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Example sentences for "awakens"

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awaked; awaken; awakened; awakening; awakenings; awakes; awaking; awanting; award; awarded
  1. The final sentence awakens no fearful forebodings of sorrow.

  2. Jesus is uttered with thrilling accents, and awakens associations which have tenfold greater power over the soul than the kindest expressions of human sympathy and love.

  3. It awakens recollections that I wish to banish for ever.

  4. Everything awakens the suspicions of the guilty.

  5. The passion which Viola, in her male attire, awakens in Olivia, reminds us of that with which Rosalind inspires Phebe.

  6. No wonder that, against her own will, she awakens Olivia's love.

  7. But Hamlet's criticism of life is here taken up by many voices; it sounds louder, and awakens echo upon echo.

  8. It is a clear and full embodiment of the gospel of energy which awakens and upbraids the weak.

  9. Frugoni reads his new production; ten exclamations receive the first strophe; the second awakens twenty evvivas; and when the reading is ended the noise of the plaudits is so great that they cannot be counted.

  10. Adrian, after coldly asking the Emperor to spare him, feigns himself helpless, and Adelasia too late awakens to a knowledge of his perfidy.

  11. To whatever object comes under our control its fit place or use is due; and our perception of that due constitutes our duty, and awakens in us a sense of obligation.

  12. He awakens in our hearts all childlike instincts of trust and confidence.

  13. It awakens memory, and this impression depends upon his experience--upon his intellectual capacity.

  14. Music awakens those bitter recollections which we are desirous to appease.

  15. The impression here awakens the mental images which answer to past experiences according to the well-known laws of association.

  16. The world awakens with no pity it your complaints.

  17. Best of all ages is that when the candid curiosity awakens and commences to acquire knowledge of every kind.

  18. Sheltered under the dead covering of the plane, or otherwise protected while the winter lasts, it awakens from its torpor at the first touch of a kindly sun.

  19. His spiritual son, Timothy, brings him tidings from the infant church in Thessalonica, that awakens his solicitude.

  20. Physical condition may have some influence on a minister's delivery; but the chief element in the eloquence that awakens and converts sinners and strengthens Christians is the unction of the Holy Spirit.

  21. Strange as it may seem, an aerial hint of his personality in the far distance always awakens in my mind pleasant remembrances and tender reflections.

  22. Well-meaning but absorbed, they can rarely bestir themselves to hear and do until some personal calamity or public disaster awakens them to the truth of things.

  23. He may not see far, but at least he stirs inquiry as to the right way, and though thousands die in the conflict he awakens there is a real gain which the coming age inherits.

  24. Suddenly the shrill crowing of the Golden Cock awakens the King and all his attendants.

  25. She only awakens from her infatuation when she discovers all his cruelty and treachery towards her father.

  26. Then Russlan awakens her and the opera concludes with a great chorus of thanksgiving and congratulation.

  27. The Old Testament restrained by a multitude of "Thou shalt nots"; the New Testament awakens the monitor within and supplies a spiritual urge that makes the individual find satisfaction in service and delight in doing good.

  28. The aim of entertainment should be to refresh the guest and stimulate friendship; the end is defeated by a rivalry in extravagance that awakens concern as to one's ability to return courtesies extended.

  29. The introduction of each new story awakens a grin, its development causes a chuckle, and the point-line itself raises a laugh.

  30. They are wholly unprepared to understand, and that which is not understood, if forced on the attention, awakens repugnance and disgust.

  31. Intemperance undermines health, the glutton or the drunkard awakens disgust, intemperance destroys self-respect.

  32. The noisy crowd of suitors are carousing in the hall; the despairing Penelope weaves her web in an upper chamber; the resolve to do and dare for his father's sake awakens in Telemachus's heart.

  33. It is difficult to over-emphasize the importance of that characterization which awakens a keen sense of the musical meaning as corresponding to the thought.

  34. Thy voice is the gale of summer that whispers among the reeds of the lake, and awakens the harp of Moilena with all its lightly-trembling strings.

  35. And the terrible life, sooner or later, awakens demoniacal terror among the weak.

  36. When reason awakens in him, then he knows it.

  37. And I corrected it this way: 1) A man at a certain period of his development awakens to a consciousness of his life.

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