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Example sentences for "badgering"

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badest; badge; badged; badger; badgered; badgers; badges; badinage; badine; badly
  1. Davy snickered audibly at this, but Bumpus assumed a lofty air, and would not pay any further attention to those who were evidently bent on badgering him.

  2. Giraffe; but he was careful to say this in the ear of the stout scout, for he did not want Thad to know he was still keeping up this badgering process.

  3. The talk dragged along little by little and Flossie began badgering young Haight.

  4. He pretended to eat, and forced himself to talk, joining in with Ellis, who was badgering the Dummy about Flossie.

  5. And persuade the old man to this Sophie did, albeit after a great deal of badgering on her part and a great deal of grumbling on the part of the Prince.

  6. I am convinced that up to this point Captain Falk had intended, after badgering Davie enough to suit his own unkind humor, to read the service with all the solemnity that the occasion demanded.

  7. For a moment Falk seemed disconcerted, and I, thinking now that Roger was merely badgering him, smiled with satisfaction.

  8. A long badgering bargain ensued, at which I made all my men be present as witnesses, and we finally concluded the hongo with four more brass wires.

  9. Badgering then commenced: I must add two wires, and six makete or necklaces of mzizima beads, the latter being due to the chief for negotiating the tax.

  10. They were not happy with the way Frank was badgering her and I didn't want to alienate them any further.

  11. A court would say Anuse was badgering the witness.

  12. There was no end to the badgering the officious soldier who had first arrested the scout received at the hands of his comrades.

  13. Whereupon Lord Charles, who was willing enough to join in badgering a man who had still good looks enough to prove a rival had he the humour, turned with a patronising air of civility.

  14. But that can be no possible reason for badgering the life out of his father's widow twenty years after his father's death!

  15. She got round me, badgering me, till I didn't know where I was.

  16. A foremast hand badgering the captain on his own poop deck; badgering Yankee Swope of the Golden Bough, whilst his two trusty buckos stood by inactive and gaping.

  17. When the objections were being made and there were the cross-examination and badgering of witnesses, they could not separate in their minds the functions of the lawyer and the personality of the lawyer.

  18. They cannot break out in revolt at the badgering of the witness.

  19. The people are very unsettled, thanks to this disputed boundary question, and the badgering of the Natal Government.

  20. He's a straight man, is Cetywayo, and well-disposed towards Englishmen, though we have been badgering him more than enough of late.

  21. Oh, I don't mind the badgering of a number of men; it's rather nice.

  22. You're the sort of woman men won't leave in undisturbed spinsterhood; they'll keep on badgering you.

  23. But if this badgering continues he won't be worth a continental; he's all up in the air.

  24. So the two drove by Badgering Woods, and across the wide common; and as they went they saw and felt that the world was very good.

  25. Soon after this she took her leave; and all along the homeward walk through Badgering Woods she was conscious of feeling ashamed of herself--a very rare sensation with Elisabeth, and by no means an agreeable one.

  26. On the afternoon of that very Sunday Christopher took Elisabeth for a walk in Badgering Woods.

  27. Elisabeth asked of Christopher, as the two were walking together--as they walked not unfrequently--in Badgering Woods.

  28. But after much good humored badgering of the two frightened sentinels, "peace reigned once more at Warsaw" till the break of day.

  29. Those who had to return received a lot of good-natured badgering at their sudden return to the army.

  30. What would those miserable devils say now, that had been badgering him with lawyers' letters?

  31. I found out, at last, that the old gentleman amused himself with badgering her about me; and finally she told me, with tears, that her father requested me to visit that house no more.

  32. He accepted that badgering as martyrs accept the anguish of fire.

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