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Example sentences for "chasing"

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  1. A gibbering lunatic discovered dashing wildly about the chamber as if in the act of chasing invisible forms.

  2. The author of the Parochial Survey of Ireland 'heard a woman say to a child who was chasing a butterfly, "How do you know it is not the soul of your grandfather?

  3. Now Farmer Green's dog Spot was chasing him.

  4. To Tommy it seemed bad enough to have that dog chasing them, without going where they were sure to find other enemies.

  5. It was that strange dog that was chasing them--the one that belonged to Farmer Green's hired man.

  6. She just lingered for a few moments, to make sure that Tommy was safe, and that Spot was chasing her.

  7. It was a very different bark from what she had heard when he was chasing Tommy.

  8. And, sitting down on a log, her hands pressed to her cheeks and her elbows to her breast, she stared at the sunlit bracken and the flies chasing each other over it.

  9. He tells me she’s been chasing ghosts ever since.

  10. You’ve been chasing ghosts ever since I met you, and not one of them did you fail to explain in some sensible, logical fashion.

  11. I once saw a lion chasing four koodoos in broad daylight, though on a cold cloudy morning.

  12. I promised to do my best for them, and at daylight the next morning, accompanied by a dozen Matabele and several Bushmen, rode out in search of the herd of gemsbucks I had seen the previous day whilst chasing the bull.

  13. I once saw a single wild dog chasing a sable antelope in the daytime.

  14. So far as my memory serves me, I think that the wild dogs I came across--with the exception of a single animal which was chasing a sable antelope bull--were in packs of from fifteen to thirty.

  15. I then tried to pass them, so as to get a broadside shot; but directly my horse drew level with her, the cow charged in the most determined manner, snorting furiously and chasing me for a considerable distance.

  16. I can offer no explanation as to why we were able to overtake this pack of wild dogs so easily, after chasing them for less than a mile, but the facts are as I have stated them.

  17. In all my wanderings I have only seen African wild dogs chasing game in the daytime on four occasions.

  18. Chasing to windward, is often termed chasing in the wind's eye.

  19. Large oars used on board ships of war in a calm, either to assist the rudder in turning them round, or to propel them ahead when chasing in light winds.

  20. That which is required in tide-ways and intricate channels, chasing or chased.

  21. Exorcisms for chasing the evil one away from the beasts of the stable.

  22. When he saw the wolves chasing his sheep, he ran toward them; but before he could frighten the wolves away, they had killed several sheep.

  23. The king replied: "As I was going through a forest one afternoon I saw a hound chasing a fox.

  24. Then she loudly laughs; she says: "I was only chasing him in jest, because I like Sable.

  25. They did not have long to wait; while sitting and cooking they hear something coming like something chasing through the woods.

  26. We were chasing them, here and there, all over the plain to-day.

  27. Like a troop of children, they ran round and round the bower, and to and fro through it, gleefully chasing each other.

  28. A joke that they're forever chasing up and down, trying to get a laugh against somebody,--that absurd brigade!

  29. If he could burn up daylight chasing his tail any better than this crowd can, lolling around on a picnic, he must be the limit.

  30. After chasing her two days he brought on an action.

  31. During the contest the frigate Philadelphia, while chasing certain piratical craft into the harbor of Tripoli, ran aground in a most perilous situation.

  32. The baby was chasing a dog and got into the middle of High Street before he realized it.

  33. Then suddenly cutting short her philosophical meditations Mrs. McGregor called imperatively: "Timmie, stop chasing those butterflies this minute.

  34. That's only because I've been chasing round with bundles.

  35. I recollect once chasing a weasel with some determination and finding myself suddenly confronted by some seven or eight others, who ran up my legs and endeavored to reach my face.

  36. The man stood not upon the order of his going, and, to speed him up, Lieutenant Wingate sent two shots over his head, following these up by chasing the fellow clear out into the open field where the Thompson cabin stood.

  37. Have you watched the white lions chasing each other towards the walls, and leaping up with foaming anger as they strike, and turn and chase each other along the black bars of their cage in rage to devour each other?

  38. Later these darknesses grew less fearsome; the child-man began to jest with them; to multiply figures and send them chasing past each other up and down the wall, with fresh glee at each newly created shadow-sport.

  39. Why, only yesterday the brute kicked out the side of the corral, and after chasing the men off the place who had been teasing him, calmly walked into the garden and rolled in my choicest flower-bed.

  40. But the second time he went in to kill, the bull, on chasing after the muleta, shook the blade out of the wound, sending it flying away.

  41. A matador could not be like other men who keep chasing after a cent.

  42. But the girl kept chasing and chasing after him until finally they hung him.

  43. So I hated life, because the work that is worked under the sun was grievous to me; for all is vanity and a chasing after wind.

  44. Then I looked at all the works that my hands had worked, and at the labor that I had labored to do; and behold, all was vanity and a chasing after wind, and there was no profit under the sun.

  45. I perceived that this also was a chasing after wind.

  46. The children of Israel returned from chasing after the Philistines, and they plundered their camp.

  47. I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and behold, all is vanity and a chasing after wind.

  48. This also is vanity and a chasing after wind.

  49. Better is a handful, with quietness, than two handfuls with labor and chasing after wind.

  50. Surely this also is vanity and a chasing after wind.

  51. From a half dollar they will hammer out or mold a bangle and cover it with chasing very deftly cut.

  52. He found Madame engaged in chasing butterflies, on a large lawn bordered with heliotrope and flowering broom.

  53. In chasing that they worked in solid metal.

  54. That mostly depends on how many things there are chasing around in his brain-box to keep the works busy," he said gently.

  55. I'd say if it wasn't for your Rocky Springs, and its like, we should be chasing around as uselessly as hungry coyotes in winter.

  56. They just break out in spring, and go chasing after fancy grass.

  57. That's why I took the trouble to keep on chasing up this place when my brain got plumb addled at the sight of so much grass.

  58. If that happens, why--why I guess the train'll be chasing back on its tracks to pick up its lost tail.

  59. Anyway, you'd get a sound idea of whom you were after, and would not be chasing a phantom, as you are likely to be now, if you listen to the talk of this place.

  60. No, moral scruples were killed stone dead when I was chasing through Europe hunting Art, searching for it with eyes too young to gaze upon anything more beautiful than a harsh life of strict discipline.

  61. Before Peggy could get back into the house, the yellow hen was chasing him all around the woodshed, and Peggy found it necessary to make him comfortable for the night in a basket set behind the stove.

  62. Once I saw a whole crowd of 'em chasing a jay.

  63. The inhabitants of Hispaniola, who are a mild people, complained that they were exposed to frequent attacks from the cannibals who landed amongst them and pursued them through the forests like hunters chasing wild beasts.

  64. He moreover left with them an excellent hunting dog for chasing the game, which I have above said resembles our rabbits, and which are called utias; after which he left to return to Concepcion.

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