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  1. The reason that this rose so often fails to bear blossoms is, that being an untidy grower it is pruned.

  2. If the grower wishes to exhibit his flowers, he should follow the instructions here given; and I would also advise the reading of the late Rev.

  3. And their prevention and destruction are tasks, as every rose-grower knows only too well, which call for ceaseless vigilance and constant work, more especially in the early months of the season.

  4. It is said that one grower near London had two thousand different sorts.

  5. So the grower must decide according to his situation and soil what varieties to grow, remembering that the Teas are liable to suffer from severe frost.

  6. The leaf curl and peach yellows are other discouraging features, and it takes an intelligent and industrious grower to succeed in the business.

  7. He is a large grower of roses and carnations, which are mostly sold in the home market.

  8. Mr. Feagles has been on his present farm twenty-one years, and is an extensive peach grower and a dairy farmer.

  9. These exist at the present time and may here be quoted: The grower has to notify the Customs authorities of his intention to sow, giving the locality and area.

  10. Through a well-grounded fear of theft, the grower and his family live in their "postania" during the season of marketing.

  11. Yet as a root system, the bitternut is the hardiest and easiest to transplant of any of the hickories and for these reasons it makes an ideal stock for the amateur nut-grower to use.

  12. I wish to describe the limber pine, Pinus flexilis, for it is not only a good grower and quite hardy but it is also a very ornamental nut pine which grows to be a broad, stout-trunked tree 40 to 75 feet high.

  13. With such immeasurably unequal competition at his very door, the native grower finds no market for the produce of his honest industry, unless at a price wholly incompatible with the position of a solvent man.

  14. This is to be continued and extended as the grower may choose, always preventing the top from becoming too dense, and the shoot too long for a proper flow of sap, and maturity of fruit-buds.

  15. The tree is a very vigorous grower and great bearer.

  16. The result is, that the hope of the peach-grower is mainly in preventives.

  17. A few berries that may have become mildewed during the slow, tedious and anxious process of drying in the sun, may violate the delicate flavour and aroma which the grower has been at pains to secure and fix.

  18. The prosperity of the farmer and fruit-grower in North Queensland does not unhaply depend upon himself, but upon the existence of large populations within reasonable range.

  19. What does the Sheep-grower get for the Wool in a Suit of Clothes?

  20. Sheep-Grower get for the wool in a Suit of Clothes?

  21. What does the Sheep-Grower Get for the Wool in a Suit of Clothes?

  22. The grower is as a rule quite too familiar with these insects, and no description of their methods is necessary, beyond the statement that they cut off and destroy more than they eat and re-setting is frequently necessary.

  23. The grower should cease pruning, and withhold water, and in the field cultivate deeply.

  24. These various packages are usually sold in the flat and the grower puts them together as is convenient before the crop comes on; but in many sections where there are large shipments they are often put together by the package dealers.

  25. To the grower it seems in many cases as though the quantity of acceptable fruit paid for was determined quite as much by the abundance or scarcity of the general crop as by the weight hauled to the factory.

  26. It should be the invariable practice of the tomato grower to spray with Bordeaux mixture to prevent injury from any of these leaf-blights.

  27. Then the inexperienced shade tree grower begins to lop off the lower branches, with the result that he injures and bleeds the young tree, and deprives it of the nutriment it would otherwise derive from its full allowance of foliage.

  28. He is of great use to the fruit grower in the old country, as he lives principally on insects, or at any rate has the reputation of doing so, and he does not often attack the fruit.

  29. If the fruit-grower had not made a profit from the trees, perhaps the reason was partly his own fault.

  30. This branch has tried its best to bear apples, but the fruit-grower has not given it food enough, or has not kept the enemies and diseases away.

  31. There are ways by means of which the apple-grower is able to destroy the codlin-moth and the apple-scab; and thereby he secures fair and sound apples.

  32. Eventually, the efficiency points of the grower and the commercial grades of the dealer ought nearly or quite to coincide.

  33. At this epoch vine-grower and pauper were synonymous terms.

  34. You are a very considerate partner, Mr. Lorraine, and if I were a wheat-grower I should be proud to trust you.

  35. The Fruit-Grower says they will have to rely on them and their truck patches this year, and advises an extension of early potatoes, tomatoes, and Japan melons.

  36. We suggest that every corn grower should send to Hiram Sibley & Co.

  37. The fruit-grower needs help in winter for pruning and spraying.

  38. Tryon, the Government Entomologist, the grower readily recognises the presence of insect pests, and knows how to deal promptly with them on their first appearance.

  39. One would expect the best summer and fall apples to come from nearby local orchards, but practically this is not the case because the grower will not allow them to remain on the tree until they are fit.

  40. The means at the command of the apple-grower are now many.

  41. The organism responsible for these blemishes is less evident than the codlin-moth; yet what fruit-grower knows the eggs of the codlin-moth?

  42. In the care of the fruit-tree there is no practice which brings the grower into such intimate knowledge of the plant as that of pruning and thinning.

  43. The grower would better not attempt the making of nursery trees.

  44. The grower should transfer his affection to a young tree.

  45. In all this time, the grower has borne the risks of frosts and hail, insect and fungus invasions, lack of help, and disastrously low prices.

  46. The grower will be willing, when the time comes, to take a photograph for memory's sake and to let the tree come to a timely and artistic end.

  47. The young trees, obtained from the grower of apple stocks, are planted regularly in nursery rows in spring, the top having been cut back to the crown so that a strong vigorous shoot will arise.

  48. Ordinarily the fruit-grower does not see the moth, for it is a small object amidst the foliage of apple-trees; the larva or apple-worm he knows well.

  49. Probably the dealer and grower would consider even this small number much too great.

  50. How I envied the grower of the precious fruit in which so many were indulging at this extravagant price!

  51. The consumer never secures it, because his impatient appetite stimulates the grower to furnish him with fruit which, though tinged with redness, is far from being ripe.

  52. One grower would obtain more fruit from a few rods of ground than another from a whole acre.

  53. The picking of the day is mostly eaten up before bedtime, and hence the grower must gather daily reinforcements from his vines to meet the public demand.

  54. Large and full; magnificent scarlet shaded with crimson; free grower and bloomer.

  55. A woman who moved from the city to the country is now favourably known as a grower of flowering plants for marketing.

  56. The other girl grows roses in the garden and from her own success as a rose grower she has become a seller of rose bushes.

  57. The profit accruing to the Argentina wool-grower is thereby lessened.

  58. With the Mali may be classed the Barai, the grower and seller of the pan or betel-vine leaf.

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "grower" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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