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Example sentences for "hounded"

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  1. He was actually showing more anxiety over this man who had hounded him, of whom he had lived in dread, than James had seen him show over any patient since he had been with him.

  2. If an innocent girl can't step out of the house for weeks at a time without being hounded this way, it is high time something was done.

  3. Lord Wellington, as he sprang from the barrel he was seated on, and hounded after the messenger in desperate alarm, while a roar of laughter accompanied his hurried exit.

  4. Native tenants to be hounded out of the Government farms long before the segregation takes place and that white people, who are not debarred from buying or leasing land for themselves, be settled thereon at Government expense.

  5. He was pursued, hounded out and hemmed in on every side, with two hundred and fifty to three hundred men, the remnant of his band; but he hoped to be able to escape by a defile that he believed was known only to himself.

  6. There is something wrong when the children of the King of kings go about like sheep hounded by a pack of wolves.

  7. The poets and novelists have simply hounded them on to believe it.

  8. She tried to face Lolita, the woman whom she had hounded to her death, but her gaze wavered, and I saw that her effort to regain her self-composure was an utterly vain one.

  9. True she had spoken of self-destruction many times, but it was with the firm conviction of a woman hounded to her own destruction.

  10. If you really love George and are now hounded by this man, I will help you in every way.

  11. Was it guilt that was written so vividly upon her face, or was it the fierce desperation of an innocent woman hounded to her death?

  12. I had to shoot once, because I was hounded into it.

  13. Why, they've hounded you and bullied you until they've made you think you are bad, Andrew.

  14. Mannhardt regarded the victims as representing the demons of infertility, dearth, and sickness, who in the persons of their representatives were thus hounded with blows out of the city.

  15. Still, I can't see why a man should be hounded down because he won't do exactly what everybody else does.

  16. Oh, now I see who it is has hounded you on to me," she whispered.

  17. Between you, you have hounded me into this slough, where I must sink.

  18. Again I ask you, why you have hounded me and that woman into each other's arms?

  19. It would have come almost as a consolation if some one had hounded him with a horse-whip out at the door, the threshold of which his feet had desecrated.

  20. The terrible sisters hounded a man through life, and after death to the judgment bar of Minos.

  21. He saw that if he connived at Zoraida's escape, such indignation would be heaped upon him that he would be hounded from office; while on the other hand, if he refused, my threat of exposure undoubtedly meant the gallows.

  22. But I play only under compulsion; if you call it playing, when one is hounded out to field in all weathers without ever having a chance of an innings.

  23. We are thought of as men of blood; we are hounded over the face of the globe.

  24. With deep voice that had many a beak and tremor he told Gale how Nell had been hounded by Radford Chase, how her mother had been driven by Ben Chase--the whole sad story.

  25. So you drove the one and hounded the other.

  26. Old Mary Sorley won't be hounded out of her house and home if all the cattle in me byre was without tails," she said in rambling tones, which now and again rose to a shriek almost.

  27. We were men flogged to the work which we had to do, and hounded from the work which we had accomplished.

  28. Those who would not were fined ten rods, some fish, some leaves called akan, and two jars of palm wine, and had to appear in the street and dance backwards to the beat of the drum, and then were flogged and hounded to their homes.

  29. The mother is hounded into the bush, where she must live alone.

  30. Her lawyers hounded him as if he were a rat.

  31. He knew that he was being hounded and that those who sought him were close behind.

  32. Delivered into the hands of His enemies, this much-feared, bitterly arraigned and illustrious Exponent of a perpetually hounded Faith was now made to taste of the cup which He Who had been its recognized Leader had drained to the dregs.

  33. The assertion that he had hounded Ferdinand Lopez to his death, that by his defence of himself he had brought the man's blood on his head, was made and repeated till those around him did not dare to mention the name of Lopez in his hearing.

  34. He has hounded that poor man to his death in revenge for the trifling sum of money which he was called on to pay for him.

  35. From Harrisonville she went to Waverly, where she was hounded continually.

  36. If I did such a thing as that, I should deserve to be hounded out of the Guards to-morrow.

  37. At last he had hounded down this man, so long out of his reach, into disobedience and contumacy.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hounded" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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