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Example sentences for "decamp"

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  1. When a large staff of officials, or rather pigeons, have been found, the managers decamp with the deposit fund.

  2. On one occasion, I observed twelve females, without a single male among them, decamp out of the town, all travelling in and around a cart, drawn by a shagged pony.

  3. In this dilemma lord Cornwallis resolved to decamp with the elite of his army, by crossing the river and leaving a small force to capitulate.

  4. Caesar obliges them to decamp and return to their several habitations, ibid.

  5. Some, who were on deck with their bald pates uncovered, took flight without their beavers; thankful, as the round shots flew across the ship, to decamp with a whole skin.

  6. There was a contest who should decamp the last.

  7. He consulted the prophets, who declared that the army ought not to decamp until thrice nine days, a full circle of the moon, should have passed over.

  8. The Syracusan Hermokratês, fully anticipating that the Athenians would decamp that very night, was eager to prevent their retreat, because of the mischief which they might do if established in any other part of Sicily.

  9. These last will at once decamp if disturbed, but Gold-crests will continue their hunting without taking any notice of a spectator.

  10. Then followed an inaccurate description of those who had been seen to enter the mail car, seize the box containing valuable mail and expressage, and decamp across the prairie with their plunder on their ponies’ backs.

  11. Let’s decamp at once, and get back to our starting-place.

  12. The former has been expelled by my physician: the latter can only be forced to decamp by the presence of your lordship.

  13. Chichester, who had been compelled to decamp from Baden, for cheating at cards!

  14. I was determined to enjoy myself; for I purposed to pack up every thing portable during the night and decamp before dawn, for fear that the rightful nephew should return before I had turned my trick to advantage.

  15. I took the opportunity to decamp to my own room, where I found Mr. Fairly in waiting.

  16. John that very morning, that I should decamp if Surprised, and not b named.

  17. Their fears impelled them to decamp instantly.

  18. Scarcely had he raised it to his lips, when an aide-decamp galloped up, and whispered some words in haste.

  19. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "decamp" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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