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Example sentences for "begone"

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  1. Two weary, woe-begone men were pulling a hand-sleigh down from the summit.

  2. But I do help him," returned Mollie, in a woe-begone voice.

  3. He returned to us with a most woe-begone countenance; I never saw a poor creature in greater mental torment.

  4. Nor was this the only mulct which Providence exacted from the happy father, for later on a townsman of his appeared on the scene in a long capote, and with a grimy woe-begone expression.

  5. Come, let me kiss that little woe-begone look out of your eyes.

  6. But still I can't help feeling for the poor doggies who don't get any prize, they look so woe-begone and downhearted.

  7. So begone about your business, and don't let me see your face again or it will be the worse for you.

  8. When she perceived where she was, her woe-begone look penetrated my heart.

  9. She shook her head with such a woe begone look that he was deeply moved.

  10. His countenance was troubled, and it followed, as a matter of course, that everybody else wore a woe-begone expression.

  11. By stream and strand and valley, begone by the rising of the sun.

  12. Andrea stooped out toward the offender and bade him begone in an imperious voice.

  13. Peace, sir, and begone on thine errand--thou shalt have a letter from us to Sir Piercie.

  14. Halbert Glendinning; "I have bought thy advice too dearly already--Begone in the name of God!

  15. The solemn tone of voice, with the woe-begone expression on the speaker's face, drives all thoughts of hilarity out of the listener's mind.

  16. The derisive smile that for a moment played upon her features passes off, replaced by the same forlorn woe-begone look, as despair comes back to her heart.

  17. But he did not speak, and he looked so wan and woe-begone that I verily thought he had seen a ghost or some uncanny thing yonder on his road home.

  18. His woe-begone looks were angrily bent on his conductors.

  19. Life seemed hardly to be the capable inhabitant of so woe-begone and ghost-like a figure.

  20. He bade me begone with his usual irresistible energy; and, overcome as I was already by the horror of the detection, I eagerly complied.

  21. The Signor stepped forward at once, and was received with a roar of enthusiastic laughter, for anything more lugubrious and woe-begone than the expression of his face had never been seen on these boards before.

  22. So begone frost and snow, begone the existence of Yakutsk!

  23. But Mrs. Batholommey had already singled him out for her prey and bore down upon him with a becomingly woe-begone face.

  24. The heir was as woe begone of face and as crassly sombre of raiment as even the most captious could have desired.

  25. Begone from him, unhappy one, thou temptest him in vain.

  26. A more wretched, gloomy-looking picture of woe-begone poverty, I never beheld.

  27. As I looked forth from my narrow crib, a more woe-begone picture can scarcely be imagined than that before me.

  28. Tallien, who, moved to compassion by our woe-begone faces the previous evening, had himself searched Pekin high and low, and run the article to earth within the very walls of the Russian Embassy.

  29. That much is true," said the imperial offspring, with woe-begone countenance.

  30. But you don't seem a man to be angry with, so begone in peace.

  31. When the Bedouin heard this, he flew into a violent passion and cried out at the merchant, saying, "Begone about thy business!

  32. All woe begone was Sir Andrew then, With griefe and rage his heart did swell: "Go fetch me forth my armour of proofe, 95 For I will to the topcastle mysell.

  33. And nowe the daye drewe on a pace, When our good queene must dye; All woe-begone was that faire damselle, 115 When she found no helpe was nye.

  34. And he pull'd forth three bagges of gold, 105 And layd them down upon the bord: All woe begone was John o' the Scales, Soe shent he cold say never a word.

  35. All woe-begone was that faire damselle, And the salt teares fell from her eye:] When lo!

  36. Wogan looked so woe-begone under this reproof that Clementina suddenly broke out into a laugh, and so showed herself in a fresh and more familiar mood.

  37. Wogan, indeed, harassed by misgivings, and worn with many vigils, presented a sufficiently woe-begone picture.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "begone" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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