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Example sentences for "blasphemer"

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  1. The blasphemer was not guilty till he expressed the NAME.

  2. But the Sages say, “none were hung up, save the blasphemer and the idolater.

  3. He denied the charge, saying that if in Meulestee there was a rogue, a blackguard, a blasphemer and a lecherous brute, it was no other than Pieter de Roose, and not he.

  4. And everyone in the town knows that what the cross encloses is the hump of the blasphemer who was made straight.

  5. Now notice: by the Jewish law if a man were a blasphemer he was to be put to death; and supposing Christ to be merely human if this be not blasphemy I do not know where you will find it.

  6. If a gambler or a blasphemer were taken out of the streets of New York and placed on the crystal pavement of heaven and under the shadow of the tree of life, he would say, "I do not want to stay here.

  7. It makes the blasphemer a man of prayer, the sensualist a man of purity, the inebriate a man of sobriety; and where sin abounded, grace much more abounds.

  8. No other power could conquer those proud rebellious hearts, and turn the blasphemer into a man of prayer.

  9. The church wants us to believe that God will go out of his way to strike a blasphemer and work a week to save the soul of a murderer.

  10. I imagine Salvator Rosa would have made a different disposition on the same subject--that amidst the darkness of a tempest he would have illuminated the blasphemer with the flash of lightning by which he was destroyed.

  11. Thus the murderer and blasphemer being grievously struck, as himself had treated others, died a miserable death in a strange country, among the mountains.

  12. Saying: Bring forth the blasphemer without the camp: and let them that heard him, put their hands upon his head: and let all the people stone him.

  13. Who before was a blasphemer and a persecutor and contumelious.

  14. St Louis, the true type of the religious crusader, once said that a layman ought only to argue with a blasphemer against Christian law by running his sword into the bowels of the blasphemer as far as it would go:[49] Frederick II.

  15. The blasphemer and parricide is gone to his dread account.

  16. But, thus setting no bounds to his frowardness, Divine vengeance did not suffer the blasphemer to prolong his miserable existence.

  17. For the second offense the blasphemer was to be stigmatized in the forehead with the letter B and the fine was doubled.

  18. The blasphemer was taken to a certain precipitous rock, the height of which was prescribed as being equal to that of two men.

  19. He left Jerusalem a bitter persecutor, exceeding mad against the followers of the Nazarene, thinking that Jesus was a blasphemer and an impostor, and His disciples pestilent vermin, to be harried off the face of the earth.

  20. The Church pronounces you upon that head a blasphemer of God, a contemner of its sacraments, a transgressor of divine law, of Holy Writ and of canonical sanction.

  21. The Church pronounces you superstitious, a sorceress, a blasphemer of the archangel St. Michael and of Saints Marguerite and Catherine, and a contemner of love for your neighbor.

  22. The Church pronounces you a traitor, mendacious, cruel, desirous of shedding human blood, seditious, a provoker of tyranny and a blasphemer of God in His holy commandments and revelations.

  23. The Regent Duke of Bedford denounced her as a rebel against the infant king; and the Bishop of Beauvais as a blasphemer and child of the devil.

  24. A sorceress and a blasphemer they pronounce her, and pass her on to the secular authorities, and her sentence is--death.

  25. In addition to this, they felt that God would hold the community responsible if the community allowed a blasphemer to attack the true religion.

  26. If he really believes that the character of Jehovah, as portrayed in the Old Testament, is bad, and he pronounces it good, he is a blasphemer and a coward.

  27. But not every blasphemer goes so far as to say that God is false.

  28. The law commanding a blasphemer to be stoned, could not teach one Israelite love to God, but it could save the streets of Israel from scandalous ribaldry.

  29. They demanded that Paul be shunned as a blasphemer and a rebel, while they were to be heard as true teachers of the Gospel and authentic disciples of the apostles.

  30. Christ Himself was accused of being a blasphemer and rebel.

  31. All the prophets of old said that Christ should be the greatest transgressor, murderer, adulterer, thief, blasphemer that ever was or ever could be on earth.

  32. I sung on, and as the next verse was finished, the blasphemer turned his face away, and I saw nothing of him after that but the back of his head, and that was the handsomest part of him.

  33. Before I had finished the first verse and chorus, the passengers had crowded down around me, and the blasphemer had turned round and looked at me with a face resembling a thunder cloud.

  34. Twere a goodly sight to see a blasphemer suffer?

  35. I said something of the like to the wise Rabbi, and he made me answer thus: 'The unbeliever and the blasphemer shall be cast forth and his inheritance shall be given to them which are faithful, for thus is it written in the law.

  36. She remained kneeling, therefore, like a woman tied down, like a blasphemer bound by cords in the attitude of prayer, whose soul was shrieking insults against heaven.

  37. This one blasphemer began to destroy for her the mystic atmosphere created by the multitudes of adorers, and at last she could no longer endure his reiterated enmity.

  38. If, as I suspect, he serves that elegant blasphemer Manfred von Hohenstaufen.

  39. No matter that the pope had proclaimed it a holy crusade against the blasphemer Manfred.

  40. The little impious blasphemer Eberbach, especially, he would have been more than ready to lash with the best hazel rod which he had ever cut for his dead father.

  41. To them he is a blasphemer whom they gaze at with awe and terror.

  42. To the warm and enthusiastic pietist the enquirer appears as a hater of God, an inveterate blasphemer of holy things, soiling with rude and insolent hands what ought only to be humbly adored.

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