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Example sentences for "blase"

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blanky; blare; blared; blaring; blarsted; blasing; blason; blaspheme; blasphemed; blasphemer
  1. Ye brenne, but ye blase noght, That is a blynd bekene.

  2. They gave a huge ball and my sister made me meet all her blase friends.

  3. Breck smiled at this open compliment and again compared her with his blase sister and her group of friends suffering from a heavy boredom.

  4. The report is made to a small automaton of a boy, with a blase eye and a brassy voice.

  5. Passers-by eyed him with the blase curiosity of New Yorkers, as he passed at a dog trot.

  6. Satisfied, he started toward the blase check boy with the brassy voice; as he went his hand felt casually in his change pocket, and he stopped short, gripped by horror.

  7. The culchawed East and blase Yewrup look on with mild astonishment and wondah what ails the bawbarians, doncher know.

  8. The sun shone more brightly for me on the day she came into my world, and my heart became filled with a supreme happiness such as I, blase and world-weary, had never known.

  9. Away she quickly flew, And Blase informed, what Ninny had in view.

  10. They were long blase on oaths; they numbered among themselves veterans and virtuosi of perjury.

  11. I have seen Letters of Velloso, and Blase Ruiz, to the Council at Manila, after this Action, wherein they speak to this Effect, and complain that Gallinato should blame what they did.

  12. Blase Ruiz and James Velloso had landed there before, and went alone by Land to the Kingdom of the Laos, which lies West of Cochinchina, to seek out the depos'd King Langara, and restore him to his Throne.

  13. But James Veloso and Blase Ruyz, either that they were formerly acquainted [Design to murder the Spaniards.

  14. She appeared very blase in all her desperate young beauty.

  15. From Cora's description I was all prepared to find Dulcie a tall, stately creature of twenty-eight, kind of blase and haggard from her wearing social duties in New York.

  16. Her one weakness was that she lacked the blase social air.

  17. Because her husband deserted her openly for other women and confessed it in a blase way she saw no valid reason for keeping herself from other men.

  18. There were gamblers, blase society men, mining experts, speculators, sometimes with, sometimes without a wife.

  19. An army in the field thinks a United States Senator is about one of the biggest institutions going--which, seriously, is not far from the truth, with all due respect to the blase pessimists of the press gallery.

  20. The only really blase individual in the ball park is Willie Grimes, who peddles ice-cream cones.

  21. I am so utterly blase on the subject of love!

  22. XVIII A BLASE YOUNG MAN It was a fortnight after the events we have narrated.

  23. He passed the time as on the previous day, a somewhat blase actor resting between pictures, and condescending to beguile the tedium by overlooking the efforts of his professional brethren.

  24. Merton Gill remained leaning wearily against his massive pillar, trying to appear blase under the chatter of the Spanish girl.

  25. As I told you once, I feel dreadfully blase to-night," she said, picking to pieces a rose which had fallen away from her stylish gown.

  26. Watch him a moment and see how he has forgotten his blase part to-night.

  27. I never felt so blase in my life before," Ethel Walton whispered, as I handed her a favor.

  28. About his full, blond physique there was a blase indifference which unfortunately very often fascinates young girls.

  29. It is dreadful when he stops, just as you are at the height of your enjoyment, but he is so thoroughly blase that he doesn't care to show off before people and doesn't like to have any one pay him a compliment about his playing.

  30. How ardently I wished that he would "play a storm," but of course he didn't, and he presently began to trifle over the keys in a blase style.

  31. Around every art studio are found the young men in velveteen who smoke infinite cigarettes, and throw off opinions about this great man and that, and prate prosaically in blase monotone of the Beautiful.

  32. Blase Billy"--if the name could still be applied to him--hardly ever visited the Club after his marriage.

  33. I was forced into closer companionship with "Blase Billy" that autumn, for by chance a month later he and I found ourselves the guests of the same delightful hostess, and I came to liking him better.

  34. BLASE BILLY It was towards the end of August.

  35. I congratulated "Blase Billy," or to drop his Club nickname and give him the full benefit of his social label, "The Hon.

  36. He talked more recklessly, once in a while with a bitterness not aimed at any one in particular, which passed among the others as blase sarcasm of one who had seen much and to whom even the fastest was slow.

  37. But the rest of it trailed off into the old blase tone.

  38. In Norwich, every fifty years, the festival of Bishop Blase is observed with great ceremony.

  39. Norwich formerly abounded with woolcombers, who still esteem Bishop Blase as their patron saint, probably from the [Combe of Yren] with which he was tortured previously to his martyrdom.

  40. A line of empty beer bottles which stood on a mantelpiece littered with unframed photographs and dog-eared Christmas cards struck a note so blase that it might almost have been committed for a reason.

  41. He managed to achieve a supremely blase air while the words were being counted, but it crumbled instantly when the telegraphist shot a quick look at Joan and gave Martin a grin of cordial congratulation.

  42. A cruel but powerful interest, already too dear to his blase soul, was disappearing thus from his life.

  43. That was a dispensation of Providence in my favor, for blase people have two drawbacks: they do not enjoy themselves, and they bore their friends.

  44. He was a thin, dapper little man with a blase superiority that was impressive as betokening a profound knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of motor-cars.

  45. I do not like the blase young man as a traveling companion.

  46. I have just formed the acquaintance of a blase young man.

  47. It is not pleasant to be called green, but I would rather be green and aspiring than blase and hide-bound at nineteen.

  48. The blase young man seemed to be tired all the time.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "blase" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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