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Example sentences for "awakenings"

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awake; awaked; awaken; awakened; awakening; awakens; awakes; awaking; awanting; award
  1. I never thought that by awakenings for sin, God at first begins the conversion of a sinner.

  2. In fact, I slept so little that at seven in the morning I was up; but it must be admitted that such restlessness is sweet, and such re-awakenings are savoury.

  3. When he is at any time overset by arguments or awakenings of conscience, he uses to heal all by, "I was not brought up in this faith;" as if it were unlawful for Christians to know more than hath been taught them at first conversion.

  4. You who have suffered know what such awakenings are.

  5. Yes, whatever the grief may be, it is in the hour of such awakenings we feel it most poignantly.

  6. She did not think of the sweet, maternal duties, demanding patience and self-abnegation, of the long rockings when sleep would not come, of the laughing awakenings sparkling with fresh water.

  7. In 1810 the North Carolina Synod resolved to have Philip Henkel try out a revival, since such awakenings were also to be desired among Lutherans.

  8. The happy awakenings of eternity must outsoar the shadow of our night, its slayings and its vulgar patriotisms.

  9. An eternity of happy awakenings would be a pleasant compromise between being and not being.

  10. Awakenings The first time she awoke, Her room was filled with light; Thought she: They've made a little fire To warm me through the night.

  11. In the saloon, where he went to drown the awakenings of remorse, those words stood in blazing letters on every bottle and glass.

  12. But the point of importance for the parent is to meet each of these awakenings at the time of its highest activity with intensive training.

  13. Of all the many inner awakenings that come to the developing human being, there is probably none that quite matches the surging energy of sexual love in healthy young manhood and womanhood.

  14. My second word is to them that are upon the potter's wheel; concerning whom we know not as yet whether their convictions and awakenings will end in conversion or not.

  15. In the general, they rest in things below special grace; as in awakenings that are not special, in faith16 that is not special, &c.

  16. Awakenings and repentance are classed together under the first head, and faith under the second.

  17. But they do not know the severity of the law; and therefore when at any time awakenings come upon their consciences, they strive to drive away the guilt of one sin, by wallowing in the filth of another.

  18. When thou comest there, beg again for more awakenings about sin, hell, grace, and about the righteousness of Christ.

  19. Thou must also be made by thy awakenings to see what Christ is.

  20. Have they that shall be saved, awakenings about their state by nature?

  21. When he is at any time overset by arguments, or awakenings of conscience, he uses to heal all by--I was not brought up in this faith; as if it were unlawful for Christians to know more than hath been taught them at first conversion.

  22. I never thought that, by awakenings for sin, God at first begins the conversion of a sinner.

  23. In about a month or six weeks, there was a great alteration in the town, both as to the revivals of professors, and awakenings of others.

  24. In none of his visits after 1742 were there the same extensive awakenings as in his first two visits, yet his coming was always refreshing to serious persons, infusing new life, and increasing their numbers.

  25. The history of the Moravian movement, of the great missionary awakenings in Germany, and the modern missionary uprising in Great Britain shows that they were all born and given power because of prayer.

  26. In character also the present movement is eclipsing all former awakenings in history.

  27. While the illustration must not be carried too far, yet in a striking way it is true that the great awakenings of the last two thousand years have been characterized by only one or two central and controlling principles.

  28. The sudden awakening to the realities, not only of life but of her own nature, caused by his reckless avowal of love, had passed, as all awakenings must, into calm acquiescence in the commonplace facts of consciousness.

  29. They were full of joy, his awakenings of a man engaged, since he had the assurance of meeting Gracieuse at night at the promised place.

  30. Ramuntcho's awakenings were impregnated, at this window, with peace and humble serenity.

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