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  1. You purchased that famous steeple-chaser of his from Mr. Cecil's creditors, didn't you!

  2. As soon as the Frenchman's bow-chaser could be brought to bear, a shot was fired, but no reply was given.

  3. A stern chase is a long chase, but if the chaser is a faster vessel than the chased, she will come up with her at last.

  4. It would be possible for a torpedo to pass under a chaser without hitting it--if the submarine cared to waste such an expensive weapon on so small an adversary.

  5. The chasers also have a special facility of operation in connection with the aeroplane or seaplane, principally because of their high speed; and next to the chaser the aeroplane is one of the submarine's worst enemies.

  6. Its gun has been ready from the start, and the chaser has had half a dozen shots or so with only a single hit needed to put the submarine out of commission.

  7. The operation of the chaser does not require the degree of technical skill and knowledge of naval strategy required in the handling of ships of the naval type.

  8. Used in conjunction with the regular torpedo boat destroyers of the navy, the chaser and the aeroplane promise in future wars to minimize the effectiveness of the underseas craft.

  9. The chaser may continue to circle the submarine awaiting her opportunity which will of necessity come when the U-boat attempts to submerge.

  10. The submarine chaser is effective because it draws very little water, has high speed, can be quickly turned and diverted from its course and does not present any great depth of hull at which the submarine can fire a torpedo.

  11. Therefore while the submarine is preparing to dip, the chaser can run upon her and let loose the fire from its rapid-fire gun.

  12. At the entrance of the harbour, Chaser 130 sighted two floating mines.

  13. This boat is powered with steam engines and oil-burning boilers which drive the chaser at the very fast speed of 25 knots.

  14. As it takes time for the submarine to dive or to get her own guns into action, the chaser stands a pretty good chance of either crippling or even sinking her.

  15. The time needed for a submarine to get ready to dive is about 2 minutes; but this is often long enough for it to become a target if a submarine chaser is on the little war-dog’s trail.

  16. The large size of this chaser makes it easy for it to cruise for long distances, while its speed is 8 knots faster than that of the fleetest submarine and this makes it a foe that is truly to be feared.

  17. Where a boat chaser cannot see a submarine at all when she is submerged, an airplane can fly directly over her, follow her every movement, and see her when she is at a considerable depth.

  18. The way a submarine chaser chases a submarine is like this: each chaser is given a certain area of seaway to patrol.

  19. This is the signal for the chaser to bear down on that periscope at full speed, the gunners doing their level best to hit the periscope or any other part of the submarine which shows itself above water.

  20. On the guns with which the chaser is armed, and on her gunners, depend to a large extent the success or the failure of the attack.

  21. Every once in a while a chaser is able to surprise a submarine when she has come to the surface for a breather and to recharge her storage batteries.

  22. Avon responded with her stern-chaser and the aftermost port guns.

  23. I once thought I had landed a job as stock chaser in a factory, but here, too, stammering barred the way, for they told me that even the stock chaser had to be able to deliver verbal messages from one foreman to another.

  24. The chaser plane is small, fast, quick at turning.

  25. In the course of a hunting expedition of the Boelcke Chaser Squadron, Lieutenant Voss[28] had defeated an Englishman in an aerial duel.

  26. The chaser squadron which Boelcke had trained looked after the English flying men.

  27. There is a colossal difference between a giant plane and a chaser plane.

  28. Infantry Fliers, Artillery Fliers and Reconnoitering Machines HAD I not become a professional chaser I should have turned an infantry flier.

  29. Louis Gardine: "I am a chaser and modeller, and live in King-street, Soho.

  30. He lives in King-street, Soho, and is a chaser and modeller, and I sent also for Mr. Cumming.

  31. The big steamer and the little Sub Chaser saluted each other with toots, and parted company.

  32. Every man aboard the Sub Chaser with the exception of Doctor Marley had followed.

  33. When I heard there was a sub chaser near, I felt we just had to make an effort to capture the trawler's radio room at least, and call for help.

  34. Old Frank's giving the Sub Chaser our bearings right now, just as Murphy gave them to him.

  35. In the tight little cabin of the Sub Chaser they were considerably crowded, but by disposing themselves as compactly as possible all found room.

  36. Inspector Burton then proceeded to explain that, after landing from the Sub Chaser on the north shore of Santa Cruz the previous night, he had led his party through the mountains.

