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  1. Foods vary greatly in their properties as restorative or constructive agencies, some containing but few essential properties, while others combine almost all of the elements required.

  2. In dreaming, there is no proper or restorative rest.

  3. It is wonderful how much may be done to protract existence by the habitual restorative of sound sleep.

  4. It is not then surprising that animal food is eminently restorative and invigorating.

  5. With wine it furnishes such a restorative power that in some countries roasted meats taken to the bride and groom are covered with it, just as in Persia soused sheeps' feet are given them.

  6. Every restorative was applied, but in vain.

  7. She bathed with restorative waters the pale brow of Manly; she chafed his cold hands, till their icy chill began to melt in the warmth of returning animation.

  8. They parted at the station, roused by the smell of salt to bestow a more legitimate title on the day's restorative beginning.

  9. Is it even the restorative perishable stuff of the markets?

  10. No more than three of the clock, it was the voice telling of half the precious restorative night-hours wasted.

  11. As a general restorative and uterine tonic, nothing surpasses Dr.

  12. If the nervous system be very much impaired, however, a longer time will elapse before the restorative effects of treatment will be observed.

  13. This agent improves the tone of the nervous system, and by its direct restorative tonic effects, lessens, or overcomes, any congestion of the womb or its appendages, regulates menstruation and promotes a condition of health and vigor.

  14. Alteratives, tonics, and restorative catalytics are required not only in diseases of the liver, but in a large number of ailments in which the blood becomes charged with morbid materials.

  15. Its wonderful restorative effects, tonic and nerve invigorating properties, especially adapt it to the cure of these cases.

  16. True, many chronic diseases are obstinate, yet a course of restorative medication persistently followed, promises a fortunate issue in this tractile temperament.

  17. This inherent defect of a Destitution Authority, which no alteration of name or composition or policy can remedy, must for ever prevent it applying curative or restorative treatment in any really effective way.

  18. An instance of the impracticability of the application of curative and restorative treatment by a Poor Law Authority, just because it is a Poor Law Authority, is afforded by the ebb and flow of the whole class of "Ins and Outs.

  19. It is by dealing with the individual through these manifestations or accompaniments of his inward defect, that we can most successfully bring to bear our curative and restorative influences.

  20. Those for whom the curative and restorative treatment is especially designed do not present themselves.

  21. It is useful as a restorative in the latter stages of fever, and to support the powers of the system after surgical operations, severe accidents, &c.

  22. Carminative and stomachic; also used as a restorative after fatigue, added to chocolate to improve its flavour, and sucked to sweeten the breath.

  23. A valuable stimulant and restorative in low fevers, and in extreme exhaustion from haemorrhages, &c.

  24. This formula is a modification of the one recently recommended by Liebig for the preparation of a highly nutritive and restorative food for invalids.

  25. To a certain extent the dream is a restorative for the brain, which, during the day, is called upon to meet the many demands for trained thought made upon it by the conditions of a higher civilization.

  26. Oswald:[13] "Rightly interpreted, the external symptoms of disease constitute a restorative process that can not be brought to a satisfactory issue till the cause of the evil is removed.

  27. Theine, by being a restorative and an indirect sustainer and regulator of the circulation, may induce sleep.

  28. The y had come to Cartagena expressly to take him home with them, and felt far more hopeful than I did of the restorative effects of his native air.

  29. As you please, Mrs Jellybags; but pray, give my poor uncle his restorative mixture.

  30. No, when I do I have always a holy and compassionate friar, who pulls a wonderful restorative or healing balm, out of his bosom.

  31. Pours out the restorative mixture in a glass.

  32. Subinvolution is a term employed to designate a partial or complete cessation of this restorative action.

  33. The hypothesis upon which this is based is the restorative property that living tissue possesses, to regain its vitality, after it has been subjected to severe and inordinate pressure.

  34. I saw him take his restorative at one draught.

  35. It opened out to restorative daylight, and we breathed better and chaffed one another, and, beholding a house with pendent gold grapes, applauded the diligence conductor's expressive pantomime.

  36. It is then that the exhausted nerves regain tone, and the body generally undergoes a restorative process.

  37. But you must let me, in return, send you some of our famous Tokay, which is also a restorative and, moreover, very pleasant to take.

  38. One day, however, seeing her more tired than usual, I begged her permission to present her with a few bottles of Vin Mariani, of the restorative virtues of which I had had personal experience.

  39. In the proof of the second minor proposition, I shall attempt to show that each of these remedies has a peculiar action of its own on the blood, even in health; which cannot be said of Restorative medicines.

  40. I believe Iron to be simply and solely a Restorative remedy.

  41. Thus are concluded the six orders of restorative medicines; all of which are seen to agree together in some common characters.

  42. It has been shown, in the article on Chalybeates, that the action of Iron is of a distinctly Restorative nature.

  43. It obviously acts on the Restorative principle.

  44. Before proceeding further, I may here take the opportunity of insisting again on the differences between Catalytic and Restorative medicines.

  45. This is the case with most Eliminatives, and with all medicines except the Restorative Haematics.

  46. Having dismissed the second of the minor propositions which relate to Tonics as Restorative medicines, we pass on to the third.

  47. All the known soluble compounds of Iron, except the Ferrocyanide and Ferridcyanide of Potassium, possess this Restorative power.

  48. Tonics are used in the same diseases on the Restorative plan; but their utility extends also to other cases on the same grounds.

  49. I have given my reasons for ranking Quina and Tonics among Restorative medicines.

  50. Were this proved, its restorative action would be effectually cleared up.

  51. The fifth and last minor proposition relates to an important difference between these and Restorative medicines.

  52. For whenever the action of a morbid poison causes any derangement in the proportion of the normal constituents of the blood, a Restorative may become of use to supply this defect.

  53. My last hope, then, was in seeking the restorative effects of a warmer stratum of atmosphere.

  54. As you please, Mrs Jellybags; but pray give my poor uncle his restorative mixture.

  55. Pours out the restorative mixture in a glass.

  56. Under your soothing treatment he revives; (Restorative is the smile of gentle wives): You lengthen his, who lengthens all our lives.

  57. We seem to be sitting on nothing but a voluptuous warmth, restorative as a bath.

  58. The restorative changes in the abdominal wall involve the skin, the fatty tissues, and the muscles.

  59. The initial steps in these restorative processes are taken most promptly and effectively when patients remain in bed.

  60. As yet the restorative changes in the reproductive organs have not been completed, but one may definitely say by this time whether or not they will culminate in a satisfactory manner.

  61. As with all the restorative changes in the lying-in period, to rest calmly in bed favors the perfect recovery of the pelvic floor more than anything else.

  62. But even though tears are sewn up successfully, there is invariably some relaxation of the perineum until the restorative process, which here again chiefly concerns the muscles, has been given opportunity to become effective.

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