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designation; designations; designd; designe; designed; designer; designers; designes; designeth; designing
  1. Linglet, a democratic member, interrupting a speech which seemed to be designedly vague and inexplicit.

  2. Certainty is, however, the less attainable as to this, seeing that Caesar perhaps designedly instituted fewer offices than candidatures.

  3. The report beyond doubt designedly circulated by these, that Lucullus now thought of combining with the Pontic-Armenian war an expedition against the Parthians, fed the exasperation of the troops.

  4. Innocent people were killed, either designedly or by accident, and the blame for the murders was laid upon the shoulders of Sinn Fein.

  5. This is a sketch, necessarily and designedly rapid, of the poetical history of the eighteenth century in France.

  6. It is sufficient to say that both Gargantua and his son Pantagruel are the heroes of adventures, designedly exaggerated and burlesqued from those common in the romances of chivalry.

  7. As to their designedly making a composition for that purpose, it is entirely void of truth.

  8. And this expression must have been designedly used to point out the contrast between the rise of this beast, and that of other national prophetic symbols.

  9. To make your citizens firm against pain, you expose them designedly to severe pains: if they were kept free from pains, you would have no confidence in their firmness against painful actualities, when any such shall occur.

  10. He keeps up designedly not merely competition but mutual jealousy and ill-will among those around him.

  11. This was surely a rash action, but I did not designedly turn pirate.

  12. Napoleon had not yet passed Bordeaux, where he remained a few days, designedly vying in delay with the Spanish court.

  13. The prefect was absent, Fouché having been designedly detained at Paris.

  14. After all, Fredericksburg was severely shelled--whether designedly or incidentally in the fight, does not yet appear.

  15. But Patrick, either designedly or innocently, anticipated this striking ceremony, and lit his own fire, where he had encamped, in view of the royal residence.

  16. The last, the angel of the piece, is a Quakeress, and the tale seems written in the interests of that persuasion, yet contains nothing designedly offensive to a Catholic.

  17. On the contrary, we have designedly multiplied all the difficulties with perfect frankness.

  18. Nevertheless, though the expression succeeded, and was designedly cruel, she could not forgive the insincerity of his last speech; craving in truth for confidence as her smallest claim on him now.

  19. Not that she conceived him designedly base; but he outraged her now conscious delicacy, and what she had to endure as a girl seemed unbearable to her now.

  20. I have sent this long tirade, because I would not have you suppose that I have been trifling designedly with you or others.

  21. I think, with all humility, that the gentle reader has considered a rather uncommon, and designedly irregular, versification for haste and negligence.

  22. The critical situation designedly brought about by the action of the Transvaal Government and by the influence of the Bond party indicated the remedy.

  23. In this way the Boer mind was designedly fashioned into the conviction that war was inevitable, and that both President and people were absolved from all responsibility in it.

  24. A strange, dreamy sort of languor seemed to brood over all nature; the suffocating heat caused our horses to foam and pant, although our pace was designedly slow, and our lungs sought in vain for the freshness of the morning air.

  25. After a time he was uncoupled; when, instead of hunting as usual, he raced over the field, quartering his ground most systematically, and designedly springing all the birds.

  26. These are complex ideas designedly imperfect: and it is visible at first sight, that several of those qualities that are to be found in the things themselves are purposely left out of generical ideas.

  27. And he that designedly does it, ought to be looked on as an enemy to truth and knowledge.

  28. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "designedly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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