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  1. But there are many ways of standing badly, and he has simply shifted his usual way to a compensatory bad way at some opposite extreme.

  2. Instead however of serving to organize and direct effort, it operates as a compensatory dream.

  3. Self-sacrifice means a self-maiming which asks for compensatory pay in some later possession or indulgence.

  4. The consequent divorce of moral ends from scientific study of natural events renders the former impotent wishes, compensatory dreams in consciousness.

  5. Its exaggeration of individuality is largely a compensatory reaction against the pressure of institutional rigidities.

  6. Is imagination diverted to fantasy and compensatory dreams, or does it add fertility to life?

  7. Our whole account of the place of intelligence in conduct is exposed however to the charge of being itself romantic, a compensatory idealization.

  8. As long as any social impulse endures, so long an activity that shuts itself off will bring inward dissatisfaction and entail a struggle for compensatory goods, no matter what pleasures or external successes acclaim its course.

  9. But that was met by giving the correlated organisation a compensatory looseness of play.

  10. IV Now it is worth while to inquire if there be not some compensatory value attaching to this impermanency and this smallness in the national life.

  11. Free speech was gagged; the press was severely silenced; and by the return to China of the Liao-Tung peninsula, in exchange for a compensatory increase of the war indemnity previously exacted, peace was secured.

  12. Freud has made an analytical study of the Taboo as found in primitive society and has shown that it has a compensatory value similar to that of the taboos and compulsions of certain neurotics.

  13. The animal world is full of such compensatory defences: there is a half-suit of armor given to shield half the body, and a wise instinct to protect the rest.

  14. But this compensatory action is inadequate to produce any sexual development in the absence of the testes.

  15. It is evident, therefore, that the secretions of these ductless glands are in some degree compensatory to those of the testes.

  16. The Tariff Board reports that no equitable method has been found to, levy purely specific duties on woolen and worsted fabrics and that, excepting for a compensatory duty, the rate must be ad valorem on such manufactures.

  17. As a matter of fact, this compensatory duty, for numerous classes of goods, is much in excess of the amount needed for strict compensation.

  18. Where expressive ideas are confluent with existence, compensatory ideas diverge from existence; they become pure value-forms whose paramount realization is traditional philosophy.

  19. It does not use up vital energies like the expressive idea, it is not an abortion of them, like the compensatory idea.

  20. But it is a program which has been petrified into a compensatory ideal.

  21. It is a striking manifestation of the extent in which philosophies have been compensatory in quality.

  22. Thus religion takes more account of experience than compensatory philosophy; it does not de-realize existent evil.

  23. The origin of such compensatory reactions is connected with the permanent relations of the whole bodily organism to the important objects which surround it.

  24. This example is a case in point; for, while they fixed their eyes on the dark shadow, and at the same time moved from the spot, the compensatory light image appeared to float round the real dark one.

  25. If a coloured object impinges on one part of the retina, the remaining portion at the same moment has a tendency to produce the compensatory colour.

  26. It proved to be a physiological phenomenon, such as others we have described, and the apparent coruscation was nothing but the spectrum of the flower in the compensatory blue-green colour.

  27. A modification of this tint in the agitated sea is also a compensatory colour: the light side of the waves appears green in its own colour, and the shadowed side is tinged with the opposite hue.

  28. As the compensatory colours easily appear, where they do not exist in nature, near and after the original opposite ones, so they are rendered more intense where they happen to mix with a similar real hue.

  29. Looked at impartially, this compensatory generosity is in its final effect probably more dangerous, more dysgenic, more blighting than the initial practice of profiteering and the social injustice which makes some too rich and others too poor.

  30. This accomplished, the pendulum of mob passion swings back to the opposite extreme, and the compensatory emotions express themselves in hysterical fashion.

  31. So in many cases there is a choice between compensatory lengthening and compensatory pause.

  32. In the extreme north-west, Sindhi and Lahnda, under the influence of the Pisaca languages, simplify the double consonant without compensatory lengthening, so that we have hath.

  33. The tertiary languages have on the whole preserved the consonantal system of the secondary stage, preferring, however, as a rule, to simplify double consonants, with compensatory lengthening of the preceding vowel.

  34. The intima shows compensatory thickening especially where the media is thinned.

  35. When a dilatation of the capillaries over any large area takes place, the blood pressure falls, provided there is no compensatory contraction in other areas to make up for the decreased resistance in the dilated vessels.

  36. Local or Peripheral= When the arteriosclerosis in the peripheral arteries reaches a stage where endarteritis obliterans supervenes, there is usually no chance for a compensatory or collateral circulation to be established.

  37. Prognosis is grave because of the fact that the heart muscle also is the seat of degenerative changes and compensatory hypertrophy is established with difficulty.

  38. The increase in size and strength is a compensatory process in order to keep the tissues supplied with their requisite quota of blood.

  39. Thus, whole parts may be closed and with compensatory dilatation in other parts there would be little or no change in pressure, unless there were hyperpiesis.

  40. As a matter of fact hypertension is a compensatory process, it is often a saving process in spite of the fact that it carries possibilities of harm in its possessor.

  41. As a compensatory process the pulse pressure increases.

  42. Because self-disgust and hatred are so painful, compensatory "mechanisms" have been set up.

  43. His reaction was of the compensatory type, where the fear arouses counter-emotions, counter-activities.

  44. With such clear vision, the mind at times almost loses its mental poise, its equilibrium, and forgets the glorious hopes and promises which are recorded in the book of life, as compensatory for all its conflicts here.

  45. But this law is evaded in practice, because it provides no compensatory indemnity for the woman.

  46. On the reproductive process especially, on the mammary glands, and on the child, alcohol has an arresting and degenerative influence without any compensatory advantages.

  47. This conclusion is in accordance with the general compensatory and complementary relationship of women to men (see, e.

  48. If you commit a tort, you are liable to pay a compensatory sum.

  49. If you commit a contract, you are liable to pay a compensatory sum unless the promised event comes to pass, and that is all the difference.

  50. Three hundred years ago a parson preached a sermon and told a story out of Fox's Book of Martyrs of a man who had assisted at the torture of one of the saints, and afterward died, suffering compensatory inward torment.

  51. This case, like many other less extreme cases of what might be called “compensatory heterotypy,” are best to be understood by the aid of the concept of “prospective potency.

  52. But real compensatory differentiation occurs in the cases of so-called “hypertypy” as first discovered by Przibram and afterwards studied by Zeleny: here the two organs of a pair show a different degree of differentiation.

  53. This is often quite without foundation, for nature's compensatory powers are very wonderful and seldom fail to afford relief.

  54. Practically all of this compensatory power is mental, hence its place in psychotherapy.

  55. In order to make up for the lack of breathing in this side the other lung does compensatory work.

  56. Reassurances may be given them, then, that will keep them from thinking seriously of the significance of these pains except as an index of nature's compensatory efforts.

  57. As a matter of fact, most sclerotic processes are so chronic as to be compensatory in their action for many other degenerations.

  58. At the North this compensatory enactment was everywhere regarded as an excessive return for such concessions as had been made.

  59. It was defeated with some loss, having inflicted no corresponding or compensatory injury upon the Confederates.

  60. Missouri came in in 1821 by a compromise that more than offset the omission to create a corresponding and compensatory free state.

  61. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "compensatory" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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