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Example sentences for "distracted"

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distorting; distortion; distortions; distorts; distract; distractedly; distracting; distractingly; distraction; distractions
  1. The whole had been swept away from their thoughts by this sudden wreck, this falling among them of a ruined being, a distracted life.

  2. You were distracted last night, and sent for me.

  3. Nelly had to seize herself, as it were, with both hands, to keep her reason, to stop the distracted rush of those words over and over and over again through her brain.

  4. In this connection it is well to remember that the question of Egypt and the Sudan was only one of many that distracted the attention of Ministers.

  5. For a century and a half it has distracted the statesmen and philanthropists of Europe; for it concerns not only the ownership of lands of great intrinsic and strategic importance, but also the welfare of many peoples.

  6. Further, Italy was distracted by the earthquake at Messina, and armed intervention was not to be expected from the Campbell-Bannerman Ministry.

  7. The Great Powers were at this time distracted by the Russo-Turkish war and by the acute international crisis that supervened.

  8. He despised England: for was she not distracted by fierce party feuds, by Labour troubles, by wild women, and by what seemed to be the beginnings of civil war in Ireland?

  9. Distracted by the news of the warlike preparations of Servia and Greece, Abdul Hamid looked on Russia's advice in a contrary sense as a piece of Muscovite treachery.

  10. She felt a slight pang at the heart, but she scarce noticed it, as she was at once distracted by a kiss from Marius.

  11. I must get this off by the early mail, and you drive me distracted with your worry," cried Mrs. March, crossing out the third spoilt sentence in her letter.

  12. The Palais Royale is a heavenly place,--so full of bijouterie and lovely things that I'm nearly distracted because I can't buy them.

  13. Amy; "now she's in a contrary fit, and will drive me distracted before I can get her properly ready.

  14. Whereupon the cock-sparrow was so distracted with grief that he picked off all his feathers until he was as bare as a ploughed field.

  15. The Brahman told it all over again, but the jackal shook his head in a distracted sort of way, and still could not understand.

  16. And it was here I met poor Tom Swiggs, distracted and giving himself up to drink, in the fruitless search after the girl of his love, from whom he had been separated, as he said, by his mother.

  17. That word, too "poor," is more than her already distracted brain can bear up under.

  18. In my blindness I would have forgiven her, taken her back to my distracted bosom, and fled with her to some distant land, there still to have lived and loved her.

  19. While he was wringing it like a distracted goblin, along came the Tyndal car, which had left Tintagel about half an hour after Apollo.

  20. We are out to see the "fair face of England," not to scurry over it like distracted flies.

  21. They ought to be distracted with joy," I said (though deep in my heart I knew that Ellaline is never likely to be satisfied with anything done for her.

  22. And how divine to fly to you--a distracted chicken, battered by a thunderstorm, scuttling back under its mother's downy wing!

  23. Distracted throngs surged out at one gate, to separate and waver and hesitate, and finally to fight for a speedy entrance at another.

  24. Who could tell this distracted man whether the mother or child were alive?

  25. Not usual at all," said the landlord; "but the fact is, the whole neighbourhood has run distracted about some superhuman being they call a vampyre.

  26. Ah, here comes a gentleman with hurried gait and distracted countenance; he is looking for his partner; alas!

  27. While the babel without deafened and distracted them.

  28. Infinitely distressed, infinitely distracted by this appeal from the one, from the other, from this side, from that, she turned her swimming eyes on her lover.

  29. If men living from hand to mouth and distracted by household cares could achieve so much, why should not he who had his independence and his place in the world?

  30. If a woman chooses she can pay the most desperate attentions, and play the part of a distracted lover to her heart's content.

  31. The flash of light had revealed nothing, yet it had distracted my thoughts, and the work of reloading was an additional distraction.

  32. Wilson remonstrated against such barbarous usage, declaring that the pain distracted his thoughts from the subjects of meditation proper to his unhappy condition.

  33. The interest I felt in the outward scene distracted me very much from the things which are not seen, and all I could do in prayer was to strive against this spirit.

  34. Gained no ground in all this time; stayed a few days at Shelford, but was much distracted and unsettled for want of solitude.

  35. How awful the thought, that while perishing millions demand my every thought and care, my mind should be distracted about such an extreme trifle as that of my own comfort!

  36. On his first visit to London at the beginning of the year 1804, by the Telegraph coach, the Cambridge recluse was distracted by the bustle of the great city, as he walked about the streets and called at the booksellers'.

  37. I seemed to pray a long time in vain, so dark and distracted was my mind.

  38. Family groups invariably are separated, and distracted mammas are running after children whom everybody wishes out of the way, giving utterance to hopes that they are not on shore.

  39. All =practice= begins in the state of attention; but practice, once started, may go on when attention is distracted from the matter in hand.

  40. But the antipathy I had taken to the vile house, and to find myself so near it, when I expected no such matter, with the sight of the old creature, all together made me behave like a distracted person.

  41. The position of Queen Jane in the circumstances in which her husband left her, a woman still young, with a band of small children, and no authority in the turbulent and distracted country, is as painful a one as could well be imagined.

  42. The History ends with the death of the Regent Lennox, he who was killed in Stirling almost under the historian's eyes, and when Scotland was still distracted between two parties, and in a state of civil warfare.

  43. She had helped to give the distracted and divided kingdom, made up of warring sects, that consolidation and steadiness which enabled it to take its place among recognised nations.

  44. She had introduced comforts and luxuries of every kind, and the decorative arts, and a great deal of actual wealth, into a very poor and distracted country.

  45. The narrative of the death struggle, and the distracted attempts to find a place of concealment for the victim, are too heartrending to be repeated here.

  46. Helene in stammering tones, her bosom filled with such joy that she fell on the floor close to the bed, gazing now at her daughter and now at the doctor with distracted looks.

  47. Then opening her arms with a distracted gesture and stretching out her hands, Helene rushed towards the staircase.

  48. For some minutes she remained there distracted by the fever of passion which possessed her.

  49. To his distracted cry asking for a new religion, Rome had been content to reply by condemning his book as a work tainted with heresy, and he himself had withdrawn it amidst the bitter grief of his disillusions.

  50. But the sobs still continued, still flowed forth, all reason and respect being swept away amidst that distracted plaint of a wounded soul, that moan of suffering, dying flesh.

  51. The truth was that something, doubtless his mother's spirit, wept within him, an infinite, distracted love which nothing had yet satisfied and which ever despaired of attaining contentment.

  52. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "distracted" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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