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Example sentences for "badgered"

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bade; badest; badge; badged; badger; badgering; badgers; badges; badinage; badine
  1. The caretaker was literally badgered and cajoled into following him.

  2. You are wrong again," said the other tartly, as he grew angry at being thus badgered by his opponent, "I come from the north.

  3. When one has to be badgered like this, one wants a drop of something more than ordinary," she said at last.

  4. No doubt he would be badgered and bullied.

  5. Badgered by dreams, perhaps, he swayed with little bounces and starts, like an old toddy-stricken grandfather in a chimney corner.

  6. He was not going to be badgered of his life, like a kitten chased by boys, he said.

  7. He had badgered me--he was there to win if he could; I now was hot with the same design.

  8. The woman with six children must both physically and mentally travel at a tangent, and when a husband has to be badgered or humored into the bargain, then the life of such a woman is more complex than is readily understood.

  9. The spectacle of this big man badgered by her and by her mother, pleading to her, and pleading, as he and she well knew, hopelessly, would have broken her heart if she looked at him.

  10. The sergeant-major and a sorely badgered clerk were working late over some regimental papers--things that Morton wrote out easily and accurately.

  11. I flattered myself that my messmates looked at me with considerable respect, though they badgered me not a little.

  12. Say that standing at the helm of one of his ships, and fighting her as long as there is a shot in the locker, is one thing, and standing at the helm of State, and being badgered by friends and foes alike, is another.

  13. But when she reached l'Assommoir, the fear of receiving the drubbing herself if she badgered her old man suddenly calmed her and made her prudent.

  14. When he had thoroughly badgered the workwomen, Gervaise would give him twenty sous to clear out.

  15. Why was he badgered with such females as those?

  16. Our ears should not hear the clamour of its doubts nor be forced to listen to the pro and con wherewith we are eternally badgered and perplexed.

  17. It would be insufferable if a man in my position had to be badgered on business matters at any hour of the day and night.

  18. Your Uncle John done badgered and badgered your grandpa while you was a leetle, teeny babby until, for de sake ob peace, dat pore ole man done made John a deed to Glenalvan Hall and de whole estate.

  19. Mary permitted herself to laugh mockingly in the face of the badgered official.

  20. You can't question her on the witness-stand," he explained patronizingly to the badgered police official.

  21. This beautiful child, named in honor of his favorite brother, was the greatest joy of the badgered soul of the Confederate leader.

  22. She had quite won the heart of the badgered chieftain of the Confederacy by her steady loyalty to his administration.

  23. Badgered by dreams, perhaps, he swayed with little bounces and starts, like an old, toddy-stricken grandfather in a chimney corner.

  24. After a time we might succeed in propagating ourselves by seeds or slips, and this would lead to a radical readjustment of our sex relations and put an end to many of the problems wherewith we are eternally badgered and perplexed.

  25. He has been caught, shut up in a box, perhaps, for five or six days together, badgered with half a dozen lawyers till he is nearly deaf with their continual talking, and then he is locked up until he shall die or find a verdict.

  26. This was an unfortunate remark for the badgered Basset.

  27. You have shown exquisite taste, dear; but I feel as though I had badgered you into it, following as it does on top of the house and everything else.

  28. Our healths were drunk, and the healths of our children and grandchild, and I was badgered finally into rising and making a few scattering remarks by way of grateful acknowledgment.

  29. But the older man was never rasped or badgered into anger.

  30. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "badgered" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    badgered; baited; bedeviled; beset; dogged; harassed; harried; hounded; needled; persecuted; pestered; plagued; ragged; tormented; worried