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Example sentences for "haranguing"

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haps; har; harangue; harangued; harangues; harass; harassed; harasses; harassing; harassment
  1. The sun was not an hour high when the emissaries of the Railway Union were haranguing the people all along these outlying districts.

  2. One was haranguing the other, speaking in nasal, querulous, unmistakable tones and the speaker's back was towards her.

  3. Mrs. Watton, indeed, was haranguing her end of the table on a subject that clearly excited her.

  4. While they were vainly haranguing each other the old woman appeared at the edge of the thicket above the hut.

  5. All this time the Witch was haranguing her huddled audience, cursing the soldiers, laughing gleefully in the faces of her stately, scornful guests, greatly to the irritation of Baron Dangloss, toward whom she showed an especial attention.

  6. An old man began haranguing the constantly growing crowd, made up largely of those whose curiosity surpassed discreetness.

  7. But who, in the name of the Prophet, are you who are haranguing my men, and questioning me as if you were a miralai [general]?

  8. One device was to take an extra-precious relic and intrust it to monks, who would place it in a cart and drive through a wide region haranguing the faithful and holding out a purse for them to fill.

  9. The words quoted are those of the Archdeacon Peter of Blois, haranguing about A.

  10. Thank you, Mr. Beveridge; if he will do the haranguing I will look after the fighting if there is any to be done.

  11. You should have seen him, day after day, haranguing crowds of villagers.

  12. Half-a-dozen people were upon their feet haranguing at once; and several minutes elapsed before anything could be heard except a confused gabble of tongues, which might have done honour to the top of the tower of Babel.

  13. They were haranguing the people after Mass--something about a thing Mule calls the Third Estate.

  14. The Admiral and Hache were at her side haranguing the leaders.

  15. Some of these priests, with unkempt hair and mad eyes, were haranguing the crowd; others were engaged in excited debate among themselves.

  16. At every open space, on the walls, in the Great Square, at street corners, and especially in the court of the temple, were priests haranguing the people.

  17. One day, as I was haranguing the proprietor of a small department store in a Michigan town, he suddenly interrupted me by placing a friendly hand on my shoulder.

  18. He was constantly haranguing me on the risks I was incurring, beseeching me to drop my new ventures, and threatening to leave me unless I did so.

  19. Mademoiselle, who had recognised the voice that was now haranguing the men on the box--their driver and the ostler of the 'Eagle Inn.

  20. And Mr. Collins turned to Marsden, as though haranguing the prisoner.

  21. Under cover of darkness he heard and saw the old miller with his son Pierre engaged in distributing scythes, poles and axes to a crowd of youngsters and haranguing them wildly all the time.

  22. Then Usivulele came forth again, and began haranguing the crowd.

  23. I thought I observed a tendency among them to cool down at these words, but that ruffian Sibuko walked up and down, haranguing them and flourishing his kerrie, and in the result a number of them went round to the back of the house.

  24. The last was evoked by the sound of a great voice haranguing one of the groups we were passing.

  25. While Wharton had been making his report to the Commons, Leeds had been haranguing the Lords.

  26. Day after day was he to be seen on the corn exchange haranguing the multitude; on Sundays, after mass, he attended parochial meetings; and the columns of the newspapers were filled with the exercitations of his pen.

  27. Mainly by deputy; and always with the minimum of fuss, and no haranguing that could be avoided.

  28. Puissant Henriot vaults on horseback; sets to haranguing the Tuileries Gendarmes; corrupts the Tuileries Gendarmes too; trots off with them to Townhall.

  29. Crossing the Court called Des Nourrices, I saw Manuel haranguing in tricolor scarf.

  30. So counsels shifty Maillard; haranguing his Menads, on the heights near Versailles.

  31. Half-pay Elie is home for a suit of regimentals; no one would heed him in coloured clothes: half-pay Hulin is haranguing Gardes Francaises in the Place de Greve.

  32. In Palais-Royal and all public places, as we read, there is sharp activity; private individuals haranguing that Valour may enlist; haranguing that the Executive may be put in action.

  33. On the white charger, Lafayette, in the slowest possible manner, going and coming, and eloquently haranguing among the ranks, rolls onward with his thirty thousand.

  34. The white man was haranguing them vehemently in their own tongue--in fact, binding them to his interests by promises of grog and tobacco.

  35. He was the man whom I had seen haranguing the two boatmen.

  36. Tain't always them as has most to say does most, that's certain; and why his father's so set on him being one of those chaps forever standing on platforms and haranguing passes me.

  37. There is a man in the village haranguing the people," he said, abruptly.

  38. A man haranguing the people," I repeated.

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