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  1. This "Law of Nations" was at first an authority which had formidable competitors to strive with, and the condition of Europe was long such as to preclude its universal reception.

  2. The names of those who distinguish themselves equally with competitors for commissions without purchase will be published in the same lists with the latter.

  3. In the Soviet Complex, and, for that matter, in Common Europe and other economic competitors of ours, they simply don't believe in planned obsolescence and all its related nonsense.

  4. You also buy a brain trust whose full time project is to keep you using their soap and not letting their competitors talk you into switching brands.

  5. Andrea had competitors in Lorenzo da Lendinara--who was held in Padua to be an excellent painter, and who also wrought some things in terra-cotta for the Church of S.

  6. In the case of the four great meetings there was even a public truce proclaimed, and the competitors and visitors were guaranteed a safe journey to visit them and to return to their homes.

  7. The limitation of each heat to four competitors arose, I fancy, from their not wearing colors (or even clothes), and so not being easily distinguishable.

  8. Incorrect for the first three: one may, however, correctly use three first if referring to a race, or the like, in which three of the competitors run a dead heat.

  9. They begin as brigands: merciless, unscrupulous, dealing out ruin and death and slavery to their competitors and employees, and facing desperately the worst that their competitors can do to them.

  10. Now, although the manufacturer may know how much of each article is consumed in each country annually, he cannot know how much is on hand at every given moment, much less can he know how much his competitors export thither.

  11. Here most of the workers have suffered as the weavers have done from the crowding in of competitors displaced by machinery, and are, moreover, subject like the factory operatives to a severe fine system for bad work.

  12. Then he has the certainty that if he should succeed, his competitors would follow him, reducing the price of the goods so produced, and thus depriving him of the benefit of his policy.

  13. It was therefore determined to build another steamer, which in speed and size would be a still further step forward and would be ready for any adverse competitors should any happen to arise.

  14. One year in bringing the steamer down, and seven in constant competition, in wearing out competitors and winning the route.

  15. The Russian American Company attempted to control it early in the present century, and drove many competitors from the fields.

  16. Two physicians of Irkutsk were 'unfortunates' from Warsaw, and one of them had distanced all competitors in the extent and success of his practice.

  17. They become the customers and suppliers of foreign countries, and frequently enough the competitors and even enemies of Germany.

  18. Hence, an English prize essay on the material advantages of Sunday found 1,045 competitors among English working men.

  19. For many years the Burlington road had the advantage of a first-class equipment of enginemen at rates of pay far below what its competitors have been compelled to pay for the same service.

  20. Obviously it was Moe Griesman who had bought out Sam's competitors and this caused Sam's bank to shut down on him.

  21. Him and me has been competitors for twenty years already.

  22. I would be ashamed for our competitors that they should think we let our work-people starve.

  23. The Consular reports upon these States as they are issued (when they are issued at all) tell the tale of our diminishing trade, and of the slow but sure rise of our competitors to the position of dominance which once was ours.

  24. At least our American and German competitors think so, and have the courage of their opinions.

  25. Only the most liberal concessions of credit can secure any decisive advantage for any one of the numerous competitors in business.

  26. These five competitors for the empire had concealed their ambition, and passed a quiet, harmless life, not at all distinguished from their fellow citizens, having yet to begin the great exploits which were to gain the empire.

  27. This buffoon hearing the words of the philosophical spectre, said to him, "If you wish to have no companion, I advise you to enter the body now before you, for you cannot possibly have any competitors for such a dwelling.

  28. Being desired to interpret this, I informed the husband, that the fault of his wife had been only thought of, and no choice had been made of an associate; but in her imagination all these young men had been competitors for the office.

  29. Several of the other competitors gathered about it while the engine was being tuned up.

  30. An important meeting will take place affecting the competitors in the races to-morrow.

  31. But the other evils of autocratic industry remain; laborers are hired for current wages, as by the capitalists, and the temptations to unfair treatment of employees and of competitors remain.

  32. The story of too many of our great trusts is a story of competitors ruined by ruthless and unscrupulous methods.

  33. One employer cannot, unless he is unusually prosperous, raise the wages of his employees or shorten their hours until his competitors do likewise.

  34. Even where monopoly is not sought, there are many unfair methods of competition-unfair to competitors and to the public that both should serve.

  35. The many who have been ruined by unscrupulous competitors are often embittered, the repressed capitalism; but the public as a whole has not been aroused to rebuke this "newer unrighteousness.

  36. Other competitors who have since arisen were then unknown.

  37. The interest of this eventful struggle, by which William of Normandy became King of England, is materially enhanced by the high personal characters of the competitors for our crown.

  38. He has passed all his competitors by a simple process.

  39. His competitors in the world imitate nature from memory, from convention, or from tradition.

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