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  1. It was built for him by Captain William Winde, a scholar of Webbe's, the pupil and executor of Inigo Jones.

  2. Albany Wallis, a friend and executor of Garrick.

  3. Strahan agreed to undertake this duty, and Hume on the 12th of June added a codicil to his will making Strahan his literary executor and entire master of all his manuscripts.

  4. If he lived, he would publish it himself; if he died, he charged his executor to do so.

  5. Randolph, his grandson, confidential friend, executor and sole custodian of his papers until sold to Congress.

  6. In most of the other states by later statutes a similar result has been reached through a civil action brought by the executor or administrator as an agent of the law.

  7. Administration durante minore aetate, when the executor or the person entitled to the general grant is under age.

  8. Administration durante absentia, when the executor or administrator is out of the jurisdiction for more than a year.

  9. Now, in this position as trustee he is bound to assert nothing for which he has not evidence, as much as an executor of a will or the trustee for widows and orphans is obligated to render a correct account of the moneys in his possession.

  10. But this, as Lord Sheffield, his literary executor and first editor, shows conclusively, he neglected to do.

  11. In Scotland an executor appointed by will is styled executor nominate, and by authority of the court executor dative.

  12. If her husband died, she usually continued in this role because most men named their wife as executor of their will with full power to act as she thought best.

  13. Naming one's wife as executor of one's will was the norm.

  14. The Emperor of Russia is the supreme lawgiver in his own country, and, for aught I know, the executor of that law also.

  15. But, thanks be to God, he is not the supreme lawgiver or executor of national law, and every offence against that is an offence against the rights of the civilized world.

  16. I persuaded his executor to act, on the chance that the jewel might prove to be a valuable acquisition to the family.

  17. Law) Defn: To decline formally, as an executor or a person entitled to letters of administration, to take out probate or letters.

  18. An executor may retain a debt due to him from the testator.

  19. Letters testamentary (Law), an instrument granted by the proper officer to an executor after probate of a will, authorizing him to act as executor.

  20. Defn: To obtain the official approval of, as of an instrument purporting to be the last will and testament; as, the executor has probated the will.

  21. Law) Defn: The person appointed by a Executor de son tort Etym: [Of.

  22. One who executes or performs; a doer; as, an executor of baseness.

  23. Substituted executor (Law), an executor appointed to act in place of one removed or resigned.

  24. Note: The executor or administrator is ordinarily held to be the representative of a deceased person, and is sometimes called the legal representative, or the personal representative.

  25. To renounce probate (Law), to decline to act as the executor of a will.

  26. If we are looking at a question of a trust under a deed, we look at the deed, and the right of an executor to sell real estate similarly depends on whether any such power has been given him in the will.

  27. The personal property is used by the executor or administrator to pay debts, and the real property, whether a man dies testate or intestate, is never used to pay debts unless the personal property is insufficient.

  28. Where the deceased died leaving a will, his executor immediately has title to all the personal property.

  29. Were it not for statutes, a trustee or an executor would become such simply because somebody had made him a trustee or an executor without any appointment or assistance from the court.

  30. C's executor will not have to join in the transfer.

  31. This means that a trustee or executor receiving current income must keep a separate bank account as trustee or executor, and of course he should not draw checks on that fund for personal debts.

  32. Stock may be owned by a man individually, it may be owned by several persons in common, or it may be owned by several persons jointly, or it may be owned by a person in a fiduciary capacity, as trustee, executor or guardian.

  33. The duties of the executor and administrator are to distribute the estate by paying creditors first and the surplus to legatees or the next of kin legally entitled.

  34. He was chosen executor for many estates because of the confidence reposed in him by his fellow citizens.

  35. In offices of trust, he has served as executor and administrator of many estates.

  36. Since his father's death he has acted as executor and manager of the numerous properties which his father left.

  37. The doctor's claim was always presented to the executor or administrator, as the case might he, after the patient's death.

  38. He has served as trustee in the district school, academy, and Union Free School for many years, and as executor and administrator of estates and of trust funds.

  39. Since 1868 he has acted as executor or administrator of over twenty different estates of deceased persons.

  40. Executor and trustee of will of late Samuel J.

  41. Steele's ambition, no doubt, was that he and his friend should go down to posterity together, but the appointment of Tickell instead of himself as Addison's literary executor dashed this hope to the ground.

  42. There was no birthright attaching to the position of eldest son, but he usually acted as executor and after considering what each had already received equalized the shares.

  43. I felt that it would be rather much to ask one's executor to get a country vicar to pass a line of a nautical ditty for insertion in a church.

  44. Henry Strachey was not only devoted to him throughout his life, but acted as his executor and as the guardian to his infant son and heir.

  45. You know that I have been made executor to the will," he continued.

  46. Her brother explained to her that the executor was to have two hundred pounds and a gold watch, and then she was satisfied.

  47. As I am nominated as co-executor with Mrs. Clayhill, I can complete them when I return to the office.

  48. The whole matter is very unfortunate,' he said at last, 'and were it not that I now feel that I have your interests to protect, I should be tempted to retire from the post of executor to which your father expressly appointed me.

  49. The property was heavily mortgaged before your departure; and its continued depression in value, arising from causes that could not have been foreseen, left the executor no other alternative but that of giving the creditors possession.

  50. Immediately he began to plan a bombardment of his friends with costly trinkets, when he grew suddenly doubtful of the opinion of his uncle's executor upon this move.

  51. Executor under the will of the late James T.

  52. He was at work there on the transaction that was to record the total disappearance of Edwin Brewster's million--his final report to Swearengen Jones, executor of James Sedgwick's will.

  53. Mr. Jones by this time has qualified in Montana as the executor of your uncle's will and has retained us as his eastern representatives.

  54. We did survive him; and the other executor entered upon his office, seldom troubling me except when absolutely necessary.

  55. It is likely that she was of age when made executor in 1556, but not at all necessary.

  56. Could it have been John Arden, executor of Walter Green?

  57. Mr. Dalken is the executor of my father's estate and I was just on my way to the city, to visit him, this evening.

  58. If Mr. Dalken is a conscientious executor of your estate I should think he'd forbid your wasting any time hunting up furniture and hiring decorators to do it for you, at the same time," teased Eleanor.

  59. I have left you my executor and sole heir.

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