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Example sentences for "chased"

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charwomen; chary; charyte; chascun; chase; chaser; chasers; chases; chaseth; chasing
  1. I myself have been chased over the tops of pinnacles By flaming-eyed Panhards and Durkopps In my sleep.

  2. Nor is this all, For if one brings oneself To read reports of the proceedings of police courts One finds that the average citizen Gets more or less chased by you sir, In his waking moments.

  3. The latter sang and romped and chased about the bordering woods like puppies out for a rample.

  4. He knew what they were; they were the eyes of the little red animal he had chased into this hole.

  5. Those are dreams that, when you are "sleeping them," you get chased by something and your feet seem to stick in the mud so that you can't run.

  6. Making a riddle about a panther is lots better than being chased by one.

  7. A big cat chased us in here, Daddy," said Russ.

  8. He was up in the air, and before he'd got over it I'd landed him in a porch rocker and chased Dennis in to dig a box of Fumadoras out of my suit-case.

  9. Then he shook hands with Mr. Consul and we chased out.

  10. He had seen the terrible panic in Long Acre, where thousands of handsome young men were being chased in every direction by beautiful and swift-footed suffragettes.

  11. But," she added with innocent satisfaction, "I think I have secured every bit as good a one as the one Gladys chased out of a tree with her horrid marmoset.

  12. Green couldn't be chased out of that University.

  13. No matter who the man might be professionally and socially, if he was young and well-built and athletic he was chased on sight and, if captured, married to some wholesome and athletic young suffragette in spite of his piteous protests.

  14. Then, then I may be chased away at any moment?

  15. It was detected in its stolen joys just as it had chewed the ribbon of a best bonnet up to the bonnet, and was chased into the back-yard; but, as it had swallowed the ribbon without being able to swallow the bonnet, it carried that with it.

  16. No one else ever chased me," she said, "and I don't think even he would had he not been drinking.

  17. What could Mr. Wells think of his secretary, chased to her desk with the liquor-bills of her kindred!

  18. There was the ruffian who had chased her and seized her that never-to-be-forgotten night.

  19. The champions met within the verdant close where the hawk chased the cranes.

  20. Had he but dreamt the love fair Brunissende conceived, not all her men-at-arms would from Montbrun have chased him but with slaughter.

  21. As for myself, no ransom do I wish saving yon hawk which chased erewhile the cranes.

  22. The admission called for a fierce struggle with his pride, but he forced himself to think the problem out in all its bearings, and the folly of adopting the legendary policy of the chased ostrich became manifest.

  23. Many emotions chased each other across Fred Elkin's somewhat mean and cruel face while Furneaux rated him in this extraordinary manner.

  24. The Highlanders, wielding their terrible broadswords, chased the fugitives right up to the gates of the city and across the St. Charles River.

  25. They both laid themselves down on a couch of heather, there to spend the rest of the night, but they were too excited to sleep--the events of the past twenty-four hours chased each other through their brains.

  26. A sudden gleam of remembrance flashed across his countenance, and chased away for an instant the ferocity of the savage.

  27. Next morning as he lay on his couch, lost in the pursuit of the enigma which had presented itself to his thoughts, a dove, chased by a hawk, flew through the casement and fluttered to the floor.

  28. Others say that Maui chased the dragon, striking him again and again with his consecrated weapons, following Kuna down from falls to falls until he came to the place where Hina dwelt.

  29. Maui chased this man around the island from one side to the other until they had passed through Lahaina (one of the first mission stations in 1828).

  30. A belt around his waist is richly embroidered; and the hilt of a short hunting-sword, protruding from the sheath, appears chased and studded with jewels.

  31. As to the one they were waiting for, the hunter said he might return earlier or later, according to whether he had been much chased of late.

  32. The largest Salem specimen has a capacity of one quart only, and is beautifully chased around the body and upon the cover in a rose-and-pineapple design.

  33. The whites, unarmed except for pistols which everybody carried then, were holding peaceable meeting when fired into from ambush by negroes with muskets, who chased them, continuing to fire.

  34. In England, the rightful prince has been chased all over the country and even across the channel.

  35. He achieved his sobriquet, "Chicken Stevens," through being chased out of his native county for stealing chickens.

  36. I have been chased in the North by a pro-slavery mob--never in the South.

  37. Nor found he spoke to wind, and chased a cloud,) "Why thus forsake your bride!

  38. And now renewing day Had chased the shadows of the night away.

  39. Sunlight and shadow chased each other swiftly over the trees, like flickering flames.

  40. The flowers nodded cheerfully, and their perfume chased away the melancholy longing for home which, until now, he had felt and encouraged.

  41. They chased me, and struck at me with big black things.

  42. There was formerly a practice at Asa-kusa in Tokio on the last day of the year for a man got up as a devil to be chased round the pagoda there by another wearing a mask.

  43. At one end stands a large shrine, also of snow-pure wood, with delicately chased mountings of silver gilt.

  44. For on their way back to Bremridge Wood they were chased by a sheep-dog, and when they shook him off by jumping a hedge they found themselves in the middle of a lot of bullocks, which ran together and galloped after them and tried to mob them.

  45. Saw a kitten escaping from a cellar window; chased it back.

  46. He declared that it was all exactly as Squire Lovell thought--the devil and witches had served him out because he wanted to pry into their doings, and had chased one of them in the form of a hare.

  47. And now I believe what we took for a hare was a witch that we chased into this haunted wood.

  48. On May the 9th they were seen off Dover, and the 13th of the same month a Dutch squadron chased the Gloucester, and some other ships, under the cannon of Sheerness.

  49. The weather clearing up a little, the French followed their flying admiral, and the English chased the best they could.

  50. On the approach of the English fleet the French took to flight and were chased into Boulogne.

  51. Near the Isle of Wight they were chased by two of our fifty-gun ships, which they engaged very bravely, though they saw that it was impossible for them to avoid being taken.

  52. Once a hawk chased Master Sparrow for two miles.

  53. One day, as I was swimming out with some friends, I mistook him for a log, he lay so still, and he chased me.

  54. Yet whenever I come near I am chased from every corner.

  55. The boys chased the Crow, throwing sticks and stones and scolding her for some time.

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