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Example sentences for "competence"

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compensator; compensators; compensatory; compete; competed; competency; competent; competently; competes; competing
  1. No one had laid up a competence for Mr. Purcey, who had been in business from the age of twenty.

  2. Of our competence to restrain the rights of all his subjects by act of Parliament, and to vest those high and eminent prerogatives even in a particular company of merchants, there has been no question.

  3. This competence in the colony assemblies is certain.

  4. But the madness would be as unquestionable as the competence of that Parliament which should attempt such things.

  5. The most hopeful counsels only promised a barren resistance, the less sanguine advisers recommended any compromise that might secure to my mother some moderate competence to live on.

  6. Mr. MacNaghten's impression of my competence to conduct my own affairs may possibly be disparaging, but, happily, there is another tribunal which shall decide on that question.

  7. If permitted to sell it in a way which will bring me a fair price, all will be honestly and honorably paid, and a competence left for myself, and for those who look to me for subsistence.

  8. I clearly think with you on the competence of Monroe to embrace great views of action.

  9. The competition between the Aulic Council and the Imperial Chamber was finally regulated by the treaty of Westphalia, which laid it down that the court which first dealt with a case should alone have competence to pursue it.

  10. We must learn that competence is better than extravagance, that worth is better than wealth, that the golden calf we have worshiped has no more brains than that one of old which the Hebrews worshiped.

  11. Wealth brings noble opportunities, and competence is a proper object of pursuit; but wealth, and even competence, may be bought at too high a price.

  12. But the nub of the situation lies in the fact that the diagnosis of instances which are not such blooming examples is difficult, and hence it was that I qualified my statement as to the competence of the practitioner in this tenth group.

  13. He who violates the laws of war cannot obtain immunity while acting in pursuance of the authority of the state if the state in authorizing action moves outside its competence under international law.

  14. As health, peace, and competence are necessary to happiness they must be constant attendants on worth, or his paradox that happiness is proportioned to virtue falls to the ground.

  15. His cool blue eyes seemed almost able to see into her, and even without trying, she could sense him; he seemed to radiate an aura of quiet competence like nothing she'd felt before.

  16. No mind screen; Corina felt an aura of competence from her.

  17. I yet dare to appeal to God for the truth of what I say; I have remained poor by always having been poor, and incapable of pursuing any one great work, for want of a competence beforehand.

  18. Competence and comfort lie within the reach of most people, were they to take the adequate means to secure and enjoy them.

  19. As society is now constituted, every man is not only justified but bound in duty as a citizen, to accumulate his earnings by all fair and honourable methods, with the view of securing a position of ultimate competence and independence.

  20. Since your ware forms your competence only so long as you are competent to defend it (i.

  21. And one is this precisely by seeking his competence no longer in a ware, but in his own labor, his competence for labor; and therefore by being a ragamuffin, a man of only ideal wealth.

  22. That he does not manage his office like an "ordinary man," but puts in the competence of his uniqueness, this he is not yet paid for when he is paid only in general as an official or a minister.

  23. But working I do not call "letting your competence take effect.

  24. I, however, cannot content myself with the little that I scrape up by my competence for labor, because my competence does not consist merely in my labor.

  25. What competence does not the child possess in its smiling, its playing, its screaming!

  26. Is there another difference between the two than that of competence and incompetence, of the competent and incompetent?

  27. Let your competence take effect, collect yourselves, and there will be no lack of money--of your money, the money of your stamp.

  28. The emphasis on educational credentials for upper level jobs limits the possibility of upward mobility through skill or competence alone.

  29. This task was said to demand a high level of competence from those called upon to resolve the difficult problems of the enterprises.

  30. Education and competence are usual criteria for membership in the group as is ideological orthodoxy.

  31. No clear-cut guidelines were provided for the scope of the management committees' competence or the numerical strength of employee representation.

  32. Whatever his natural parts may be, I cannot recognize in his few and idle years the competence to judge of my long and laborious life.

  33. Of the importance of that innovation, and the mischief of that nuisance, they are, to be sure, bound to judge not litigiously: but it is in their competence to judge.

  34. In matters of state, a constitutional competence to act is in many cases the smallest part of the question.

  35. The nobles distrusted and treated as enemies.

  36. Tis a hard law of political things that if a man shows special competence in a department, that is the very thing most likely to keep him there, and prevent his promotion.

  37. The integrity of Mr. Wallace is not to be doubted, but what becomes of his competence to judge when prejudice blinds itself to facts?

  38. This secured a modest competence in the evening of life to one who had never been wealthy, and who had never coveted wealth.

  39. But at the same time his exceptional competence in the discussion brought him steadily to the front.

  40. Later speakers recognized the special competence shown, and when the Select Committee was appointed, he was named to serve on it--thus taking his place at once in the normal working life of the House.

  41. But unless his lot be one of unusual calamity, as time blunts the keenest edge of sorrow, he must be devoid of both philosophy and religion, if he does not feel that life with a mere competence still has many joys.

  42. I am sure that he can display his own competence with a flow of academic brilliance, or his attorney would not have tried to place him upon the stand where such a display could have been demonstrated.

  43. However we have here a young man of twelve who has shown his competence to deal with the adult world by actual practice.

  44. Master's degrees and doctor's degrees required the presentation of some original area of study, competence in his chosen field, and the development of some facet of the field that had not been touched before.

  45. James, tell me after deliberation, at what point in your life did you first believe that you had the competence to enter the adult world in freedom to do as you believed right?

  46. James was close to his dream of making his play for an appearance in court and pleading for the law to recognize his competence to act as an adult.

  47. You asked for your legal competence to be ruled.

  48. I have every right in the world to seek out as much information from whatever source I may select; and I have the additional right to inspect the information I receive to pass upon its competence and relevance.

  49. Similarly, if James Holden's competence had been no greater than Brennan's scaled-down description, he could not have made his own way without being discovered.

  50. You will have the legal competence to act in matters of skill, including the signing of documents and instruments necessary to your continued good health.

  51. How I achieve my mental competence is not under question.

  52. I say that James Holden has indeed shown his competence already by actually doing it!

  53. He retired a few years prior to his death, possessed of a handsome competence that was the legitimate and logical reward of his effort and capability.

  54. Nearly two years elapsed after his father's death, before he was able to secure from the wreck of his estate a sufficient competence to establish himself in London.

  55. Newman has said,--a judge whose competence will not be questioned.

  56. He and his sister Kate had inherited a competence from their parents.

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