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festin; festina; festins; festis; festiuall; festivall; festivals; festive; festivities; festivity
  1. A liberally supplied picnic luncheon will not fail to complete the pleasures of the day; and altogether the festival of the merca of such or such a year will probably remain as an epoch in the memories of many of those invited to be present.

  2. It is necessary, therefore, that they should be marked; and this marking is the occasion of a great and very remarkable festival and solemnity.

  3. St. Serf's festival and fair day long continued, and was kept on the 1st of July while the market lasted.

  4. His festival was held on the 17th of May.

  5. This day being the last of the vintage, he had promised a dance in front of Clochegourde in honor of the return of the Bourbons, so that our festival gratified everybody.

  6. The morning when he took his first lesson accompanied by his father and by Madeleine, who jumped and shouted about the lawn round which Jacques was riding, was a great maternal festival for the countess.

  7. Now let us read what our poet says about the Festival of the Finding of the Cross.

  8. We have a church festival, instituted many hundred years ago, the Festival of the Finding of the Cross.

  9. Ameni enquired of them as to the preparations for the festival of the morrow, and then desired the chief haruspex to call the refractory pupils together in the school-court.

  10. Twice in the month--the 15th day when the festival of the Ichigaya Hachiman shrine is held, the 25th day when that of the Hirakawa Tenjin Sama is held--with the child Jumatsu he is to pass.

  11. Here he dismissed them, with hasty division of the raided coin, and instructions to their chiefs to meet him at the festival of the Owari no Tsushima in the fifth month (June).

  12. They told them that the Hellenes were keeping the Olympic festival and were looking on at a contest of athletics and horsemanship.

  13. On festival evenings, and especially at carnival times, the lads treated their sweethearts to a late supper and a dance; and escorted them home, carrying their distaffs and spindles.

  14. At Bleddin the peasants told the Visitors that their pastor, Christopher Richter, was a learned and pious man, who preached regularly on all the Sundays and festival days, and generally four times a week in various parts of the parish.

  15. On the following Sundays and festival days the Sacrament of the Supper was dispensed in the same manner, and we are told that "hic paene urbs et cuncta civitas communicavit sub utraque specie.

  16. He mingled with the poorer people in the taverns, at church ales, on the village greens on festival days.

  17. In the Fiji Islands, at Vitilevu, on the day when the navel-string falls off, a festival is held, and the food of the child is blest by the priest with prayers for his life and prosperity.

  18. There is a popular Hindu festival called the Dasara, and this is one of the days when stable-servants expect to be tipped, unless they know that their master disapproves of Hindu ceremonies.

  19. The occasion of the pan supari party was the festival of the local saint of the mosque which adjoined the Inamdar's house in the city.

  20. The Hindu festival of the animals might possibly be Christianised.

  21. The festival of each local saint is kept by the Mohammedans of that locality with prayers and feasting and merrymaking for several days.

  22. She would stay undisturbed in her seclusion, keeping her festival alone.

  23. The festival of Easter belongs to this religion.

  24. The Roman church finding this festival deeply intrenched in popular esteem, wisely adopted it" (Universal Cyclopedia).

  25. As this was an auspicious change the festival was a very joyous one.

  26. Concerning this festival the "Encyclopedia Britannica" says: "All classes exchanged gifts, the commonest being wax tapers and clay dolls.

  27. Gibbon says: "The Roman Christians, ignorant of the real time of the birth of Jesus, fixed the solemn festival on the 25th of December, the winter solstice when the Pagans annually celebrated the birth of the sun.

  28. This festival survives in the Christian festival of Christmas.

  29. Next to the Saturnalia, the most important religious festival of Pagan Rome was the Quirinalia, which celebrated the ascension of Quirinus.

  30. In some provinces of Germany the festival is still called by its Pagan name.

  31. The last day of the festival was a sort of All Souls' Day, being devoted to the gods of the underworld and the spirits of the dead" (Life of the Ancient Greeks, pp.

  32. Nearly every festival of the church--and the Catholic and English churches have many--are of Pagan origin.

  33. Could the throng be so frenzied as to imagine that the joyous festival might be celebrated, spite of the unspeakable horrors of the night.

  34. The members of every household went to rest after the festival with hearts uplifted and full of hope.

  35. As soon as the darkness of this moonless night passed away, the high festival of the spring equinox and the harvest celebration would begin.

  36. A swift glance at the sky told him that it was a little after midnight, yet his fears seemed to have been true--the priests were crowding into the temples to prepare for the harvest festival to-morrow.

  37. The Festival of the Popinjay is still, I believe, practised at Maybole, in Ayrshire.

  38. Footnote 50: Theocritus introduces a Greek singing-girl in Idyllium xv, at the festival of Adonis.

  39. It is also related that, in the evening of the day on which the luminous flash appeared to him from the stone, he lighted an immense fire, and, having made a royal entertainment, he called it the Festival of Siddeh.

  40. With the filling up of the channel the ancient festival of the cutting of the canal came to an end.

  41. Cape North was named Cape Discovery, and as the day was the festival of St John the Baptist, St Paul Island, which lies opposite, was called the island of St John.

  42. In Lemnos an annual festival of the Cabeiri was held, lasting nine days, during which all the fires were extinguished and fire brought from Delos.

  43. But the most glorious festival was that when they celebrated the marriage of Linus, the king's son, with his sweet foster-sister.

  44. I should not even now think this worth mentioning, did it not show how greatly I had to suffer on account of the musical festival at Frankenhausen.

  45. The musical festival in Frankenhausen was under the management of music-director G.

  46. In the seventeenth century the Pfeiffer held annually a musical festival at Bischweiler, a small town near Strassburg.

  47. A Temperance Festival was held on the 14th, at the London Tavern.

  48. This he may keep, if he please, until the same festival in the succeeding year, when a similar selection of books is to take place, and so on, from year to year.

  49. Then, summoning the nobles of the kingdom, he appointed a Parliament to be held at Worcester on the Festival of the Nativity of S.

  50. Simon, Earl of Leicester, always keeping the King in his company, returned from the south of Wales, and on the Festival of S.

  51. All this enthusiasm expressed by my friends of the world culminated in a celebration festival given in honour of the twenty-fifth anniversary of my pastorate in Brooklyn.

  52. Eh bien, it chanced that there was a grand fete, or festival at Coruna, on the water; and the nationals were there, and the soldiers.

  53. A solemn festival was drawing nigh, and it was deemed expedient that the search should take place on that day.

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