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Example sentences for "harassed"

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harangue; harangued; harangues; haranguing; harass; harasses; harassing; harassment; harassments; harbinger
  1. They continually harassed the scouring detachments, by firing upon them from woods and sugar plantations, which last the English burned about their ears in resentment.

  2. From thence he proceeded towards Silesia with his usual expedition, notwithstanding all the endeavours and activity of general Laudohn, who harassed the rear of the Prussians, and gained some petty advantages over them.

  3. They harassed the French troops who marched after them along shore.

  4. Many that want food and clothing have cheerier lives and brighter prospects than she had; many, harassed by poverty, are in a strait less afflictive.

  5. He has been in the schoolroom issuing commands in a manner which, I suppose, was a continuation of that with which he has harassed you.

  6. You have quite lost that harassed air which it often pained one to see in your face a few months ago.

  7. I am harassed with the girl, and yet I cannot part with her lest I should get a worse.

  8. As for the treasury, it was virtually empty, and the harassed Government found itself under the necessity of seeking for loans from without its frontiers on any terms that it could obtain.

  9. The explanation lies largely in the numerous wars by which the country has been harassed in the past, and in the policy that prevailed under the old Spanish regime.

  10. Meanwhile, Master Frank, busy over some alterations in Bucky's gypsy suit, took pleasure in deriding with that sweet voice the harassed correspondent.

  11. Back came his harassed gaze to the imperturbable Collins with the brown, sun-baked face and the eyes blue and untroubled as an Arizona sky.

  12. I hated to have them harassed with doubts, so I invited the new majordomo of the ranch to come with me.

  13. The Imperial Parliament will, for the first time, be harassed by the question of State rights.

  14. You never knew when you were clear of him, but were harassed by his perseverance, until the patience was worn down of all who had less of it than himself.

  15. The extensive province of Asumpcion, although it abounds in warlike colonists, was incredibly harassed by the arms of the Abipones and Mocobios.

  16. Whilst fatigued with continual attendance upon the sick, I was frequently harassed with anxiety respecting the preservation of the colony.

  17. During this time the shores of Nueva Espana were continually harassed by pirates and buccaneers--the most notable event being their capture and sack of Vera Cruz in May, 1683.

  18. The bishops, his legates, say the same thing: "Our countries are harassed by the fury of barbarous nations.

  19. This arises from the penuriousness or the poverty of the encomenderos; nothing can be expected from the natives, who are "so harassed and afflicted with public and private undertakings that they are not able to take breath.

  20. The harassed policeman gave her a grateful glance.

  21. She waited for him with wide, harassed eyes.

  22. It was past two o'clock in the morning before we could lay down, and then, tired and harassed as we were, it was too cold and damp for us to rest.

  23. Being greatly harassed by this obstacle, I ventured to apply to the Messrs.

  24. This would take time; time and money; two luxuries most hard to get for the Vicar of Haworth's harassed daughters.

  25. Perhaps she did not grieve to quit her harassed life, the children she so seldom saw, her constant pain, the husband "not dramatic enough in his perceptions to see how miserable others might be in a life that to him was all-sufficient.

  26. Where wilt thou go, my harassed heart-- What thought, what scene invites thee now?

  27. Meanwhile the Governors carried on the work of the University, harassed always by debts and by insufficient revenue.

  28. The Governors were harassed by litigation and by not a little uncertainty; they were dismayed at times by the evident lack of sympathy and the discouraging indifference of officials of the Home Government.

  29. There was a breach in this tower on its inner side, which the Romans strove in vain to repair, harassed as they were by showers of darts and javelins from the enemy on the wall.

  30. He, too, was disappointed and dissatisfied, wearied with the length of the siege, harassed and uneasy about the ravages made by sickness among his men, and anxious moreover as to his share of the spoil.

  31. Entering, he strode to Daney's desk and transfixed that harassed individual with an accusing finger.

  32. Her decision had almost been reached when her husband, coming home for luncheon at noon on Saturday, voiced the apprehension which had harassed him during the week.

  33. This same year the plunderers in East-Anglia and Northumbria greatly harassed the land of the West-Saxons by piracies on the southern coast, but most of all by the esks which they built many years before.

  34. That tribute harassed all the people of England so long as is above written; and it was always paid before other imposts, which were levied indiscriminately, and vexed men variously.

  35. The same year King Edward sent an army both from Wessex and Mercia, which very much harassed the northern army by their attacks on men and property of every kind.

  36. Bishop Odo and Earl William lived here afterwards, and wrought castles widely through this country, and harassed the miserable people; and ever since has evil increased very much.

  37. We must admire this courage and clear-mindedness in an old man of seventy-five, who was being continually harassed by the complaints and lamentations of a crowd of demoralized fugitives.

  38. It would have been to the reader, I think, not an uninteresting sight to behold this unfortunate and harassed family at church.

  39. A little fatigued and harassed by several important matters, which kept him engaged till a late hour in the afternoon, he reached Vivian Street in a depressed and desponding mood.

  40. My Lord Chamberlain is, I have no doubt, harassed by applicants for such honors as you have mentioned.

  41. For a moment his harassed sense clutched the impossible.

  42. You forget that I have admired Yuki upstairs," said the harassed matron, and turned her back.

  43. The poor harassed pilgrim having been admitted into communion with a Christian church, enjoyed fully, for a short season, his new privileges.

  44. Very soon after this, he was harassed with fear lest he should part with Christ.

  45. Harassed by persecution at Bedford, she removed to London, and requested her dismission to a church of which her son-in-law was pastor, which was refused.

  46. The police minister, who takes his bedroom candle at the same hour, is seldom harassed by devising new schemes of torture for his victims.

  47. Oh, what a long and dreary night was that, harassed with doubts, and worn out with speculations!

  48. If he should be victorious, the enemy must be pursued and harassed to the uttermost.

  49. Very gladly the fatigued and harassed warriors lowered their weapons.

  50. A Roman knight, Titus Minucius, harassed by debt, and annoyed by the importunities of his creditors, through revenge incited an insurrection, and placed himself at the head of three thousand slaves.

  51. In one of his early letters Cicero wrote: "Let me tell you that there is no class of people so harassed by every kind of unreasonable difficulty as candidates for office.

  52. Cicero's complaint, "Let me tell you that there is no class of people so harassed by every kind of unreasonable difficulty as candidates for office," finds a responsive chord in every modern American politician.

  53. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "harassed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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