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Example sentences for "competitions"

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  1. The competitions in those days were always literary and intellectual, but then popular education had not made such strides as to-day.

  2. On the lighter side there were competitions in Rugby and Association football, cross-country running, boxing, and rifle-shooting.

  3. Interclass competitions for trophies are held on Field Day, and the association hopes, with the development of outdoor baseball, to establish interhouse competitions also.

  4. All work of every kind in the Competitions must be done by Competitors unaided.

  5. It should further be borne in mind, that the nature of competitions is not so well understood in some foreign countries, where they are of less frequent occurrence, than with us.

  6. Amidst wrongs and frauds, competitions and anxieties, you will wish a thousand times for these seats of quiet, and willingly quit hope to be free from fear.

  7. Their pleasures, poor as they were, could not be preserved pure, but were embittered by petty competitions and worthless emulation.

  8. They would come up and protest the standing in competitions in the official bulletin for all the world as if they were managers of a big league baseball team.

  9. Instead of that, the audience before him were mainly bankers and successful business men whose Puritan characteristics had enabled them to win great success in the competitions in the great metropolis in every branch of business.

  10. While thousands fail and go back home or drop by the way, these men have made their way by superior ability, foresight, and adaptability through the fierce competitions of the great city.

  11. We have a joke at him, that when he wins one of these competitions (he's always one for going in for these guessing competitions that promises such a lot of money if you put in an odd word somewhere).

  12. The prizes run all the way from one shilling to half a guinea and the competitions are generally open to all children from three to six years of age.

  13. As a really educated nation for whom good literature begins in the home they encourage in every way literary competitions among the young readers of their journals.

  14. I might say that to enter these competitions one has to have a certificate of age from a member of the clergy.

  15. In our spare time football was played, and platoon and company competitions were soon in full swing.

  16. Tournament, and an even greater number of prizes at the competitions of the Metropolitan Territorial School of Arms Association.

  17. A Brigade Sports Committee was set up and a varied programme of games, sports and transport competitions was arranged.

  18. In our spare time we played football after the day’s work, and keen competitions between platoons and companies resulted.

  19. The bright vermilion and clean straw colors of this cart are especially effective in competitions on the tan-bark by gaslight, where dark colors show to less advantage.

  20. And there were very few that did not take part in more than one of the many competitions for ordinary ponies and for Shetlands.

  21. Time after time we pitted our Army shooting teams against those of the other nations of the earth and won the international competitions with the Springfield.

  22. We used to have great annual roping competitions in New Mexico and Texas, when handsome prizes were given to the men who would rope and tie down a big steer in quickest time.

  23. Nonsuch Palace, was the first to introduce horse-racing on the downs, but the earliest competitions referred to in the contemporary press were apparently between men, not horses.

  24. And now our readers will understand to whom they are indebted for the quaint sayings and funny stories and Competitions betokening someone who "understood" boys--and girls too.

  25. There was an originality and a humour which they had not noticed before, and Competitions were suggested to them of a type for a repetition of which they clamoured.

  26. Pistols and revolvers allowed in competitions must conform to the following conditions:-- A.

  27. The need of rules governing pistol and revolver competitions has been apparent during the past three years.

  28. There were, of course, piping competitions in conjunction with competitions in Highland dancing and sport.

  29. There is no doubt to be made, that private interest has some influence here upon some minds, and that our mercantile affairs and competitions have occasioned some altercation.

  30. And further, being convinced that wherever the feeling of emulation can be roused, there the eagerness to excel is greatest, he instituted competitions for everything in which he thought his soldiers should be trained.

  31. Let him propose competitions of every kind and offer prizes; the standard of skill will rise, and he will soon have a body of troops ready to his hand for any service he requires.

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