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Example sentences for "continues"

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continuaunce; continue; continued; continuellement; continuer; continueth; continuing; continuities; continuity; continuo
  1. The steamer continues her fire out there leisurely, and the officer on the pier, being satisfied at last that she will come no closer, gives her a volley of musketry.

  2. Though the decision of the Shanghai court on the point in question was not dealt with by the privy council, Japan continues to treat her inland sea as under her exclusive jurisdiction.

  3. She continues to supply the chief type even during imperial times, being generally shown seated with the tympanum in her hand.

  4. This chain continues south of the Tsanpo (or Upper Brahmaputra), and becomes part of the Himalayan system.

  5. The circulation of the blood, on the other hand, continues without interruption, though its rapidity is greatly retarded.

  6. Again at the table, shows, and from now on continues to show, his true feelings for her.

  7. The list continues and refers to "the third village which is called Mahawha, and where the Arwacahwas reside.

  8. A few yards up the watercourse the channel widens several feet and so continues for a short distance.

  9. Later the majority of the Foxes returned to Iowa and secured a small tract of land near Tama, in Tama County, on the left bank of Iowa River, where a mixed group continues to dwell.

  10. This hunt continues until towards the close of December, and during the rigours of the season they experience an alternation of abundance and scarcity of food.

  11. This expedition continues until the month of April, when they return to their village as before stated, loaded with provisions.

  12. The narrative continues and relates many of the mannerisms of the people, and tells of their peculiar traits.

  13. The chiefs of parties," continues the letter, "naturally yearn for honours or riches or place; but what in the world can a Christian king desire but the good of his people?

  14. As I have already insisted, his attitude continues to the very last to be one of alternation between two opposed standpoints.

  15. Even in the very act of insisting upon the relational character of the categories, he still continues to speak of the concept as if it must necessarily conform to the generic type.

  16. The interest of the above principles, Kant continues to maintain, lies in their transcendentality.

  17. Kant continues the discussion of this general problem in A 45 ff.

  18. Buller's artillery continues firing, more slowly but steadily, at the rate of eight shots a minute, and rifle fire can be heard rolling nearer all the afternoon.

  19. From the first moment of complete investment here my belief (continues Mr. Pearse, writing on 9th November) has been that the Boers would never venture to push an infantry attack against this place to the point of a determined assault.

  20. It is not much satisfaction, however, for the losses and worry we endure here to know that the investing force suffers even more severely so long as it continues to harass us while we remain inactively helpless.

  21. We are fighting a nation which continues to be willing to reduce private consumption to the barest subsistence minimum.

  22. I do not recollect," continues the writer, "having ever met a single person who had recourse to her intercession and was not satisfied with the result.

  23. If this continues much longer we must launch the boats and build rafts sufficient to carry all the people, to give some of us a chance for our lives, at all events," observed Adair to Saint Maur.

  24. Both will be awake to this manoeuvre, so that if the manoeuvre continues on normal lines the battle will resolve itself into two curved lines of ships chasing each other round the circumference of a circle.

  25. While the guest is employed on his meal, he continues heating the cabin to an insupportable degree; and for a last proof of the stranger's constancy and attachment, he exacts more clothes and more dogs.

  26. She has now joined the innumerable company above, where she continues the same services without human frailty, and the enjoyment heightened beyond our highest conceptions.

  27. But though God removed those mothers in Israel, their prayers are still before him, and the institution continues to prosper.

  28. Yours was put into my hand on my return, and brought fresh cause of thankfulness; your observation, that we were mutually feeding on the same allowance, continues to hold.

  29. There continues in this narrative, with a general truth as to the course of events, a greater amount of error as to particulars than we should have expected.

  30. This continues for many days, and sometimes even weeks.

  31. Polo's journey now continues through the lofty mountainous region in the north of Sze-ch'wan.

  32. This (I say) is because of the strong current running south, which continues with such singular force and in the same direction at all seasons.

  33. ABOUT that Time the Lining of this Robe was white Damask, and afterwards white Sattin; but of later Date it was lined with white Taffaty, which continues yet in vogue.

  34. The width of the river varies in this distance from one to three miles, but the water-course is narrowed by numerous islands, and the current continues strong.

  35. For nearly sixty miles below this place the river continues about eight hundred yards wide, bounded by banks chiefly of clay; but in some places of a clayey shale having a bluish colour.

  36. As the Mackenzie, in its further descent, continues to hold a northerly course, and the range of mountains runs N.

  37. Let us now take the case of a third medium, the substance of which puzzled the philosophers of ancient time and still continues to puzzle the scientists of the present.

  38. In the most recent Marconi transmitter the current produced is no longer in the form of intermittent sparks, but is a true alternating current, which in general continues uniformly as long as the key is pressed down.

  39. So the process continues for some time until the ovum becomes possessed of a large number of nuclei, all of which have proceeded from the original nucleus by a series of binary fissions.

  40. The markets are claimed by an undated charter by the bishop, who also continues to hold the fairs.

  41. But the abstract value which has gone into them continues to be the property of the lender.

  42. Because he is not organised he continues to be poor, ignorant, weak.

  43. In general, then, the sacrifice-justification of interest continues only so long as the interest continues.

  44. While the lessee paid his annual rent, his control of the land would be as complete and certain as that of the landowner who continues to pay his taxes.

  45. The usual procedure is now reversed, for the newsboy is no longer seen racing at the beck of some haughty customer, but continues on his lordly way and allows the would-be purchaser to rush to him, or even run down the streets after him.

  46. It still continues to rain much of the time.

  47. When the Gentleman was the superior, the next subordinate Officer was the Groom; which last title continues to this day.

  48. This Tract of Ground, continues my Author, being called Errol, the Family took from thence its designation, or title.

  49. And thus it continues to this day; for the owner of a Figure, as it is called, is answerable for certain faults of his or her assignee.

  50. On the first day of the following month, a festival, called the Minor Festival, is observed with public prayer, and with general rejoicing, which continues three days.

  51. The priest continues what the nurse began, And thus the child imposes on the man.

  52. If a sovereign has been justly divested of his power, the community becomes immediately free; but if by unjust rebellion, his right continues till by silence he has appeared to abandon it.

  53. In both tragedies the character of Phædra herself throws into shade all the others, but with this important difference, that in Euripides her death occurs about the middle of the piece, while she continues in Racine till the conclusion.

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