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competence; competency; competent; competently; competes; competition; competitions; competitive; competitiveness; competitor
  1. We have no intention of competing with any other country.

  2. It would mean a general shrinkage of values, a deflation of prices, a reduction of wages, a general depression carrying our people down to the low standard of living in our competing countries.

  3. Where a competing firm enters the field with a cheap quality of goods that would react against the trade, it is sometimes policy to put the facts before the prospective buyers.

  4. There are two competing routes for the eastern trade--one running inland from Constantinople (Haidar Pasha), the other from Smyrna.

  5. This sudden development of the Japanese is perhaps the most important event of the second half of the 19th century, since it marks the rise of an Asiatic power capable of competing with Europe on equal terms.

  6. Competing with these calls for gradual desegregation was the Army's growing concern with securing some form of universal military training.

  7. That the children had in most cases already attended integrated schools, competing and learning with children of another race, was likely to make their integration more acceptable to educators.

  8. Throughout most of the war the Air Forces, competing with the rest of the Army for skilled and high-scoring Negroes, was unable to fill the needs of its black air units.

  9. Western fruits of superior quality were competing with the common varieties of the Eastern orchards.

  10. Strictly speaking, it was a combination of competing concerns, in which the control of all was vested in a group of trustees for the purpose of uniformity.

  11. It could cut down expenses by reducing the army of competing salesmen and by lessening the duplication of administrative offices.

  12. As we are a monogamous race, there will be no such drastic and cruel selection among competing males as would eliminate the vast majority as unfit.

  13. War, on the other hand, brings about the adjustments in the relations of competing and conflict groups which make peace possible.

  14. When changes thus effected are decisive and are accepted, conflict subsides and the tensions it created are resolved in the process of accommodation into profound modifications of the competing units, i.

  15. The outcome of the adaptations and accommodations, which the struggle for existence enforces, is a state of relative equilibrium among the competing species and individual members of these species.

  16. It will be apparent that, in the sense in which I use the term, competition is not necessarily a hostile contention, nor even something of which the competing individual is always conscious.

  17. Land owners are driven to competing for laborers and tenants to work their plantations.

  18. His system of "non-competing groups" is a feature of his value theory, which is a noteworthy contribution to economic thought.

  19. The competing church retires its militant and disputatious leaders in an age which gives its applause to apostles of concord, fraternal feeling, and co-operation.

  20. The competing group derides many a dissenter into conformity.

  21. We are thus compelled to recognize the existence of non-competing industrial groups as a feature of our social economy.

  22. These crises and conflicts of a competing group present problems which must be solved--problems of organization, of inventions of many kinds, of new ideas and philosophies, of methods of adjustment.

  23. Social Solidarity as the Organization of Competing Groups.

  24. The variety was at one time a standard late, yellow-fleshed, freestone, market peach competing in popularity with Late Crawford over which it often held ascendency because less subject to brown-rot.

  25. This is another of the many early, white-fleshed, freestone peaches which are competing for favor among peach-growers.

  26. By personal effort each creature helps himself from a free supply, competing mercilessly with every other creature that comes in his way.

  27. Individual savages may be assimilated by the civilised competing race; but savagery and civilisation cannot coexist when they come in contact and competition.

  28. The nations of the West lay between the competing tyrannies of local magnates and of absolute monarchs, when a force was brought upon the scene which proved for a time superior alike to the vassal and his lord.

  29. The contributions of the absentee landlord to church work go to supplement the salary of a city pastor on a scale far beyond the competing ability of the rural church where his land is located.

  30. Saving of missionary money by eliminating duplication of missionary grants by competing denominations.

  31. If the inner struggle be bitter, the competing forces will hold on to their poor refuge in the symptom, despite any number of explanations that the symptom can have no physical cause.

  32. Even from the first, however, there had been some opening for election; for the principle of primogeniture was not observed, and there might be several competing candidates, all of the true Woden stock.

  33. Innocent had put forward this claim as a ground for deciding between competing candidates: Boniface VIII.

  34. One of these competing candidates would have to be recognized (as the Anglo-Saxons said, geceosan); and to this limited extent Teutonic kings may be termed elective from the very first.

  35. With two great competing parties, however, the case is quite different.

  36. Then, on the other hand, all the employers are competing for the trade, and so are all wanting cheap labour; and so are eager to lower wages.

  37. It is a mistake to suppose that undercutting each other's prices is the only method of competing between rival firms in trade.

  38. We are told that unless we can compete in price with foreign nations we must lose our foreign trade; and we are told that the only means of competing with foreign nations in price is to lower the wages of the British worker.

  39. Competition means competing or vying with each other for personal ends or gain.

  40. Now, if we must have foreign trade, and as much of it as we have now, and if we can only keep it by competing against foreign dealers in price, then it is true that we must try to reduce the cost of production.

  41. Minor defects ruled out four of these, and only the German Bayerischer Motoren Flugzeugwerke completed the seven-hour test prescribed for competing engines.

  42. Raynham, pilot of the Martinsyde competing machine, had the bad luck to crash his craft twice in attempting to start before he got outside the boundary of the aerodrome.

  43. Of the twenty-one monoplanes competing at the International meet at Belmont Park, N.

  44. Of the nine aerostats competing in that event, eight covered a more or less direct course due east and southeast, whereas the writer, with Major Henry B.

  45. He was the pupil of Vien, a painter whose chief merit it was to have inspired his pupil with a hatred of the frivolous Pompadour art of the epoch; and David only obtained the coveted prize after competing five successive years.

  46. The nations competing with America and Germany, such as England and France, have suffered only less than the countries directly affected.

  47. It would be manifestly unjust if, after a rain postponement, the competing teams did not remain and play the game off before playing elsewhere.

  48. Yet Philadelphia and Baltimore are forever precluded from competing with New York, both by their greater distance from open water and the comparative inferiority of the interior tracts with which they have ready communication.

  49. They filled every office, including that of prime minister[1], and they decided the claims of competing candidates for the crown.

  50. Boldly confident in its own superiority, it bears without impatience the glaring errors of open antagonists, and seems to exult in the contiguity of competing systems as if deriving strength by comparison.

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