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Example sentences for "designing"

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designedly; designer; designers; designes; designeth; designment; designs; desine; desio; desipere
  1. In the meantime, as the nation's wards, they should be promptly defended against the cupidity of designing men and shielded from every influence or temptation that retards their advancement.

  2. The inventive genius of ordnance and civilian experts has been taxed in designing carriages that would obviate this fault, resulting, it is believed, in the solution of this difficult problem.

  3. Vickers had fallen into the hands of a designing woman, who intended to capture a rich man's son.

  4. And she has gone in for fads,--she has taken to spinning and weaving and designing jewellery and I don't know what.

  5. Several styles of decoration are used in designing book covers; but they may be put roughly into two classes,--those that are purely ornamental and those that are pictorial.

  6. The designing of book covers is a minor art, but since there is a constant demand for ornamented covers, the more taste and skill that can be devoted to the making of them, the better.

  7. These elements are principles which govern the designing of houses and conditions which are to be fulfilled, if a house is desired to be perfect, in any time and place.

  8. If comfort is one of the main objects, as I said, in the designing of a house, Japanese parlor affords no comfort whatever either to the host or to the guest mentally or physically.

  9. Principles involved in house designing are not so simple as one would suppose, for the work of house designing is simply an application of the scientific, economical, and artistic idea.

  10. The stranger I spoke to you about yesterday in the evening is no ill man, as some ill-designing persons would have persuaded me: he is a young prince, endued with all manner of virtues.

  11. The habit of designing furniture for slip-covers originated in the middle ages.

  12. The old French cabinet-makers excelled in the designing and making of furniture for the salon de famille.

  13. The tendency to dash from one style to another, without stopping to analyze the intrinsic qualities of any, has defeated the efforts of those who have tried to teach the true principles of furniture-designing by a return to the best models.

  14. I fainted at the fall and he raised his sword designing to cut off my head; but I clung to his skirts, and he lifted me in his hand as though I were a sparrow.

  15. You will see that there ought to be no question as to the attitude of the organized labor movement on this subject, notwithstanding the designing misrepresentations of enemies of our cause, who seek to place our movement in a false light.

  16. As designing its reward, for the shelter it afforded his majesty, after the fight at Worcester.

  17. Now is the time for speculative and dreaming or designing men.

  18. It takes much pleasure in seeing Horace Greeley play a part in a negro farce, and become the victim of designing colored brethren.

  19. Designing to get some good Ships and more Company as they Could, [they favored (?

  20. Carry, unloaded his Vessel and forced all his Men, designing to carry the Snow with them to make her a Hulk to carreen their Ship with.

  21. Norton for twentyfour Hours and then Stood for the Gulph,[4] designing for Rhoad Island, but in their Passage thither on the fourth day of October at Ten a Clock in the morning, being in the Lat.

  22. These examples show that while trial holes should always be made before designing a foundation, to ascertain the nature of the subsoil, care must be taken not to calculate upon uniformity.

  23. In the close of the year 1796 it assumed the name of school, as I before remarked, directed by a master in the art of designing figures, together with an assistant.

  24. To this he added strength when he visited Rome, where he studied Raffaello and the antique, designing with a wonderful degree of accuracy the column of Trajan, universally regarded as a school of the ancients always open to the present day.

  25. You see clearly it is necessary, Mr. Folliard, that this deep-designing Jesuit should be sent out of the country.

  26. We wish, that is to say I wish, to prevent your good nature from being played upon by a designing villain.

  27. Detachd Parts of them being given out, they may be made to bear a different Construction from what was intended, and answer the Purpose of interrested & designing Men.

  28. I hope it will not be in the Power of any designing Men, by imposing upon credulous tho' well meaning Persons long to keep this Country, who may be happy if they will, long in a State of Discord & Animosity.

  29. This has long been recognized in the teaching of elementary design, and the practice of designing Alphabets and Inscriptions is now common in most Schools of Art.

  30. The Printer must at the same time be a Calligrapher, or in touch with him, and there must be in association with the Printing Press a Scriptorium where beautiful writing may be practised and the art of letter-designing kept alive.

  31. No branch of designing illuminated or other ornament requires greater experience to succeed in than the adjustment of the size of parts and patterns to the precise conditions of light, distance, foreshortening, &c.

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