about five millions.

  56. It is an extortion and a waste, besides being the only un-American factor in the whole harvester business.

  57. These have been succeeded by an army of fifteen hundred American harvester experts.

  58. So it is my duty to state that on the whole the Harvester Combine is a good combination and not a bad one.

  59. A harvester company must follow the whims of its customers, almost as much as though it had newspapers for sale.

  60. Which is the International Harvester Company?

  61. Four-fifths of the Harvester Kings were farmers' sons; and the biggest harvester factory is only a development of the small workshop that always stood beside the barn.

  62. But the general opinion is that the Combine has raised the harvester business to a higher level.

  63. The get-rich-quick brigands of Wall Street meddled with the harvester business once--and never again.

  64. Every harvester that clicks its way through the yellow grain means more than bread.

  65. Yet after five years of battling they surrendered; and not one harvester is made to-day west of Illinois.

  66. The year 1851 saw an important improvement in the harvester when Seymour invented his self-raker, also an advance in firearms when Maynard invented the breech-loading rifle.

  67. Finally to meet the requirements of the vast western wheat fields, the combined harvester and thresher was developed which, with a crew of four men, will reap, thresh, and bag between two and three thousand bushels per day.

  68. The harvester was improved by Gorham’s twine binder in 1874, and in the same year a machine for making barbed wire was produced.

  69. Unfortunately this primitive, but useful, harvester was not extensively employed and in time it was lost to agriculture.

  70. Our reaper in 1874 was a new model of the McCormick self-rake,--the Marsh Harvester was not yet in general use.

  71. Binding on a harvester was desperately hard work for a sixteen-year-old boy for it called for endurance of heat and hunger as well as for unusual celerity and precision of action.

  72. The summer was at its full and the wheat-fields of the Vermillion River Valley were all but ready for the harvester before Badgy began to feel a yearning for his own kind and the freedom of the open prairie.

  73. What would the Harvester have said to Mr. Chesterton?

  74. The Harvester breakfasted, fed the stock, hitched Betsy to the spring wagon, and went into the dripping, steamy woods.

  75. The wind, which pollinated the fertile flowers of coniferous forests long before nectar-gathering insects came upon the earth, is the harvester of their seeds.

  76. The curiously gnawed shells outside the winter storehouse of some furry woods-dweller reveal the most successful competitor boys have, the constant watcher of the nut trees, a harvester who works at nothing else while the season is on.

  77. It is most interesting to see the skill, strength, and rapidity with which the little harvester swings her treasure over or around, or pushes it beneath these obstacles.

  78. If we contrast the fearless disposition of the harvester with the timidity of the hare or rabbit, we observe that in respect of emotions, no less than in that of intelligence, the order Rodentia comprises the utmost extremes.

  79. The life of the harvester rat is divided between eating and fighting.

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