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Example sentences for "distraught"

Lexicographically close words:
distrain; distrained; distraining; distraint; distrait; distress; distresse; distressed; distresses; distressful
  1. What franticke fit (quoth he) hath thus distraught 2 Thee, foolish man, so rash a doome to giue?

  2. Griggs was obviously distraught and had little to say except that he was in a hurry to get back to the city, but he looked at me as if he were mentally formulating charges to lay before the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

  3. Then Barnes and the other pretty ward of the distraught Mrs. Burton entered the room.

  4. If my lord will listen to this slave," said the Blessed-Damozel at last, "it will be better to beguile the poor distraught one by change of scene.

  5. But afterwards Swanhild brought is to believe that Earl Atli was distraught when he spoke thus, and that things were indeed as she had said.

  6. And when the spokesman among them stood forward and told her those words that Atli had bidden them to say to her, sparing none, she spoke thus: "My lord was distraught and weak with loss of blood when he spoke thus.

  7. The hard-headed man of money thought that Drusus was a visionary, to be so distraught over the loss of a wife--as if the possession of a fortune of thirty odd millions did not make up for every possible calamity.

  8. Cornelia, for once quite distraught with terror, cowered on a bench, unable to scream through sheer fright.

  9. So absent-minded and distraught was Lucian, that Miss Greeb, who had long suspected something was wrong with him, spoke that very evening about himself.

  10. Hitherto, not a suspicion had entered his mind but that the man so mysteriously slain in Geneva Square was Mark Vrain, and, for the moment, he thought that Diana was distraught to deny so positive a fact.

  11. During our journey, she suffered much, often weeping bitterly, often all but distraught with anger and despair.

  12. In your anger,' she said, 'as when perchance you were already distraught with fever, you spoke I know not what.

  13. Distraught in mind, with sob and tear, They laid the body on a bier, And servants, while their eyes brimmed o’er The monarch from the palace bore.

  14. And Bharat’s heart grew sick and faint With grief and oft-renewed complaint, And all his senses were distraught By the great woe that in him wrought.

  15. But when Śatrughna standing nigh Saw his dear brother helpless lie, Distraught with woe his head he bowed, Embraced him oft and wept aloud.

  16. Thus roaming on like one distraught Still for his vanished love he sought, He searched in wood and hill and glade, By rock and brook and wild cascade.

  17. He seemed strangely distraught in manner, at times relapsing for several minutes into absolute silence.

  18. But Sitnikov was so distraught that he forbore to giggle in his usual fashion.

  19. Even in the agony of the moment the distraught young man was aware that his mother was in no fit state to appear thus openly.

  20. It was the darkest hour of the night, and his chief could not see the distraught features wrung with pain.

  21. Mrs. Chadwick moaned and, as Adrienne moved away, she turned as if half distraught to her two friends.

  22. He saw Eleanor Chadwick stopping at Meg's door to look in at the forsaken room, distraught in her grief and incomprehension.

  23. Git on, or--" The distraught man struggled to his feet.

  24. The inexorable tone sent a shudder over the distraught man.

  25. The icy tones mocked at the distraught captive.

  26. Kari in a grave voice, when he had listened to this mad stuff that burst through my lips from the spring of a mind distraught by misery and despair.

  27. A mind distraught conducts not to the goal.

  28. I ought to be there myself now, at work, for I have lost my best helper, but I am too distraught over Ramon to think of anything else.

  29. Delaney's chest and shoulders rose suddenly above the smoke close upon him as the distraught buckskin reared again.

  30. She seized her husband's arm imploring, distraught with terror.

  31. As Annixter came to the door of the barn to shout abuse at the distraught Chinese cook who was cutting up lemons in the kitchen, he caught sight of Presley and Vanamee and hailed them.

  32. And motionless now and silent, he thought once more of the girl's strange attitude, of her distraught face, of her haggard eyes.

  33. And, in his distraught brain, while Marie lay dying, he heard the explosion at the Fauvilles' house and saw the Prefect of Police and Mazeroux lying hideously mutilated, dead.

  34. He was the bird of prey whom the distraught quarry has no chance of escaping.

  35. But her distraught brain was not yet equal to a complexity of thought.

  36. She was too distraught to note if his heart was beating.

  37. The girl had been ill, wracked in body and distraught in mind, with the added horror of knowing that rats were scampering over the deck close to her in the noisy darkness, but she summoned a half laugh at his words.

  38. Her distraught eyes searched his face with a pathetic earnestness.

  39. Sickberth Stewards relieved him of his burden, and Mouldy Jakes sat down on the bottom rung of the ladder and began to whimper like a distraught child.

  40. Her two maids were very nearly distraught with terror, and, if left to themselves, would never have carried their mistress below.

  41. He will be well-nigh distraught should he find that we are missing, and go up to our chamber to look for us.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "distraught" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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