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Example sentences for "baited"

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baise; baiser; baisers; bait; baite; baiters; baith; baiting; baitings; baits
  1. The line is armed with hooks, baited with pieces of meat.

  2. All human beings who are easily moved are baited like wild beasts!

  3. Can't you remember any human quality in this wild beast, whom human beings have baited for years?

  4. He's sorely maimed, More than we'd baited him with forty dogs.

  5. Though she invariably took the utmost precaution against danger from baited traps, the old she-badger was nevertheless surprised, almost as much as were the cubs, at the incidents just described.

  6. But never before had she seen a baited trap.

  7. The trap is baited with decaying cocoanut and thrown into the river with a long rattan attached to it and tied to a pole; the trap sinks to the bottom and is examined from time to time.

  8. A rod and line and baited hook are also in common use.

  9. These pots are baited with pieces of fresh fish, and are then weighted with stones, and lowered to the bottom of the sea among the rocks, at a depth of from three to about twenty fathoms.

  10. They are also caught on lines baited with meat.

  11. The hooks are generally baited with pilchards, or else with pieces of the long arms of cuttles.

  12. It was an eel of about a pound weight, and, excited now by the struggle, I fastened on a fresh hook, baited it, and threw in the same place again.

  13. To catch a painter on a hook baited with an order, and then catch a great collector like Morlon on another hook baited with a painter, was admirable fishing.

  14. As it was now too near the middle of the day to see any dancing, and hearing that a bull was expected down from the country, to be baited in the presidio square, in the course of an hour or two, we took a stroll among the houses.

  15. We caught one or two with a baited hook which we floated astern upon a shingle.

  16. But the next hook, and the next, and next, and next came up baited and fishless.

  17. Our captain and mate proved experts at alluring them with baited hooks, and dexterous at piercing them with a five-pronged instrument, generally called by seamen "grain.

  18. The least breeze brings them all astern again in a compact body, when they seize the baited hook the moment it reaches the water.

  19. We went ashore this afternoon and made a Bear trap with a gun, baited with heads and entrails of codfish, Bruin having been seen within a few hundred yards of where the lure now lies in wait.

  20. His name was Frog, and sometimes when he went away the "office devils" would hang a line over his case, with a hook on it baited with a piece of red flannel.

  21. Rice baited the anchor with his winnings & caught a whale 90 feet long.

  22. He baited and he cast his line, When soon, to his delight, He saw his float bob up and down, And lo!

  23. He cast again his baited hook, And drew another up!

  24. Ted untangled the line, fastened it to a pole he cut from the lilac bush, dug up a worm, baited his hook and caught a little sunfish.

  25. Teddy had baited his hook with a worm, and Janet was fishing with clam.

  26. Janet baited Trouble's bent pin hook with a bit of meat and then her own.

  27. The people urged And baited me to sign it.

  28. Now show your courage or you shall be sewn up alive in an ass's hide and baited to death with dogs.

  29. How quivered every limb Beneath the bull-dog's jaws Their honors baited him, And he allowed no pause.

  30. If the town makes it a holiday-treat to see our comrade killed by a baited hog, why the devil should we scruple to sacrifice the city for the rescue of our comrade?

  31. Here, indeed, there was no question of individually-minded fish, but simply a neglected brook, full of trout which could be reached with the baited hook only.

  32. These cords are so arranged as to release the bent saplings as soon as the Crocodile pulls upon the baited hook.

  33. The bottle, baited with a Carpenter-bee, is placed upside down over the door of one of the elect.

  34. I put one into a little bottle with a mouth just wide enough to cover the opening of the burrow; and I turn the apparatus thus baited over the said opening.

  35. A steward of a ship infested with rats used to play some lively airs on a flute after he had baited his traps and placed them near the rat-holes.

  36. They are greedy of almost any kind of scraps that are thrown overboard, and consequently are often caught by means of large iron hooks, baited with pieces of fish and garbage.

  37. Then the sins of their forerunners were visited upon the heads of those unhappy old men, and it became a common sight to see them baited by mischievous small boys.

  38. They launched the boat, baited the hooks, and went to fishing.

  39. One day the clerk who had baited the hook and set the line was busy at his desk when the line trembled and puss knew that the time to haul in had arrived.

  40. Christy, glad to have the other take hold of the baited hook.

  41. So, as soon as the horses were baited and themselves refreshed, they mounted once more, and pushed gaily along, feeling themselves quite equal to repel any wretched footpads who might try to assault them.

  42. In these mysterious depths fish are supposed to hide, and a baited hook will be stripped of its bait in a few minutes.

  43. Though they bring no fish they have had such monstrous bites that they are sure there are big fish there, only they are too cute to swallow the baited hooks.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "baited" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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