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  1. Other excellent baits for rats are oatmeal, toasted cheese, toasted bread (buttered), and sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

  2. Rats are very suspicious, and baits and traps should be handled as little as possible.

  3. Preparations of phosphorus sold by druggists are often too weak to be effective; and home-made mixtures, when of sufficient strength, are dangerous, as rats may carry the baits into walls or crannies and thus cause fires.

  4. The main cord and lines are then imbedded in the sand, the various baits only appearing on the surface, and the success of the device is equal to its cruelty.

  5. He has been known to set at defiance all the traps that were set for him, and to devour the baits without suffering for his audacity.

  6. Scent baits are sometimes used in trapping the muskrat, the [Page 185] musk taken from the female animal being particularly valued.

  7. The most effective baits used in the art of trapping are those which are used to attract the animal through its sense of smell, as distinct from that of its mere appetite for food.

  8. To be sure the various scent baits already alluded to, will in a measure overcome human traces, but not always effectually, and in order to insure success no precautions so simple should be neglected.

  9. To the trapper of the north the wolverine is a most detested enemy, following the rounds of the traps and either detaching the baits or tearing away the dead animals which have fallen a prey to them.

  10. These scent baits are of various kinds, some being almost universal in their usefulness, while others are attractive only to some particular species of animal.

  11. There are various scent or trail baits used in trapping the wolf.

  12. The bait for a puma should consist of a portion of some carcass, or if for other animals, any of the baits given in our section on "trapping" may be used.

  13. The baits commonly used consist of cow's udder or hog's liver, these being especially preferred on account of their toughness.

  14. These baits are known in the profession as "medicine," or scent baits and possess the most remarkable power of attracting the various animals from great distances, and leading them almost irresistibly to any desired spot.

  15. Also begin putting out baits some time before setting traps.

  16. A callat Of boundless tongue, who late hath beat her husband, And now baits me.

  17. How many of the tenants have adopted these regulations?

  18. But you can be punished more easily by your landlord for selling your fish to another man, when he can turn you out on forty days' warning, than if he could only do it on six or eight months' warning?

  19. He had the tack for two years more at that time, and he gave me a receipt for the rent of 1871.

  20. Like salmon, sea-trout are to be caught with spinning-baits and also with the worm.

  21. It takes small worms, maggots and similar baits greedily, and is often a nuisance when the angler is expecting better fish.

  22. It reaches a weight of 3 lb or more, and will take most flesh or fish baits on the bottom.

  23. The best baits for eels are worms and small fish, and the best time to use them is at night or in thundery or very wet weather.

  24. The other baits for trout, or rather the other baits which they will take sometimes, are legion.

  25. There are numberless artificial spinning-baits which kill well at times, the Devon being perhaps the favourite.

  26. There is practically no fresh-water fish that will not take some one or more of the baits on the angler's list if they are properly presented to it when it is hungry.

  27. When they can eat no more, they continue to steal the baits and cache them.

  28. The trout of Lake Superior are very large, and the baits are of a size in proportion.

  29. Beginning at one end, they proceed from trap to trap along the whole line, pulling them successively to pieces, and taking out the baits from behind.

  30. Do you remember--no, you will certainly have forgotten--how you once took the baits of the hooks off and hung my wooden shoes on instead?

  31. Ide shall leave the baits and put on the kettle, that you may have a cup of coffee.

  32. F, are more suitable for this fish; otherwise the same tackle and baits can be employed as for the other grunts and channel fishes.

  33. One of the best baits is a red earthworm.

  34. And this is especially important if such baits as bread paste, hard-boiled potato, or boiled grain are employed.

  35. The little whirligig mullet, or spiny crawfish, or even cut-fish bait, are all good baits to use as occasion may demand.

  36. The residue of the menhaden, after the baits are cut off, is chopped fine, and is known as "chum.

  37. The artificial baits are sufficiently attractive in themselves, and the additions mentioned do not enhance their effectiveness.

  38. The baits commonly used are clams and the trolling-spoon.

  39. It rises well to the fly, and will take any of the baits recommended for the other sunfishes.

  40. During summer the most successful baits are well-boiled wheat and paste, red or white, in such clear waters as the Waveney and the upper reaches of Bure, etc.

  41. There are many other baits used with good success occasionally, but these are by far the most reliable.

  42. Is very vigorous and strong for its size, delights in rapid streams, takes the same baits and flies as the Trout, but when the water is low and the weather hot, is exceedingly fond of the maggot, or brandling worm.

  43. The Grass Hopper and Caterpillar are tiresome baits to fish with, and more a matter of fancy than utility; the Breccan Clock found amongst fern, fished like the May-fly is the best of the lot, and at times kills pretty well.

  44. A well scoured maggot on a bright hot day tempts them best, they will take that when flies and all other baits have proved a failure.

  45. As soon as the players can wind their tops they stand with their toes on the line and endeavour to strike one of the baits in such a way as to knock it out of the circle and still leave their own tops within the circle and spinning.

  46. The baits are usually tops of little value.

  47. The baits should always be applied at this time wherever cut-worms are expected.

  48. The best time to apply these poisoned baits is two or three days before any plants have come up or been set out in the garden.

  49. I will begin to Angle for the Trout, with the ground Baits with this quality.

  50. Sidenote: Tools and Tackle] The equipment recommended for fly-fishing will answer just as well for bait-fishing, as the baits commonly used are light.

  51. The best fishing is at the mouths of inlets during the flood tide, when the fish are feeding on beach fleas, pompano shells, shrimps and other crustaceans which roll in on every wave, and are the best baits to use.

  52. Unfortunately the use of this very short and stiff rod was extended to practical fishing, and with its use was evolved a number of casting baits that out-herod anything yet produced in the way of objectionable artificial baits.

  53. Other baits are earthworms, grubs, crickets, grasshoppers, natural flies, or small bits of fat meat.

  54. The other baits were a note and two sovereigns and two half sovereigns.

  55. I took the rabbit with a pair of tongs; the others had handled their baits and pug crept round 'em and nosed the trick.

  56. Where we oppress or degrade mankind with one hand, it is vain, like Octavius, to hold out in the other, the baits of marriage, or the whip to barrenness.

  57. The professional trappers of the East use the bait method, mostly, and although the different trappers use different baits and scents, the methods of setting the traps are all, practically the same.

  58. Once one has found the trap line it will follow the trail to the end, destroying the sets and eating the baits and catch.

  59. I have heard of many fancy sets and baits and have given some of them a trial, but find the method given above to be the most satisfactory.

  60. The best baits for muskrats are sweet apple, parsnips, carrot, pumpkin, corn and the flesh of the muskrat.

  61. For bait I prefer rabbit to anything else as it contains more blood than other baits and fresh blood is the only scent that I know of which will attract the weasel.

  62. This time the baits were not so greedily "grabbed" at.

  63. Pleasures cannot tempt her eye, On their baits to glance awry.

  64. These are Baits not to be trifled with, Charms that have done a world of Execution, and made their way into Hearts which have been thought impregnable.

  65. Brunetta could not endure these repeated Advices, but employed all her Arts and Charms in laying Baits for any of Condition of the same Island, out of a mere Ambition to confront her once more before she died.

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