  37. We have got to talk to that sub chaser and turn her this way.

  38. We can hold out until the sub chaser comes up.

  39. He was asking the sub chaser to run alongside the liner and take him off.

  40. Whoever aboard the Sub Chaser was operating the searchlight kept it fixed several minutes on this novel object.

  41. Then he got a code message by radio, calling him back, and he radioed this Sub Chaser to pick him up.

  42. We were in a ticklish position, but still might have held on until the Sub Chaser arrived.

  43. The searchlight from the Sub Chaser played over the scene a moment longer as they watched, bringing it out in sharp relief.

  44. As a result, the pilot swung the wheel over, and the Sub Chaser responded by heading for shore.

  45. There Muscatel floundered and came to a halt, Muscatel, the bay chaser without any fault.

  46. Again he thought of Snedeker's reference to Ellis as a woman chaser and he had a great urge to ask Ellis to tell him so that his own doubts might be cleared.

  47. When they'd first arrived at Snedeker's, she had heard Jim Snedeker refer to Ellis as a woman chaser and she had thought little about that or about Ellis.

  48. Pratts Fly Chaser is a proved and safe fly repellant.

  49. Pratts Fly Chaser is unequalled as a fly repellant.

  50. Moser was a German Swiss, a gold-chaser and enameller; he became keeper of the Royal Academy in 1768.

  51. After all it was not as if they could find no room for Suzanne--she was such a little thing, and besides their new cloud-chaser was capable of carrying a weight almost twice the amount of the present cargo, gas and all.

  52. If he is not the exalted monopolist of liberty that he thinks he is nor the noble altruist and idealist he slaps upon the chest when he is full of rhetoric, nor the degraded dollar-chaser of European legend, then what is he?

  53. That a couple of quinine pills, with a chaser of rye whiskey, will cure a cold.

  54. At length they got near enough to the lugger to send a shot from a bow-chaser as a signal to heave to.

  55. A bow-chaser was run out, and a shot fired.

  56. But now with other soul I stand alone Sublime upon this far-surveying cone, And watch from [P] pike to pike amid the sky Small as a bird the chamois-chaser fly.

  57. And watch, from pike to pike, amid the sky Small as a bird the chamois-chaser fly, 1820.

  58. As a manœuvre to deceive an enemy, and induce him to chase, it was common to tow a sail astern by a hawser, at the same time keeping the three masts in line, so as to deceive the chaser as to distance.

  59. A stern chase is when the chaser follows the chased astern, directly upon the same point of the compass.

  60. Towaskook was the "farthest east" of the totem-worshippers, and each of his forty or fifty people reminded David of the devil chaser on the canvas of the Snow Fox's tepee.

  61. Every balloon has a fire chaser chasing it.

  62. Transoceanic air ship Star Chaser has been overdue at this port for ten days.

  63. The Star Chaser is Ten Days Overdue at Tokio.

  64. There seemed to be, however, no prospect of the sea's abating; and the commander of the chaser had a considerable distance to go before morning, so he urged the engineer to increase rather than diminish the speed.

  65. The mouth of the harbor opened up to her, and in the gray light, as the chaser shot in between the headlands, almost smothered in foam, the men and boys on her deck sighted through the haze the towering hull of the great battleship.

  66. No matter how speedy the oil boat might have been, the chaser could have overtaken her had she kept a straight course.

  67. The dangerous thing had yet to be held right there until Lieutenant Perkins ordered the submarine chaser headed up into the sea.

  68. It was blowing a whole gale (in nautical language, sixty-five miles or more an hour) and as the submarine chaser was meeting the seas on a slant, it might almost as well have been a hurricane.

  69. It crashed into the port rail and then, as the chaser jerked her tail in the heavy cross seas like a saucy catbird, the dangerous cylinder dashed to starboard again.

  70. The fishermen were curious about the boys and the business of the chaser in this locality; but the Navy boys had long since learned to say nothing that would circulate information of any moment.

  71. And a 'happy thought' like this chaser will kick up like a frisky colt in a dead calm, I do believe.

  72. The oil tender, Sarah Coville, was not here, and, on making some inquiries of the dock loungers, the boys learned that she had not been seen at Rivermouth since the night they had come in off the submarine chaser in the fog.

  73. I thought it was that same chaser we saw before," Frenchy said.

  74. The crew of the chaser were of course just as proud of their craft as the crew of the battleship is of their sea-home.

  75. They were hanging to a lubber line near the quarterdeck, which on the chaser was a part of the after deck having imaginary boundaries only, established by order of the chaser's commander.

  76. Even if the chaser herself escaped complete destruction, they could not dodge the effect of the explosion; but like the ensign they would not retreat.

  77. The derrick had hoisted aboard the running steamer before the chaser had arrived with the boys from Seacove and their companions, and it was now stowed in her proper berth amidships.

  78. The chaser was circling around, and finally headed toward them.

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