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Example sentences for "begins"

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beginnin; beginning; beginninge; beginningless; beginnings; begirt; begon; begone; begonias; begonne
  1. Of course, when one begins to find fault with foreign people's ways, he is very likely to get a reminder to look nearer home, before he gets far with it.

  2. We jog along together, like the rest of human kind: But the quondam "careless bachelor" begins to think he knows The answer to that ancient problem "how the money goes!

  3. In New Brunswick the western flora begins to appear as well as immigrants from the south, while in the next eastern province, Quebec, the flora varies considerably.

  4. Second among the great north-western rivers is the Yukon, which begins its course about 18 m.

  5. An' if she tells me she's a lone woman, and if she begins t' cry, what is I to do?

  6. No sooner has the governor arrived than he begins to look round the city, to see and to inquire how all has been going on in his absence.

  7. No sooner has the enemy beaten a retreat than the work begins again.

  8. In a little time the wind begins to moan and sigh, white lines are seen on the distant water, a storm is coming, and coming both swiftly and surely.

  9. He feels that all the trouble that has come upon his nation has been richly deserved, so he begins with a humble confession of sin.

  10. Going into the inner court, and taking with him a band of his faithful servants, he throws open the door of the great store-chamber and begins his work.

  11. But the contemplation of his grief disturbs his equanimity more and more, and he begins to fret and fume.

  12. In the Rondeau a la Mazur, the next work in chronological order, this peculiarity begins to show itself distinctly, and it continues to grow in the works that follow.

  13. And Anglo-American history begins with that century of maritime adventure and naval war in which English sailors blazed and secured the long sea-trail for the men of every other kind who found or sought their fortunes in America.

  14. Thus begins the tale of Captain John Smith, of the founding of Jamestown, and of a permanent Virginia, the first of the future United States.

  15. This is the "flashed" glass referred to at the beginning of the book, and one soon begins to find instances of ornament chipped out of it.

  16. At first the artist is content to use in his drawing the strong line work of the preceding period, but as the century proceeds this becomes rather more delicate, and he begins to feel his way towards modelling in half-tones.

  17. When the first surprise at the discovery of the faculties is over, begins the era of experience.

  18. Then he either submits to the suggestions of despair and oblivion or bravely begins his work.

  19. Two long tentacles appear upon its front, like the horns of an ox, and it begins to glide along upon its one huge foot.

  20. As the season advances, the horse emerges, and you are just getting a fair sight of him when the dust begins and he disappears again.

  21. After that begins the labor of the troops.

  22. After the tempest has grown and gathered strength for five or six hours together, it begins to look threatening and wicked.

  23. The leader of Team A begins the game by giving the name of a country beginning with the letter "A" (Austria).

  24. The keeper takes a position in the centre of the room and begins to tell a story about birds.

  25. The play begins when the captain of one of the teams sends forward one of his men.

  26. After each goal the egg is placed in the centre of the table and the blowing begins with the sound of a whistle.

  27. The circle begins to rotate around the log, the object being to keep from knocking the club over, on the one hand, but to force some one else in the circle to knock it over.

  28. The ring begins to dance around in a circle until "Peggy", who is blindfolded in the centre, pounds three times with a stick upon the ground or floor.

  29. The correspondence of Swift with Gay begins on sheet N, which is the letter of the alphabet that answers to page 89 in a quarto volume, and this keeping between the letters and the figures is preserved throughout.

  30. Then the singing begins again: a miserere; they grasp their scourges more firmly and walk with a brisker step as if to a war-song.

  31. And the blue one rises, and begins to walk down the road to the Campagna, and the yellow one looks after him with a sad smile and says to himself: "No, he is happy!

  32. The queen must be at least eleven months old before she begins to lay the eggs of males.

  33. The combs may also contain some eggs, and perhaps some very young larvæ, that have been deposited by the young queen, which begins to lay usually sixteen or eighteen days after the first swarm.

  34. Clover begins to blossom with the raspberry, and continues longer.

  35. I think not; if you will examine it closely, you will perceive it is not so hard and bright; it already begins to crumble; bee-glue is not affected by the weather for years.

  36. This year the text of the afternoon, for the dinner begins at one o'clock, was the report of the census that the town is declining in population.

  37. Seen from the theatre, his hair is gray, and his face looks older, but there is the same patrician air; and with the familiar tranquillity and colloquial ease he begins to speak.

  38. He is ashamed, and gives her the feather suit, which she dons, and begins to dance, singing of the delights of heaven, where she is one of the fifteen attendants who minister to the moon.

  39. The girl begins to weep, and the gentleman following suit, the two shed tears in concert.

  40. The ghost begins to play upon the Azure Mountain lute, and the sounds produced from the magical instrument are so delicate, that all think it is a shower falling from heaven.

  41. As soon as the sun begins to rise in the heaven, sign-boards all glistening with paintings and gold are displayed, and the playgoers flock in crowds to the theatre.

  42. When such an organ of revenue begins to arise into produce and exertion, what public uses it may be applicable to, or to what abuses and perversions it might be rendered subservient, is far beyond the reach of probable discussion now.

  43. You leave me here in the Old World, which, like myself, begins to feel, as Asia hath felt, that it is wearing out apace.

  44. He was the author of the popular poem that begins with the line-- "I am dying, Egypt, dying.

  45. He looks kinder sickish--begins to cry-- A big volunteer standing right in his eye!

  46. Go on with the next verse," the Gryphon repeated impatiently; "it begins 'I passed by his garden.

  47. When the history of the Danes begins they had no kings and suffered much at the hands of their neighbors.

  48. Ay, Christian Charity begins at home; I think it's in the Bible, I know I've read it.

  49. When it begins with Kings and with their Sons, A general Ruin threatens all below.

  50. The careful merchant thinks he is on solid ground, when, all of a sudden, the premium for the quality begins to rock and he wonders what is worse?

  51. Over and over again, the fields require most careful attention, till, at last, the cotton begins to ripen.

  52. It now begins to put on that quaint, lively, pretty air that so fascinates me.

  53. Just as the calyx begins to divide and a faint streak of color becomes visible,--lo!

  54. By five, this mother must get the family's supper ready, and dress for the night's work, which begins at seven.

  55. The work in Oregon constitutes the first state-wide survey which even begins to disclose the enormous drain on a state, caused by mental defects.

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