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Example sentences for "fraudulent"

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fratrum; fraud; fraude; fraudful; frauds; fraudulently; fraught; frauleins; fraus; frawg
  1. General Schenck, representing the United States at the Court of St. James, humiliated his country by dabbling in a fraudulent mining scheme.

  2. So began in Philadelphia the practice of fraudulent registering and voting on a scale that has probably never been equaled elsewhere in America.

  3. But I do not care to divert it from him by fraudulent means.

  4. Injustice often arises also through chicanery, that is, through an over-subtle and even fraudulent construction of the law.

  5. Or can anything fraudulent or unprincipled be done, when "honest dealing between honest parties" is stipulated?

  6. Why do we gather instances of petty crime--legacies criminally obtained and fraudulent buying and selling?

  7. The alteration of a written contract in a material particular with fraudulent intent by a promisee in effect discharges the contract so far as he is concerned.

  8. Reference to a fraudulent conveyance by general assignment has been made; but there are many kinds of fraudulent conveyances.

  9. Generally speaking, the statement relied on as fraudulent must have been made with the purpose of inducing action.

  10. If the defrauded seller can reach the goods before they have left the hands of the fraudulent person, he may replevy them or he may seize them if that is possible.

  11. In the first place a fraudulent conveyance is an act of bankruptcy.

  12. He can avoid making a fraudulent conveyance, but he will find it pretty hard to avoid making a preference.

  13. If we fail, we shall at least prove to him that we quit the city, not under his fraudulent manœuvres, but under our own sense of the duty of obedience.

  14. For some remarks on other fraudulent manœuvres of the Argeians, respecting the season of the Karneian truce, see Vol.

  15. She has become a swindler--a conspirator---a fraudulent woman!

  16. There are still people whom it would pain to see Iris Henley tried and found guilty with two others on a charge of fraudulent conspiracy.

  17. Accessories in fraudulent bankruptcies are liable to penal servitude--for instance, a creditor who conspires with the debtor to secure an advantage to the prejudice of the other debtors.

  18. The result was an enormous increase in fraudulent arrangements.

  19. It is not difficult to see, in the light of subsequent experience, how likely this provision was to encourage fraudulent arrangements, and to introduce laxity in the administration of debtors' estates.

  20. The subject was originally dealt with in the sole interest of creditors; it was considered fraudulent for a debtor to procure his own bankruptcy.

  21. Both kinds of bankruptcy are punishable, fraudulent bankruptcy by penal servitude, or in case of mitigating circumstances, by imprisonment for not less than three months.

  22. To constitute a fraudulent preference it is not necessary, as it is under English law, that the payment should be made "with a view to prefer" the favoured creditor.

  23. The above are a few of my reasons for believing that the Chinese god is either greatly over-estimated, or else shippers and producers are flooding the market with fraudulent gods.

  24. To grant a prisoner liberty to seek subsistence, and yet suffer any fraudulent person to deprive him of his just wages, could arise only from that confusion of ideas, too common in legislation on the subject.

  25. Every asylum was thronged with contraband traders, fraudulent bankrupts, thieves and assassins.

  26. Hippias maintains that if Achilles ever speaks falsehood, it is with an innocent purpose, whereas Odysseus does the like with fraudulent purpose.

  27. To this Hippias replies, that if Achilles ever speaks falsehood, he does it innocently, without any purpose of cheating or injuring any one; whereas the falsehoods of Odysseus are delivered with fraudulent and wicked intent.

  28. But the fraudulent character of his dealings with the sealed letters made me fear that falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.

  29. Why may the fraudulent act of a partner dissolve the firm?

  30. Forgery is the fraudulent making or altering of a written instrument.

  31. Since unscrupulous persons are at such times tempted to present fraudulent claims, the judge exercises great care in examining the accounts.

  32. That the fraudulent element most probably entered largely into the motives of witch prosecutions is attested by some instances in connection with the Lancashire trials.

  33. The base and the fraudulent will be punished and exposed, the noble and the good honored and justified.

  34. Distinguished from the fraudulent promoter is the uninformed promoter, but, so far as results are concerned, there is not much difference between them for the innocent investor.

  35. The Chairman: The reason why we have so many fraudulent promotions is largely because of our American temperament; we are so nervous that we can't watch a hickory tree grow.

  36. In the beginning, let us distinguish between the fraudulent promoter and the uninformed promoter.

  37. The subject I have written on, roughly and hurriedly, is Fraudulent and Uninformed Promoters.

  38. We ought to state here, in connection with fraudulent nut promotions, that he has acted in favor of capital and against the public interest if it is true.

  39. The Chairman: This is a matter of very great importance and I hope we shall have a good discussion, from a practical point of view, by men who know about fraudulent promotions and their effect.

  40. These fraudulent nut promoters capitalize the enthusiasm of people who want to get back to the land, just as porters at the hotels capitalize the joy of a newly married couple.

  41. Her looks and language equally expressed the indignation of a mind perfectly convinced of the fraudulent and evil purposes of the person she addressed.

  42. God, which describes the fraudulent life of Jerusalem, and the evils He is bringing on her.

  43. They accused him of having written an anonymous letter to the underwriters in London, stating that the insurances of that ship were fraudulent transactions; in consequence of which the payment for her loss was resisted.

  44. This unfortunate man was a native of London, where he received a good education, and moved in genteel society, but having been guilty of some fraudulent practices, he was discharged from the situation which he held.

  45. On the morning of his execution, the unhappy wretch confessed that he had been guilty of innumerable sins, but declared that he had no fraudulent intention in indorsing the bill when he put it off.

  46. Our opponents charged that we did it by fraudulent voting; but whatever they may have believed, we know the charge to be untrue.

  47. The teaching of composition in the ordinary elementary school is too often fraudulent and futile.

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