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Example sentences for "harangues"

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happy; haps; har; harangue; harangued; haranguing; harass; harassed; harasses; harassing
  1. During Yudushka's harangues she would look into his eyes apathetically, and think of something else.

  2. Yudushka's harangues had the merit of being good for all occasions and did not consist of a connected chain of thoughts, but came to him in the shape of fragmentary aphorisms.

  3. Mangin's harangues were always accompanied by a peculiar play of feature and of voice, and with unique and original gestures, which seemed to excite and captivate his audience.

  4. Not a party-caucus or a political meeting could be held without witnessing the vulgar and profane harangues of the self-conceited Alderman, Tom Simmons.

  5. Theory of plot or principle was as much beneath him as the cobble-stones; from self-righteous harangues he turned as one who had heard a divine voice that alone deserved to declare.

  6. He did not permit disgust at others or at the adverse destiny of the moment to absorb his vitality, by throwing it off in long harangues of rage, long seasons of the sulks.

  7. Rome where the orators delivered harangues to the people, so called as originally constructed of the prows of war-vessels taken at the first naval battle in which Rome was engaged.

  8. Laura at first listened to these harangues with tolerable sang froid; yet they became, she was unconscious why, every day more provoking.

  9. The subject was particularly suited for an episode to her Ladyship's harangues in favour of Hargrave; and she introduced and varied it with a dexterity all her own.

  10. The Indians, on their part, anxious that their scarecrows should do their office well, addressed them in loud harangues and burned offerings of tobacco to them.

  11. And indeed Livius himself, in his harangues to the people, always said that he only proposed what was agreeable to the senate, who had a regard for the many; which indeed was the only good that resulted from his measures.

  12. He thus showed himself more skilful as a popular leader in his dealings with men, and in his conduct, than in his harangues from the Rostra.

  13. If you take away from his long harangues all that regards him personally, you will find only dry applications of familiar principles, and, above all, those studied turns, which were artfully prepared to introduce his own eternal panegyric.

  14. Another harangues the mob stark naked from a window.

  15. He did not object to the treaty with Spain, though that treaty left us exactly where we had been when he uttered his spirit-stirring harangues against the pacific policy of Walpole.

  16. Arcita puts up a private prayer to Emilia, and harangues his troop publickly; and Palemone does the same.

  17. Nay, even when he harangues more credulous assemblies on the subject, he carefully avoids precise explanations; and the hints which sometimes escape him are not easily to be reconciled with each other.

  18. There is not a working man who has not heard harangues and read newspapers in which these follies are taught.

  19. Lord Gage harangues every day at Tom's, and has read there a very false account of the King'S message to the Prince.

  20. He is waked, harangues his men, and gives the order for battle.

  21. Alexander harangues and awakens the love of glory.

  22. After so much of villanous political ferment, society returns at length to its every-day routine, heedful of other oratory than harangues from the hustings, and glad of other reading than figurative party-speeches.

  23. Mamiani had declared distinctly in his harangues to the people that no priest should be appointed to any public office; that although Pius IX.

  24. The representatives of the people, it was designed, should now hear no longer the ambiguous and factious harangues of a weak-minded demagogue, but the true and candid utterances of a Constitutional Government.

  25. Besides many libels which have appeared in print, the letters of his Majesty and the harangues of Winwood have been published; to what end you who know these things by experience can judge.

  26. A few weeks later Barneveld sent copies to Caron of the latest harangues of Winwood in the Assembly and the reply of My Lords on the Vorstian business; that is to say, the freshest dialogue on predestination between the King and the Advocate.

  27. I was not a little excited, but one of the worst fits of restlessness under Lord Erymanth's harangues had come upon Harold.

  28. He gives an account to his brother of the impression made upon him by the studied harangues which were delivered at Martinmas term 1622, by M.

  29. The harangues were punctuated by occasional bursts of song, not always of a churchly nature, and emphasized by gestures which were more forceful than devout.

  30. The temple was used for meetings of the senate, for harangues from its steps to the people in the forum, and for holding courts of law.

  31. Trajan in person traverses the ranks on foot, or mounts the suggestus and harangues his men, or receives with simple dignity the submission of the enemy, or marches with all the pomp of a Roman procession under the triumphal arch.

  32. The least one can do, when one cannot utter two words consecutively, when one harangues only with written notes in hand, when one is short both of speech and of intelligence, is to make a little fun of Mirabeau.

  33. Speeches were not printed; and all that was not remembered, like the harangues of Indian orators, was lost in air.

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