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Example sentences for "atheist"

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  1. No cure we see with troubled eyes: And atheist brood on earth may rise.

  2. The atheist creed I disavow, Unsay the words of sin, And use the faithful’s language now Thy favour, Prince, to win.

  3. Being at that time young and argumentative, I maintained that there existed a distinction: that a deist believed in God, and an atheist had not that belief.

  4. Though I am in favor of liberty of conscience, in its highest sense, I think that the atheist ought to be punished like the murderer and the thief—for his doctrines tend to make a murderer and a thief of every man.

  5. Under such colours is an atheist painted: a short digression must be suffered to examine this picture, and to disprove the assertions so sweepingly made.

  6. The atheist is in full possession of these motives, and the religionist is most completely swayed by them, whatever may be his pretensions to others derived from religion.

  7. It is, at least, evident, that an atheist has one pretext less than a credulous prince, for exercising his natural wickedness.

  8. The laws of Nature are the same in effect on the atheist and the religionist.

  9. By appeals and concessions to France, Russia, and other powers, she contrived to create something which, against the atheist innovator even in that atheist age, stood up for an instant like a spectre of the Crusades.

  10. And when the Atheist is accused of making himself the highest thing in the universe, the plain answer is that it is precisely the Theist, and nobody else, who does so.

  11. The so-called Atheist who, in the time of the French Revolution, defied God to prevent him drinking his cup of wine, was struck dead to the ground, and the cup was dashed untasted from his lips.

  12. The Atheist simply stands honestly to the conclusions which such Theists have avowedly come to and then feebly let go.

  13. In recent Christian propaganda, the growing humanity of the age is seen in a disposition to convert the atheist rather than to send him to hell shrieking.

  14. The justification is that Gladstone was bound to refrain from "compromising" his party by making the admission of the Atheist a Cabinet question.

  15. An Atheist believes in a "going" and infinite universe, the totality of which he cannot pretend to understand; and which he flatly refuses to pretend to explain by the primitive hypothesis of a personal "Spirit.

  16. The Atheist admits that he can form no conception whatever of Infinite and Eternal Power.

  17. He was not the untrained Atheist of the theistic imagination, who may be confounded with a quotation from Kant by one of the personages of Mrs Ward's religious vaudevilles.

  18. The Atheist certainly avows that he can only trace causation a small way in the universe; but he does not for a moment suppose that he would be giving an explanation of any event if he referred it to "Chance.

  19. None of the epithets directed at the Atheist had struck him in that light.

  20. Under this reservation it falls to be said that the use made of the mean technicality of an oath being held not "binding on the conscience" of an Atheist was in itself profoundly unconscientious.

  21. The Atheist reasons: he consults experience, which he prefers to prejudice.

  22. An Atheist is fully as conscientious as a religious man, and has better motives for doing good 179.

  23. Are not the motives of the Atheist sufficiently powerful to counteract his passions?

  24. It is asked, what motives an Atheist can have to do good?

  25. God would be evidently the most unjust and capricious of tyrants, if he should punish an Atheist for not having known, what, by his nature, it was impossible he should know.

  26. An Atheist is fully as conscientious as a religious man 179.

  27. One was, that the eyes of an intrepid operator filled with tears whilst he adverted to a very commonplace subject; the other, that a confirmed atheist was inconsistent enough to invoke the Deity whose very existence he denied.

  28. I immediately retraced my steps, and followed the atheist into the house, where surely he could have no lawful business to transact.

  29. Let the atheist then exult in the belief of an eternal world.

  30. What though the atheist should here be allowed to maintain his favorite theory that matter never had a beginning?

  31. The atheist may say that matter is eternal.

  32. Does the atheist say, All is the result of laws inherent in matter?

  33. How easy, then, for the atheist to evade the force of your argument against the world's eternity, drawn from the ravages of death!

  34. The atheist mainly relies upon this notion of an eternal series of things; for if he can defend that opinion, he will overturn the main argument of the Theist for the divine existence, viz.

  35. We disuse it, because Atheist is a worn-out word.

  36. The Atheist holds that the universe is an endless series of causes and effects ad infinitum, and therefore the idea of a first cause is an absurdity and a contradiction.

  37. The Atheist does not labor to demonstrate that there is no God; but he labors to demonstrate that there is no adequate proof of there being one.

  38. Whilst he sung the fate of that great and good King Francis, his name found its own evil fate, and the Atheist suffered the punishment of the flames, which both he and his verses so richly merited.

  39. In the first place, he is more of an atheist than ever, and, besides, you must have noticed yourself that his mind is quite shaky.

  40. I have a feeling in my heart for an atheist contrary to that which God commands.

  41. This life may terminate before the full revelation of right is made; it may leave the good in darkness and the evil flaunting in pride; the believer may go down in shame and the atheist have the last word.

  42. An atheist is a man that does nothing except talk, and talks about nothing except himself.

  43. Did you ever hear of an atheist shooting pheasants?

  44. An Atheist Badman was, if such a thing as an Atheist could be.

  45. Atheism" is still a shocking charge in many ears, but the atheist is no longer an outlaw.

  46. The atheist here plumes himself on the uselessness of such a God, and the simpler hypothesis of a self-existent universe.

  47. Since atheist not, and not idolater, Nor yet of those Samaritan heretics, Wherein did Stephen fail of loyalty?

  48. Sergius declares himself an atheist of the Epicurean sort, and he plies Saul with incredulous inquiries about the religion of the Jews--Saul answering with Hebrew conviction and earnestness.

  49. Wherefore should we you Hebrews sole of all Reckon divinely taught by history, Taught to be theists in an atheist world, Or in a world idolatrous, of God The True, the Only, only worshippers?

  50. Tamburlaine the atheist and Faust the dealer in magic invited a greater condemnation in every Christian then than now.

  51. She posited that even the most intransigent atheist was susceptible to the god of his own making.

  52. She meant that she needed to imagine a tranquil and permanent entity, God, by which to ease her pain, and yet being an atheist there was none.

  53. Hindu and Christian, Mahommedan and Buddhist, Atheist and Jew, the heart of man is ever the same.

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