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Example sentences for "distorting"

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distinguishing; distinguisht; distort; distorted; distortedly; distortion; distortions; distorts; distract; distracted
  1. A highly organized news-distributing bureau was equipped in Berlin with all the requisites for falsifying facts and distorting military tidings.

  2. For Russia, like France and Britain, still contemplated the situation and its potentialities through the distorting medium of the old order of things.

  3. Experience has shown that just as there are certain poisons which the bodily functions are unable to resist, so there are certain drugs which have the effect of sapping the will and distorting the judgment.

  4. Maybe the perverse fabrications of the mind when imparted by speech altered the intentions of the other party, distorting the fabric of probable outcome.

  5. On canvas, distorting the French-American into an Asian half-breed and a lady of the night, he brought to his model vague Asian features and his notoriously whorish sense of dejection.

  6. Judged favorably or otherwise, it would have been a predominant issue, altering roles and distorting the potential outcome of the interaction.

  7. Her jealousy, distorting all things to fit its own conclusions, was busied in distorting what she had just heard.

  8. Thus it has come to pass that the only being competent to inquire into his own antecedents has looked at his history through the distorting prism of a mythopoeic past!

  9. Protestant writers have looked at Wilfrid through a distorting medium.

  10. Why suppose that by distorting reality we get it in shape to affirm of reality?

  11. He is so afraid of the distorting influence of conception that he will have nothing to do with conception upon any terms.

  12. The tutor did not answer on the instant, but after stealing one or two furtive glances at Lord Almeric, looked down at the table, a nervous smile distorting his mouth.

  13. Just so,' Mr. Fishwick answered, a spasm distorting his face.

  14. The man's countenance changed, a fierce frown distorting it.

  15. He has been accused of distorting the calm faces of royal personages, of encumbering his pictures of the past with ugly and unnecessary details.

  16. Whatever their origin, they have a power of distorting facial expression against which Strindberg vehemently protested.

  17. The British, on the other hand, employed camouflage with a view to distorting objects and fatiguing the eye, thus seriously affecting range-finding.

  18. In thought, at any rate, those who forget good and evil and seek only to know the facts are more likely to achieve good than those who view the world through the distorting medium of their own desires.

  19. The distorting of names occurs frequently enough not as a slip of the tongue, but as an attempt to give the name an ill-sounding or debasing character.

  20. I have not lost my reverence for Emerson in showing one of his fancies for a moment in the distorting mirror of the ridiculous.

  21. Like the others of her generation, Gerda was interested in persons of that profession; he knew that already; only they saw them through a distorting mist.

  22. He was talking really to himself, but was recalled to his mother by the tears which, he suddenly perceived, were distorting her face.

  23. As she saw it now, in the cruel, distorting night, he had seen her permission and refused it.

  24. The third lobe, a, projects at the neck of the bladder, distorting the vesical outlet.

  25. She saw, her heart throbbing at the half-truth, half-falseness of the unbecoming vision, how she must appear to him in that distorting illumination.

  26. And Mary, a revelation of rage and detestation flaming up in her eyes, distorting her face, struck her cousin violently on the cheek.

  27. It is the mark of a more sickly type of morality, that it must always be distorting the plain truth.

  28. I would rather make the nation's ballads than give its laws, dictate principles than carry them into execution, and leaven a country with new ideas than translate them into facts, inevitably mangling and distorting them in the process.

  29. It turned the mind away from living contemporary things; it showed the world reflected in a distorting mirror of bad historical analogies; all the fated convergences of history were refracted into false parallels.

  30. Jerome rather quaintly and childishly suggested by the fender and fireirons laid in front of the footlights in The Passing of the Third Floor Back, really operates as a distorting glass, although it is not there.

  31. The dramatist can never hold the mirror up to Nature; he can only reflect her in a distorting glass.

  32. As she very rarely spoke, and would sit for hours together moping and mowing, and distorting her features with indescribable grimaces, it was more like being prisoned with some strange tameless animal, than associating with a human being.

  33. I had nothing left for it then but to trust secretly that conjecture might have hurried me too fast and too far, to sustain the oppressive hour by reminders of the distorting and discolouring magic of jealousy.

  34. Wire, Anti-drift--A wire opposed to the tension of a drift wire, and used to prevent such tension from distorting the framework.

  35. I shall show first where it has its origin, that we may be saved the unnecessary toil of straining and distorting our vision, in searching for it where it is not to be found.

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